MBA Entrance Exams 2024 & Entrance Tests for Management Courses

List of MBA Entrance Exams 2024 in India is provided below. MBA Entrance Exam is the way to get admission in MBA and Management Programs of various national and state level universities and colleges. Check out Complete Details on Eligibility for MBA Entrance Exam, Application Process, Syllabus, Exam Dates & Pattern. Details about all major MBA Entrance Exams in India along with Application Form, important dates, fee structure, etc. are provided here. The major entrance exams for MBA in India are CAT, XAT, CMAT, SNAP, GMAT, NMAT, etc. Many MBA colleges are now taking admission based on one of these MBA Entrance Test and very few colleges conducting their separate entrance exam for MBA/Management Courses.

About MBA & Management Courses

MBA Full form is Master of Business Administration and is a post graduate degree. It is a recognized degree in India which is designed to develop the business and management related skills. MBA can be pursued as a full-time course or through distance learning or as a part-time Programme with classes on weekends.

There are wide opportunities for MBA degree holders in not only the business sectors and also in public, government, private industry, running a family business, etc.

MBA Institutes in India – Management & Business Schools

There are many deemed autonomous educational institutions in India offering courses in MBA. Some of the top MBA Institutions in India are including IIM – Indian Institute of Management, Indian Institute of Fashion Technology (IIFT), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), and more.

Almost all the MBA offering institutions in India are offering courses on the basis of MBA Entrance exam scores.

There are many specializations in MBA like MBA in Finance, MBA in Marketing, MBA in HR, MBA in Operation Management, MBA in IT, etc.

List of MBA Entrance Exams 2024 – Important Dates

NotificationExam DateAdmit CardResultSyllabusPrevious Year PapersAnswer Key
UPES METJune 2024UPES MET Admit CardUPES MET ResultUPES MET SyllabusUPES MET Previous PapersUPES MET Answer Key
Alliance University MBAJanuary 2024Alliance University MBA Admit CardAlliance University MBA ResultAlliance University MBA SyllabusAlliance University MBA Previous PapersAlliance University MBA Answer Key
Ambedkar University MBA Admission 202423 February 2024Ambedkar University MBA Admit CardAmbedkar University MBA ResultAmbedkar University MBA SyllabusAmbedkar University MBA Previous PapersAmbedkar University MBA Answer Key
AP ICET 2024April 27, 2024AP ICET Admit CardAP ICET ResultAP ICET SyllabusAP ICET Previous PapersAP ICET Answer Key
Army Institute of Management & Technology, Noida MBA Admission 2024On the basis of CAT/MAT/CMAT/XATAIMT Admit CardAIMT ResultAIMT SyllabusAIMT Previous PapersAIMT Answer Key
Army Institute of Management, Kolkata MBA Admission 2024Based on CAT ScoresAIMK Admit CardAIMK ResultAIMK SyllabusAIMK Previous PapersAIMK Answer Key
ATMA 2024Feb 9, 2024ATMA Admit CardATMA ResultATMA SyllabusATMA Previous PapersATMA Answer Key
Bennett University MBA Admissions 2024On the basis of CAT/GMAT/XAT/GRE ScoreBennett University MBA Admit CardBennett University MBA ResultBennett University MBA SyllabusBennett University MBA Previous PapersBennett University MBA Answer Key
BIT Mesra MBA Admission 2024On the basis of CAT/MAT/XAT/GMATBIT Mesra MBA Admit CardBIT Mesra MBA ResultBIT Mesra MBA SyllabusBIT Mesra MBA Previous PapersBIT Mesra MBA Answer Key
BITS Pilani MBA 2024On the basis of CAT/GMAT ScoreBITS Pilani MBA Admit CardBITS Pilani MBA ResultBITS Pilani MBA SyllabusBITS Pilani MBA Previous PapersBITS Pilani MBA Answer Key
BML Munjal University MBA 2024On the basis of CAT/XAT/GMAT/MAT/NMAT/BML-MAT scoresBML Munjal University MBA Admit CardBML Munjal University MBA ResultBML Munjal University MBA SyllabusBML Munjal University MBA Previous PapersBML Munjal University MBA Answer Key
CAT 2024– Common Admission Test1st Sunday, DecemberCAT Admit CardCAT ResultCAT SyllabusCAT Previous PapersCAT Answer Key
CBSE NET November 2024 – CBSE UGC NET / National Eligibility Test5th November 2024CBSE NET Admit CardCBSE NET ResultCBSE NET SyllabusCBSE NET Previous PapersCBSE NET Answer Key
CDAC MBA IT Admission 2024April 2024CDAC MBA IT Admit CardCDAC MBA IT ResultCDAC MBA IT SyllabusCDAC MBA IT Previous PapersCDAC MBA IT Answer Key
Christ University MBA Admission 2024On basis of CAT/MAT/CMAT/ ATMA/XATChrist University MBA Admit CardChrist University MBA ResultChrist University MBA SyllabusChrist University MBA Previous PapersChrist University MBA Answer Key
CMAT 2024– Common Management Admission TestJanuary 28, 2024CMAT Admit CardCMAT ResultCMAT SyllabusCMAT Previous PapersCMAT Answer Key
Delhi Technological University DTU MBA Admission 2024Based on CAT ScoresDTU MBA Admit CardDTU MBA ResultDTU MBA SyllabusDTU MBA Previous PapersDTU MBA Answer Key
DSE MBA Admission 2024On the basis of CAT ScoreDSE MBA Admit CardDSE MBA  ResultDSE MBA  SyllabusDSE MBA  Previous PapersDSE MBA  Answer Key
DTU Executive MBA 2024 – Last date to Apply is 28 AprilBased on GD/PIDTU EMBA Admit CardDTU EMBA ResultDTU EMBA SyllabusDTU EMBA Previous PapersDTU EMBA Answer Key
FMS BHU MBA Admission 2024Based on CAT ScoresFMS BHU MBA Admit CardFMS BHU MBA ResultFMS BHU MBA SyllabusFMS BHU MBA Previous PapersFMS BHU MBA Answer Key
FMS Delhi Admission 2024 – Application Started!On the basis of CAT ScoresFMS Delhi Admit CardFMS Delhi ResultFMS Delhi SyllabusFMS Delhi Previous PapersFMS Delhi Answer Key
FORE School of Management (FSM) Admissions 2024On the basis of CAT/ XAT scoresFSM Admit CardFSM ResultFSM SyllabusFSM Previous PapersFSM Answer Key
GITAM University MBA Admission 2024January 2024GITAM University MBA Admit CardGITAM University MBA ResultGITAM University MBA SyllabusGITAM University MBA Previous PapersGITAM University MBA Answer Key
GMAT 2024Any time in the yearGMAT Admit CardGMAT ResultGMAT SyllabusGMAT Previous PapersGMAT Answer Key
Goa Institute of Management (GIM) PGDM Admissions 2024Based on CAT/XAT/CMATGIM PGDM Admit cardGIM PGDM ResultGIM PGDM SyllabusGIM PGDM Previous PapersGIM PGDM Answer Key
Great Lakes PGDM Admission 2024Based on GMAT/CAT/XAT/CMAT scoreGreat Lakes PGDM Admit CardGreat Lakes PGDM ResultGreat Lakes PGDM SyllabusGreat Lakes PGDM Previous PapersGreat Lakes PGDM Answer Key
Great Lakes PGPM Admissions 2024On the basis of XAT/CAT/CMAT/MAT/GMATGreat Lakes PGPM Admit CardGreat Lakes PGPM ResultGreat Lakes PGPM SyllabusGreat Lakes PGPM Previous PapersGreat Lakes PGPM Answer Key
IBSAT 2024December 21st, 22nd 2019IBSAT Admit CardIBSAT ResultIBSAT SyllabusIBSAT Previous PapersIBSAT Answer Key
ICM Dehradun BBA and MBA Admission 2024BBA-On basis of Class 12 : MBA- On basis of CAT/MAT/XAT/CMAT ScoreICM Dehradun BBA and MBA Admit CardICM Dehradun BBA and MBA ResultICM Dehradun BBA and MBA SyllabusICM Dehradun BBA and MBA Previous PapersICM Dehradun BBA and MBA Answer Key
IGNOU MBA Admissions 2024OPENMAT XLIV – 16 December 2018, OPENMAT XLV – 3 February 2019IGNOU MBA Admit CardIGNOU MBA ResultIGNOU MBA SyllabusIGNOU MBA Previous PapersIGNOU MBA Answer Key
IIFM Bhopal PGDM Admission 2024Based on CAT / XAT ScoreIIFM Bhopal PGDM Admit CardIIFM Bhopal PGDM ResultIIFM Bhopal PGDM SyllabusIIFM Bhopal PGDM Previous PapersIIFM Bhopal PGDM Answer Key
IIFT Exam for MBA (IB) Admission 2024 – Schedule Revised!1 December 2019IIFT MBA Admit CardIIFT MBA ResultIIFT MBA SyllabusIIFT MBA Previous PapersIIFT MBA Answer Key
IIIT Allahabad MBA Admission 2024 – Last date to applyOn the basis of CAT/GMAT scoreIIIT Allahabad MBA Admit CardIIIT Allahabad MBA ResultIIIT Allahabad MBA SyllabusIIIT Allahabad MBA Previous PapersIIIT Allahabad MBA Answer Key
IIM Ahmedabad MBA Admission 2024On the basis of CAT 2018IIM Ahmedabad MBA Admit CardIIM Ahmedabad MBA ResultIIM Ahmedabad MBA SyllabusIIM Ahmedabad MBA Previous PapersIIM Ahmedabad MBA Answer Key
IIM Bangalore MBA Admission 2024On the basis of CAT- Nov 25, 2019IIM Bangalore MBA Admit CardIIM Bangalore MBA ResultIIM Bangalore MBA SyllabusIIM Bangalore MBA Previous PapersIIM Bangalore MBA Answer Key
IIM Lucknow Admission 2024Based on CAT ScoresIIM Lucknow Admit CardIIM Lucknow ResultIIM Lucknow SyllabusIIM Lucknow Previous PapersIIM Lucknow Answer Key
IIPMB PGDM Admission 2024-Indian Institute of Plantation ManagementOn the basis of CAT/MAT/CMAT/ATMA ScoreIIPMB Admit CardIIPMB ResultIIPMB  SyllabusIIPMB Previous PapersIIPMB Answer Key
IISWBM Kolkata MBA and MHRM Admission 2024Based on CAT ScoresIISWBM Kolkata MBA Admit CardIISWBM Kolkata MBA ResultIISWBM Kolkata MBA SyllabusIISWBM Kolkata MBA Previous PapersIISWBM Kolkata MBA Answer Key
IIT Delhi MBA Admission 2024On the basis of CATIIT Delhi MBA Admit CardIIT Delhi MBA ResultIIT Delhi MBA SyllabusIIT Delhi MBA Previous PapersIIT Delhi MBA Answer Key
IIT Madras Executive MBA (EMBA) Admissions 2024To be announced soon!IIT Madras EMBA Admit CardIIT Madras EMBA ResultIIT Madras EMBA SyllabusIIT Madras EMBA Previous PapersIIT Madras EMBA Answer Key
IIT Madras MBA Admission 2024 – Application Started!!On the basis of CATIIT Madras MBA Admit CardIIT Madras MBA ResultIIT Madras MBA SyllabusIIT Madras MBA Previous PapersIIT Madras MBA Answer Key
IITTM BBA/MBA Admission 20242nd week of June 2024IITTM BBA/MBA Admit CardIITTM BBA/MBA ResultIITTM BBA/MBA SyllabusIITTM BBA/MBA Previous PapersIITTM BBA/MBA Answer Key
IK Gujral Punjab Technical University MBA Admission 20241st week July 2024IK Gujral Punjab Technical University MBA Admit CardIK Gujral Punjab Technical University MBA ResultIK Gujral Punjab Technical University MBA SyllabusIK Gujral Punjab Technical University MBA Previous PapersIK Gujral Punjab Technical University MBA Answer Key
IMI Delhi Admission 2024On the basis of CAT/GMATIMI Delhi Amit CardIMI Delhi ResultIMI Delhi SyllabusIMI Delhi Previous PapersIMI Delhi Answer Key
IMT Ghaziabad MBA Admissions 2024On the basis of CAT, XAT and GMAT ScoreIMT Ghaziabad MBA Admit CardIMT Ghaziabad MBA ResultIMT Ghaziabad MBA SyllabusIMT Ghaziabad MBA Previous PapersIMT Ghaziabad MBA Answer Key
IMU CET MBA, MTech and MSc Admission 20241st week of June 2024IMU CET MBA Admit CardIMU CET MBA ResultIMU CET MBA SyllabusIMU CET MBA Previous PapersIMU CET MBA Answer Key
Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC)  November 25, 2024IIMC Admit CardIIMC ResultIIMC SyllabusIIMC Previous PapersIIMC Answer Key
Institute of Agri Business Management (IABM) MBA Admission 2024Based on CAT/MAT/CMAT ScoresIABM Admit CardIABM ResultIABM SyllabusIABM Previous PapersIABM Answer Key
IRMA MBA Admission 20241st week of February 2024IRMA MBA Admit CardIRMA MBA ResultIRMA MBA SyllabusIRMA MBA Previous PapersIRMA MBA Answer Key
ISB Hyderabad PGPM Admission 2024On the basis of GMAT/GRE ScoresISB Hyderabad PGPM Admit CardISB Hyderabad PGPM ResultISB Hyderabad PGPM SyllabusISB Hyderabad PGPM Previous PapersISB Hyderabad PGPM Answer Key
ISM Dhanbad MBA Admission 2024Based on CAT ScoresISM Dhanbad MBA Admit CardISM Dhanbad MBA ResultISM Dhanbad MBA SyllabusISM Dhanbad MBA Previous PapersISM Dhanbad MBA Answer Key
Jamia Hamdard MBA Admission 2024On the basis of CAT/MAT/XAT/NMAT/GMAT/ATMAJamia Hamdard MBA Admit CardJamia Hamdard MBA ResultJamia Hamdard MBA SyllabusJamia Hamdard MBA Previous PapersJamia Hamdard MBA Answer Key
Jamia Hamdard MBA Insurance Admission 2024On the basis of CMAT/MAT/GMAT/CAT/ ATMA ScoreJamia Hamdard MBA Insurance Admit CardJamia Hamdard MBA Insurance ResultJamia Hamdard MBA Insurance SyllabusJamia Hamdard MBA Insurance Previous PapersJamia Hamdard MBA Insurance Answer Key
Jamia Millia Islamia MBA Admission 2024– Selection List Released!3rd week of May 2024Jamia Millia Islamia MBA Admit CardJamia Millia Islamia MBA ResultJamia Millia Islamia MBA SyllabusJamia Millia Islamia MBA Previous PapersJamia Millia Islamia MBA Answer Key
JBIMS MBA (MMS) Admission 2024On the basis of CAT/ MH-CET/ GMATJBIMS MBA  Admit CardJBIMS MBA ResultJBIMS MBA  SyllabusJBIMS MBA  Previous PapersJBIMS MBA  Answer Key
KIIT MBA (KSOM/KSRM) Admission 202420-22 January 2024KIIT MBA Admit CardKIIT MBA ResultKIIT MBA SyllabusKIIT MBA Previous PapersKIIT MBA Answer Key
Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies Admission 2024On the basis of CAT/XAT/CMAT/GMAT/MATKirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies Admit CardKirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies ResultKirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies SyllabusKirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies Previous PapersKirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies Answer Key
KJ Somaiya MBA Admission 2024Based on CAT/ XAT/ CMAT/ GMATKJ Somaiya MBA Admit CardKJ Somaiya MBA ResultKJ Somaiya MBA SyllabusKJ Somaiya MBA Previous PapersKJ Somaiya MBA Answer Key
KMAT 2024 – Karnataka Management Aptitude Test1st week of August 2024KMAT Admit CardKMAT ResultKMAT SyllabusKMAT Previous PapersKMAT Answer Key
KMAT Kerala 20243rd week of February 2024KMAT Kerala Admit CardKMAT Kerala ResultKMAT Kerala SyllabusKMAT Kerala Previous PapersKMAT Kerala Answer Key
LBSIM Delhi PGDM Admission 2024Based on CAT scoreLBSIM Delhi PGDM Admit CardLBSIM Delhi PGDM ResultLBSIM Delhi PGDM SyllabusLBSIM Delhi PGDM Previous PapersLBSIM Delhi PGDM Answer Key
LIBA Chennai MBA Admission 2024 Based on CAT and XAT ScoreLIBA Chennai MBA Admit CardLIBA Chennai MBA ResultLIBA Chennai MBA SyllabusLIBA Chennai MBA Previous PapersLIBA Chennai MBA Answer Key
MAH CET 2024 for MBA and MMS – Maharashtra CET9,10 March 2024MAH CET Admit CardMAH CET ResultMAH CET SyllabusMAH CET Previous PapersMAH CET Answer Key
MANAGE Hyderabad PGDM Admission 2024On the basis of CAT Score, Interviews – April 2024MANAGE Hyderabad PGDM Admit CardMANAGE Hyderabad PGDM ResultMANAGE Hyderabad PGDM SyllabusMANAGE Hyderabad PGDM Previous PapersMANAGE Hyderabad PGDM Answer Key
MAT 2024 ExamPen & Paper Test: 17 Feb 2024 ;MAT Admit CardMAT ResultMAT SyllabusMAT Previous PapersMAT Answer Key
MDI Gurgaon Executive MBA, NMP/ PGP-EM Admission 2024Round 1 – 16 December 2019

Round 2 – Last week of January 2024

MDI Gurgaon EMBA Admit CardMDI Gurgaon EMBA ResultMDI Gurgaon EMBA SyllabusMDI Gurgaon EMBA Previous PapersMDI Gurgaon EMBA Answer Keys
MDI Gurgaon MBA Admission 2024On the basis of CAT & GMAT ScoresMDI Gurgaon MBA Admit CardMDI Gurgaon MBA ResultMDI Gurgaon MBA SyllabusMDI Gurgaon MBA Previous PapersMDI Gurgaon MBA Answer Keys
MDI Gurgaon Part-Time MBA (PGPM-PT) 202424 February 2019 (April Batch) 2 September 2019 (October Batch)MDI Gurgaon Part-Time MBA Admit CardMDI Gurgaon Part-Time MBA ResultMDI Gurgaon Part-Time MBA SyllabusMDI Gurgaon Part-Time MBA  Previous PapersMDI Gurgaon Part-Time MBA Answer Keys
MDI Murshidabad PGPM Admission 2024Based on CAT 2024 ScoresMDI Murshidabad PGPM Admit CardMDI Murshidabad PGPM ResultMDI Murshidabad PGPM SyllabusMDI Murshidabad PGPM Previous PapersMDI Murshidabad PGPM Answer Key
MFC/MBE DU MBA Admission 2024Based on CAT ScoreMFC/MBE DU MBA Admit CardMFC/MBE DU MBA ResultMFC/MBE DU MBA SyllabusMFC/MBE DU MBA Previous PapersMFC/MBE DU MBA Answer Key
MICAT 2024 – Exam Date, Seats, EligibilityMICAT I: 01 Dec 2019 MICAT II- 9 Feb 2024MICAT Admit CardMICAT ResultMICAT SyllabusMICAT Previous PapersMICAT Answer Key
NALSAR University MBA Admission 2024on the basis of CAT/XAT/CMAT/GMAT/NMETNALSAR University MBA Admit CardNALSAR University MBA ResultNALSAR University MBA SyllabusNALSAR University MBA Previous PapersNALSAR University MBA Answer Key
National Institute of Bank Management PGDM 2024 – NIBM PuneBased on CAT/ ATMA/ CMATNIBM PGDM Admit CardNIBM PGDM ResultNIBM PGDM SyllabusNIBM PGDM Previous PapersNIBM PGDM Answer Key
NIAM Jaipur PGDABM Admission 2024On the basis of CAT ScoreNIAM Jaipur PGDABM Admit CardNIAM Jaipur PGDABM ResultNIAM Jaipur PGDABM SyllabusNIAM Jaipur PGDABM Previous PapersNIAM Jaipur PGDABM Answer Key
NICMAR Admission 2024On the basis of NCAT/CAT/GATE/GMAT/CMATNICMAR Admit CardNICMAR ResultNICMAR SyllabusNICMAR Previous PapersNICMAR Answer Key
NIRD Hyderabad PGDRDM Admission 20242nd week of June 2024NIRD Hyderabad PGDRDM Admit CardNIRD Hyderabad PGDRDM ResultNIRD Hyderabad PGDRDM SyllabusNIRD Hyderabad PGDRDM Previous PapersNIRD Hyderabad PGDRDM Answer Key
NITIE Mumbai Admissions 2024 – PGDIM/ PGDISEMBased on CAT/GMAT ScoreNITIE Mumbai Admit CardNITIE Mumbai ResultNITIE Mumbai SyllabusNITIE Mumbai Previous PapersNITIE Mumbai Answer Key
NMAT 2024– Exam date, Registration, Exam Pattern, Result5 October to 18 December 2024NMAT Admit CardNMAT ResultNMAT SyllabusNMAT Previous PapersNAMT Answer Key
NMIMS Distance Management Courses Admissions 2024On the basis of Eligibility CriteriaNMIMS Distance Management  Admit CardNMIMS Distance Management ResultNMIMS Distance Management SyllabusNMIMS Distance Management Previous PapersNMIMS Distance Management Answer Key
NMIMS MBA Admissions 2024On the basis of NMAT ScoreNMIMS MBA Admit CardNMIMS MBA ResultNMIMS MBA SyllabusNMIMS MBA Previous PapersNMIMS MBA Answer Key
NTPC School of Business Executive PGDM Admission 2024On the basis of CAT/GMAT scoreNTPC School of Business Executive PGDM Admit CardNTPC School of Business Executive PGDM ResultNTPC School of Business Executive PGDM SyllabusNTPC School of Business Executive PGDM Previous PapersNTPC School of Business Executive PGDM Answer Key
Panjab University Executive MBA3rd week of July 2024Panjab University Executive MBA Admit CardPanjab University Executive MBA ResultPanjab University Executive MBA SyllabusPanjab University Executive MBA Previous PapersPanjab University Executive MBA Answer Key
PDPU MBA Admission 2024Based on CAT/XATPDPU MBA Admit CardPDPU MBA ResultPDPU MBA SyllabusPDPU MBA Previous PapersPDPU MBA Answer Key
PGCET 2024 Karnataka – KEA1st week of July 2024Karnataka PGCET Admit CardKarnataka PGCET ResultKarnataka PGCET SyllabusKarnataka PGCET Previous PapersKarnataka PGCET Answer Key
PGDBA IIT Kharaghpur+IIMC+ISI Kolkata Admission 20243rd week of February 2024PGDBA IIT Admit CardPGDBA IIT ResultPGDBA IIT SyllabusPGDBA IIT Previous PapersPGDBA IIT Answer Key
SCMHRD MBA Admission 2024SNAP Test: 16 December 2019SCMHRD MBA Admit CardSCMHRD MBA ResultSCMHRD MBA SyllabusSCMHRD MBA Previous PapersSCMHRD MBA Answer Key
SIBM Pune MBA Admission 2024On the basis of SNAP TestSIBM Pune MBA Admit CardSIBM Pune MBA ResultSIBM Pune MBA SyllabusSIBM Pune MBA Previous PapersSIBM Pune MBA Answer Key
SICSR MBA (IT) Admission 2024Based on SNAP ScoresSICSR MBA Admit CardSICSR MBA ResultSICSR MBA SyllabusSICSR MBA Previous PapersSICSR MBA Answer Key
SIHS MBA Admission 2024On the basis of SNAPSIHS MBA Admit CardSIHS MBA ResultSIHS MBA SyllabusSIHS MBA Previous PapersSIHS MBA Answer Key
SIIB Pune MBA Admission 2024SNAP Test: 16 December 2019SIIB Pune MBA Admit CardSIIB Pune MBA ResultSIIB Pune MBA SyllabusSIIB Pune MBA Previous PapersSIIB Pune MBA Answer Key
SMUDE Admission 2024No specific dateSMUDE Admit CardSMUDE ResultSMUDE SyllabusSMUDE Previous PapersSMUDE Answer Key
SMVDU MBA Admissions 2024On the basis of CAT ExamSMVDU MBA  Admit CardSMVDU MBA ResultSMVDU MBA  SyllabusSMVDU MBA  Previous PapersSMVDU MBA  Answer Key
SNAP 2024 for Symbiosis University MBA Admission16th December 2019 (2:00 PM to 4:00 PM)SNAP Admit CardSNAP ResultSNAP SyllabusSNAP Previous PapersSNAP Answer Key
SP Jain PGDM Admissions 2024On the basis of CATSP Jain PGDM Admit CardSP Jain PGDM ResultSP Jain PGDM SyllabusSP Jain PGDM Previous PapersSP Jain PGDM Answer Key
SP Jain School of Global Management Admissions 2024On the basis of SPJAT/CAT/GMATSP Jain School of Global Management Admit CardSP Jain School of Global Management ResultSP Jain School of Global Management SyllabusSP Jain School of Global Management Previous PapersSP Jain School of Global Management Answer Key
SRCC GBO Admission 2024Last week of Feb 2024SRCC GBO Admit CardSRCC GBO ResultSRCC GBO SyllabusSRCC GBO Previous PapersSRCC GBO Answer Key
SRM University MBA Admission (SRMJMEE 2024)April 20, 2024SRM University MBA Admit CardSRM University MBA ResultSRM University MBA SyllabusSRM University MBAPrevious PapersSRM University MBAAnswer Key
SSBF Pune MBA Admission 2024 -Symbiosis School of Banking and Finance9, 10, 16, 17 December 2019SSBF Pune MBA Admit CardSSBF Pune MBA ResultSSBF Pune MBA SyllabusSSBF Pune MBA Previous PapersSSBF Pune MBA Answer Key
Symbiosis Indore MBA Admission 2024 – Symbiosis University of Applied Sciences (SUAS)Last week of March 2024SUAS Admit CardSUAS ResultSUAS SyllabusSUAS Previous PapersSUAS Answer Key
Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management MBA Admission 202415 December 2019SITM MBA Admit CardSITM MBA ResultSITM MBA SyllabusSITM MBA Previous PapersSITM MBA Answer Key
T. A Pai Management Institute- TAPMI Admission 2024Based on CAT/XAT/GMAT ScoresTAPMI Admit CardTAPMI ResultTAPMI SyllabusTAPMI Previous PapersTAPMI Answer Key
TANCET 202429th February 2024TANCET Admit CardTANCET ResultTANCET SyllabusTANCET Previous PapersTANCET Answer Key
Tezpur University MBA Admissions 2024On the basis of CAT & MAT scoreTezpur University MBA Admit CardTezpur University MBA ResultTezpur University MBA SyllabusTezpur University MBA Previous PapersTezpur University MBA Answer Key
TISSNET 2024January 4, 2024TISSNET Admit CardTISSNET ResultTISSNET SyllabusTISSNET Previous PapersTISSNET Answer Key
TSICET 2024 for MBA/MCA Admissions in TelanganaMay 20 & 21, 2024TSICET Admit CardTSICET ResultTSICET SyllabusTSICET Previous PapersTSICET Answer Key
University of Hyderabad MBA Admission 2024Based on CAT ScoresUniversity of Hyderabad MBA Admit CardUniversity of Hyderabad MBA ResultUniversity of Hyderabad MBA SyllabusUniversity of Hyderabad MBA Previous PapersUniversity of Hyderabad MBA Answer Key
University of Lucknow MBA Admission 2024On the basis of CAT 2024University of Lucknow MBA Admit CardUniversity of Lucknow MBA ResultUniversity of Lucknow MBA SyllabusUniversity of Lucknow MBA Previous PapersUniversity of Lucknow MBA Answer Key
VIT MBA Admission 2024 -VIT Business SchoolOn basis of CAT/ XAT/ MAT/ GMAT/NMAT scoreVIT MBA Admit CardVIT MBA ResultVIT MBA SyllabusVIT MBA Previous PapersVIT MBA Answer Key
Welingkar PGDM Admissions 2024On the basis of CAT/ XAT/ MAT/ ATMA/ CMAT/ MHCET ScoreWelingkar PGDM Admit CardWelingkar PGDM ResultWelingkar PGDM SyllabusWelingkar PGDM Previous PapersWelingkar PGDM Answer Key
XAT 20245 January 2024XAT Admit CardXAT ResultXAT SyllabusXAT Previous PapersXAT Answer Key
XIME Bangalore, Kochi & Chennai PGDM Admission 2024On the basis of XAT/CAT/CMAT/MAT/GMATXIME Bangalore PGDM Admit CardXIME Bangalore PGDM ResultXIME Bangalore PGDM SyllabusXIME Bangalore PGDM Previous PapersXIME Bangalore PGDM Answer Key
XISS Ranchi PGDM Admission 2024On the basis of CAT/ XAT/ CMAT ScoreXISS Ranchi PGDM Admit CardXISS Ranchi PGDM ResultXISS Ranchi PGDM SyllabusXISS Ranchi PGDM Previous PapersXISS Ranchi PGDM Answer Key
XLRI Executive MBA Admission 2024Based on InterviewXLRI Executive MBA Admit CardXLRI Executive MBA ResultXLRI Executive MBA SyllabusXLRI Executive MBA Previous PapersXLRI Executive MBA Answer Key
XLRI Jamshedpur PGDM Admission 2024Based on XAT and GMAT scoresXLRI Jamshedpur PGDM Admit CardXLRI Jamshedpur PGDM ResultXLRI Jamshedpur PGDM SyllabusXLRI Jamshedpur PGDM Previous PapersXLRI Jamshedpur PGDM Answer Key
XLRI VIL Admission 2024Based on Personal InterviewXLRI VIL Admit CardXLRI VIL ResultXLRI VIL SyllabusXLRI VIL Previous PapersXLRI VIL Answer Key

Also Check:

Eligibility Criteria for MBA entrance exam

  • 10+2+Any Degree
  • Any Bachelor Degree with 50% marks (General) or 40% marks (SC/ST) category
  • The candidates who are studying final year in a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institute are eligible to apply for attending a MBA entrance exam.

List of National Level MBA Entrance Exam 2020-21

  • CAT
  • XAT
  • MAT
  • CMAT
  • SNAP


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