Medical Entrance Exams 2023 Entrance Test for MBBS & Medical Courses in India

List of Medical Entrance Exams 2023 in India is provided here. Medical Entrance Exam is the way to get admission in Medical and Dental Programs of various national and state-level universities and colleges. All Entrance Tests for MBBS and other medical courses are listed below.  There are so many National level and State level Medical Entrance Exams for UG / PG Medical programs.

Various medical colleges are conducting college-level medical entrance tests to fill the medical seats in their colleges. Medical exam dates and due dates 2023 to submit application form for Medical and dental programs are provided.

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After Engineering, The “Medical field” is one of the best, respected and reputed professional fields in India and abroad.

Medical Entrance Exams 2023 – 23 in India

Notification Exam Date Admit Card Result Syllabus Previous Papers Answer Key
NEET 2023 July 2022 NEET Admit Card NEET Result NEET Syllabus NEET Previous Papers NEET Answer Key
AFMC 2023 July 2022 AFMC Admit Card AFMC Result AFMC Syllabus AFMC Previous Papers AFMC Answer Key
AICEE 2023 May 2022 AICEE Admit Card AICEE Result AICEE Syllabus AICEE Previous Papers AICEE Answer Key
AICET 2023 June 2022 AICET Admit Card AICET Result AICET Syllabus AICET Previous Papers AICET Answer Key
AIET 2023 Mar 27, 2022 AIET Admit Card AIET Result AIET Syllabus AIET Previous Papers AIET Answer Key
AIIMS 2023 May 08, 2022 AIIMS Admit Card AIIMS Result AIIMS Syllabus AIIMS Previous Papers AIIMS Answer Key
AIPGMEE 2023 Will be Announced AIPGMEE Admit Card AIPGMEE Result AIPGMEE Syllabus AIPGMEE Previous Papers AIPGMEE Answer Key
AIPMT 2023 May 2022 AIPMT Admit Card AIPMT Result AIPMT Syllabus AIPMT Previous Papers AIPMT Answer Key
AIPVT 2023

July 2022

AIPVT Admit Card AIPVT Result AIPVT Syllabus AIPVT Previous Papers AIPVT Answer Key
AMUPMDC Entrance Exam 2023 Will be Notified AMUPMDC Admit Card AMUPMDC Result AMUPMDC Syllabus AMUPMDC  Previous Papers AMUPMDC Answer Key
APPG 2023 Will be Announced APPG Admit Card APPG Result APPG Syllabus APPG Previous Papers APPG Answer Key
ARS NET 2023 Will be Updated Soon ARSNET Admit Card ARSNET Result ARSNET Syllabus ARSNET Previous Papers ARSNET Answer Key
AU AIMEE 2023 June 2022 AU AIMEE Admit Card AU AIMEE Result AU AIMEE Syllabus AU AIMEE Previous Papers AU AIMEE Answer Key
BHU GNM 2023 Oct 2022 BHU GNM Admit Card BHU GNM Result BHU GNM Syllabus BHU GNM Previous Papers BHU GNM Answer Key
BHU PMT 2023 Will be Announced BHU PMT Admit Card BHU PMT Result BHU PMT Syllabus BHU PMT Previous Papers BHU PMT Answer Key
BLDE UGET 2023 May 2022 BLDE UGET Admit Card BLDE UGET Result BLDE UGET Syllabus BLDE UGET Previous Papers BLDE UGET Answer Key
CETPPMC 2023 June 2022 CETPPMC Admit Card CETPPMC Result CETPPMC Syllabus CETPPMC Previous Papers CETPPMC Answer Key
CMC Vellore 2023 Will be Announced CMC Vellore Admit Card CMC Vellore Result CMC Vellore Syllabus CMC Vellore Previous Papers CMC Vellore Answer Key
COMEDK UGET 2023 Jun 19, 2022 COMEDK UGET Admit Card COMEDK UGET Result COMEDK UGET Syllabus COMEDK UGET Previous Papers COMEDK UGET Answer Key
COMEDK PGET 2023 March 2022 COMEDK PGET Admit Card COMEDK PGET Result COMEDK PGET Syllabus COMEDK PGET Previous Papers COMEDK PGET Answer Key
DU PGMET 2023 Will be Announced DU PGMET Admit Card DU PGMET Result DU PGMET Syllabus DU PGMET Previous Papers DU PGMET Answer Key
DUMET 2023 July 2022 DUMET Admit Card DUMET Result DUMET Syllabus DUMET Previous Papers DUMET Answer Key
EAMCET Medical 2023 July 4 – 12, 2022 EAMCET Medical Admit Card EAMCET Medical Result EAMCET Medical Syllabus EAMCET Medical Previous Papers EAMCET Medical Answer Key
GOA CET 2023 May 11 – 12, 2022 GOA CET Admit Card GOA CET Result GOA CET Syllabus GOA CET Previous Papers GOA CET Answer Key
GUJCET 2023 April 20, 2022 GUJCET Admit Card GUJCET Result GUJCET Syllabus GUJCET Previous Papers GUJCET Answer Key
HP CPMT 2023 Will be update soon HP CPMT Admit Card HP CPMT Result HP CPMT Syllabus HP CPMT Previous Papers HP CPMT Answer Key
JCECE 2023 April 2022 JCECE Admit Card JCECE Result JCECE Syllabus JCECE Previous Papers JCECE Answer Key

First Counselling: June 2022

Second Counselling: July 2022

Third Counselling: Aug 2022

JIPMER Admit Card JIPMER Result JIPMER Syllabus JIPMER Previous Papers JIPMER Answer Key
JNU CBEE 2023 April 23, 2022 JNU CEEB Admit card JNU CEEB Result JNU CEEB Syllabus JNU CEEB Previous Papers JNU CEEB Answer Key
JSSU UGET 2023  June 2022 JSSU UGET Admit Card JSSU UGET Result JSSU UGET Syllabus JSSU UGET Previous Papers JSSU UGET Answer Key
KCET 2023 Aug 2022 KCET Admit Card KCET Result KCET Syllabus KCET Previous Papers KCET Answer Key
KEAM 2023 June 12, 2022 KEAM Admit Card KEAM Result KEAM Syllabus KEAM Previous Papers KEAM Answer Key
KLE PGAIET 2023  Aug 2022 KLE PGAIET Admit Card KLE PGAIET Result KLE PGAIET Syllabus KLE PGAIET Previous Papers KLE PGAIET Answer Key
Manipal UGET 2023

Phase 1: Apr 22 – 24, 2022

Phase 2: May 20 – 22, 2022

Phase 3: To be announced

Manipal UGET Admit Card Manipal UGET Result Manipal UGET Syllabus Manipal UGET Previous Papers Manipal UGET Answer Key
MHT CET 2023
  • June 11 – 16, 2022 (PCM Group)
  • June 17 – 23, 2022 (PCB Group)
MHT CET Admit Card MHT CET Result MHT CET Syllabus MHT CET Previous Papers MHT CET Answer Key
MP DMAT 2023  Will be Notify Later MP DMAT Admit Card MP DMAT Result MP DMAT Syllabus MP DMAT Previous Papers MP DMAT Answer Key
NAARM SRF PGS 2023 Will be Update Soon NAARM SRF PGS Admit card NAARM SRF PGS Result NAARM SRF PGS Syllabus NAARM SRF PGS Previous Papers NAARM SRF PGS Answer Key
NUUGET 2023 May 2022 NUUGET Admit Card NUUGET Result NUUGET Syllabus NUUGET Previous Papers NUUGET Answer Key
PIMS Entrance Exam 2023 Will be updated soon PIMS Admit Card PIMS Result PIMS Syllabus PIMS Previous Papers PIMS Answer Key
PMET 2023 Will be Announced PMET Admit Card PMET Result PMET Syllabus PMET Previous Papers PMET Answer Key
SBVUMCET 2023 Will be Notify Soon SBVUMCET Admit Card SBVUMCET Result SBVUMCET Syllabus SBVUMCET  Previous Papers SBVUMCET Answer Key
UPCAT 2023 June 16 – 17, 2022 UPCAT Admit Card UPCAT Result UPCAT Syllabus UPCAT Previous Papers UPCAT Answer Key
UPCPMT 2023 May 2022 UPCPMT Admit Card UPCPMT Result UPCPMT Syllabus UPCPMT Previous Papers UPCPMT Answer Key
UPMT 2023 May 2022 UPMT Admit Card UPMT Result UPMT Syllabus UPMT Previous Papers UPMT Answer Key
VMU AICEE 2023 Will be Notified VMU AICEE Admit Card VMU AICEE Result VMU AICEE Syllabus VMU AICEE Previous Papers VMU AICEE Answer Key
WBJEE 2023 April 30, 2022 WBJEE Admit Card WBJEE Result WBJEE Syllabus WBJEE Previous Papers WBJEE Answer Key

Medical Entrance Exam Names in India

Following medical/dental entrance exams will be held for 2021 admission in MBBS, BDS and other Medical Programs of various medical colleges.

List of Medical Entrance Exams In India
NEET National Entrance cum Eligibility Test
AFMC Armed Forces Medical College Entrance Exam
AICEE All India Common Entrance Examination
AICET All India Common Entrance Test
AIET All India level Entrance Test
AIIMS All India Institute of Medical Sciences
AIPGMEE All India Post Graduate Medical Entrance Examination
AIPMT All India Pre-Medical/ Pre-Dental Entrance Test
AIPVT All India Pre-Veterinary Test
AMUPMDC Entrance Exam Association of Managements of Unaided Private Medical and Dental Colleges Entrance Examination
APPG Andhra Pradesh PG Medical Entrance Exam
ARS NET Agricultural Research Service and National Eligibility Test
AU AIMEE Annamalai University All India Medical Entrance Exam
BHU GNM Banaras Hindu University (BHU) Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery Entrance Test
BHU PMT Banaras Hindu University Pre Medical Test
BLDE UGET BLDE University Under Graduate Entrance Test
CETPPMC Common Entrance Test for Pondicherry Private Medical Colleges
CMC Vellore Christian Medical College, Vellore
COMEDK UGET The consortium of Medical, Engineering and Dental Colleges of Karnataka
COMEDK PGET The consortium of Medical Engineering and Dental Colleges of Karnataka Post Graduate Medical Entrance Test (COMEDK PGET)
DU PGMET Delhi University Post Graduate Medical/Dental Entrance Test
DUMET Delhi University Medical / Dental Entrance Test
EAMCET Medical Engineering, Agriculture and Medicine Common Entrance Test
GOA CET Goa Common Entrance Test
GUJCET Gujarat Common Entrance Test for MBBS BDS Admission
HP CPMT Himachal Pradesh Combined Pre Medical Test
JCECE Jharkhand Combined Entrance Competitive Examination
JIPMER Jawaharlal Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research
JNU CBEE JNU Combined Biotechnology Entrance Exam
JSSU UGET  JSS University Mysore UG Medical & Dental Admission
KCET Karnataka Common Entrance Test
KEAM Kerala Engineering Architecture Medical Examination
KLE PGAIET KLE University Post-Graduate All India Entrance Test
Manipal UGET Manipal Undergraduate Entrance test
MHT CET Government of Maharashtra, State Common Entrance Test
MHT CET Maharashtra Common Entrance Test
MP DMAT Madhya Pradesh All India Dental & Medical Admission Test
NAARM SRF PGS National Academy of Agricultural Research Management Indian Council of Agricultural Research Senior Research Fellowship
NUGGET NITTE University Under Graduate Entrance Test
PIMS Entrance Exam Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences Entrance Exam
PMET Punjab Medical Entrance Test
SBVUMCET Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth University of  Medical Common Entrance Test
UPCAT Uttar Pradesh Common Admission Test
UPCPMT Uttar Pradesh Combined Pre Medical Test
UPMT Uttarakhand Common Pre Medical Entrance Test
VMU AICEE Vinayaka Missions University All India Common Entrance Examination
WBJEE West Bengal Joint Entrance Exam Medical

Veterinary Entrance Exams

  • All India Pre Veterinary Test (AIPVT)
  • Karnataka Veterinary, Animal and Fisheries Sciences University (KVAFSU) PG Admission
  • MP Pre Fisheries Test(PFT)
  • Rajasthan Pre Veterinary Test (RPVT)
  • UP Veterinary Entrance Exam – DUVASU, Mathura

List of UG / PG Medical Courses after 12th

Following are the medical courses after 12th class to turn your career into the Medical field. Under graduation courses in Medical along with course, duration are listed below.

Medical/Dental Programs Course Duration
MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery) 4.5 years
 BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) 4 years
 B.Pharma (Bachelor of Pharmacy) 4 years
 B.Sc Nursing 3 years
 BPT (Physiotherapy) 3 years
 BOT (Occupational Therapy) 3 years
 BHMS (Homeopathy Medicine) 3 years
 BUMS (Unani Medicine) 5 years
 Optometry 2 years
 Ophthalmic Assistant Medical Course 2 years
 Histopathological Lab Technology 1 year
BAMS (Ayurvedic, Siddha Medicine) 4 years
 D.Pharma (Ayurvedic, Siddha Medicine) 1 year
 Lab Technicians 1 year
 Sanitary Inspector Medical course 1 year
 General Nursing Training Medical course 3.5 years
 Orthopaedist Medical course 2 years
 Dental Mechanic Medical course 2 years
 Dental Hygienist Medical course 2 years
 Bachelor of Occupational therapy 3 years
 Radiological Assistant 1 year
 Radiography [Diagnosis & Therapy] 2 years
 Nuclear Medicine Technology 2 years

Eligibility for Medical Entrance Exams

  • 10+2
  • any degree

After the completion of the 10+2 standard examination, one can either pursue BDM, BDS,, BHMS or after the completion of graduation in the Medical stream. In India, various National & State Level Medical Entrance Exams are organized every year for the admissions into Medical/Dental undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Medical Entrance Exams are also conducted in University levels to provide the admissions into various law courses in universities.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

How many Entrance Exams are there in India?

There is only one medical entrance test in India for the admission to MBBS course, i.e The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET).

Is AIIMS & NEET Exam is same?

Yes, NEET UG is the entrance exam for admission to MBBS Courses in AIIMS & JIPMER. Institute of national importance like JIPMER, PGMIER, AIIMS will not conduct any entrance exam for UG Entrance Examination.

What is the common entrance test for Medical?

The Common Entrance Test (CET) is a competitive exam conducted for admission for the students to the first year or first sem of full-time courses in dental, medical, etc… in some professional colleges in various states in India.

How many marks need in NEET for MBBS?

General the category students need to score a minimum of 138 marks (50 Percentile). And, on the other hand General-PH (122 marks 45 percentile). And, for reserved candidates like SC, ST, OBC requires 108 marks (40 percentile).

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