UPSC Mains Dogri Reference Books 2023 for Civil Services / IAS / IPS / IES

Check out UPSC Mains Dogri Reference Books 2023 for Civil Services / IAS / IPS / IES exams. Earlier we’ve provided UPSC Notification and UPSC Mains Dogri Question Papers. Now we are providing UPSC Mains Dogri books for reference. Here we suggested famous IAS books with author and publication name for UPSC 2022 exam. Following are the Dogri books are in Hindi medium and English. In our next article, we’ll provide UPSC Mains Dogri Notes in pdf.

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IAS Mains Dogri Exam Date 2023

IAS Mains Exam Update 2023: The Civil Services IAS Mains Exam will be held in 16th September 2022. The Exam will be in two sessions, the morning session will be held between 9 AM and 12 PM while the evening sessions will be held between 12 PM and 5 PM.

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UPSC Mains Dogri Reference Books 2023

Here we have given the list of Reference Books of UPSC Mains Dogri. Refer these books for your preparation. These reference materials are very useful to the UPSC aspirants. It is important that the aspirant has access to the latest updated syllabus and uses the best study material to prepare for the examination. The reference books are helpful for both Prelims and Mains Exam of UPSC. The best IAS books can vary from candidate to candidate depending on their previous expertise and knowledge of the subject matter.

  • Meel Patthar (collection of short stories) by Bandhu Sharma
  • Kaiddi (Novel) by Desh Bandhu Dogra Nutan
  • Nanga Rukkh (Novel) by O.P. Sharma Sarathi.
  • Nayaan (Drama) by Mohan Singh.
  • Satrang (A collection of one-act plays) The following pay wrights: Vishwa Nath Khajuria, Ram Nath Shastri, Jitendra Sharma, Lalit Magotra and Madan Mohan Sharma.
  • Dogri Lalit Nibandh
  • Dogri language: Origin and development through different stages.
  • Linguistic boundaries of Dogri and its dialects.
  • Characteristic features of Dogri language.
  • A brief account of Pre-independence Dogri Literature: Poetry & Prose.
  • Development of modern Dogri Poetry and main trends in Dogri Poetry.
  • Development of Dogri short-story, main trends & prominent short-story writers.
  • Development of Dogri Novel, main trends & contribution of Dogri Novelists.
  • Development of Dogri Drama & contribution of prominent Playwrights.
  • Development of Dogri Prose : Essays, Memoirs & Travelogues.
  • An introduction to Dogri Folk literature – Folk songs, Folk tales & Ballads.
  • The following authors: Vishwa Nath Khajuria, Narayan Mishra, Balkrishan Shastri, Shiv Nath, Shyam Lal Sharma, Lakshmi Narayan, D.C. Prashant, Ved Ghai, Kunwar Viyogi.

About Dogri Subject in UPSC Mains Exam

UPSC Dogri is an Indo-Aryan language spoken by about five million people in India and Pakistan, chiefly in the Jammu region of Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh, but also in northern Punjab, other parts of Jammu and Kashmir, and elsewhere. Although formerly treated as a Punjabi dialect, Dogri is now considered to be a member of the Western Pahari group of languages. The language is referred to as Pahari in Pakistan.

Why UPSC Reference Books / Suggested Books are Important

UPSC Reference Books can provide general background information (facts, definitions, dates, details), assistance in focusing your topic, quick access to important factual and statistical information, and references to other sources of information. It is, therefore, a good place to begin your research. Reference materials for UPSC IAS / IFS / IPS / IES Exams include almanacs, handbooks, encyclopedias, and dictionaries. To Prepare, UPSC Exams students should refer some suggested books by toppers. We’ve provided a few recommended books for IAS Preparation. These are books suggested by IAS Toppers.

View & Get a complete set of Reference Books for IAS Mains Dogri subject 2023. We’ve provided the list of recommended books for IAS Mains Dogri Paper. Share this article “UPSC Mains Dogri Reference Books 2023 – IAS / IPS / IES” to other UPSC IAS / IES / IFS Aspirants and help them to crack UPSC Exams.

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