B.com Economics Notes – 1st year Business Economics Syllabus & Books

Download B.com 1st year Economics Notes for both sem 1 & 2. Get B.Com Economics Notes (अर्थशास्त्र नोट्स) and Free study material for various university exams. Bachelor of Commerce is an under graduation degree course of 3 years duration for commerce students. General Economics or Business Economics of India is one of the main subjects in B.com 1st year. Here we’ve provided B.Com 1st year Economics Books in pdf format for free. There are two economics papers in B.com 1st year those are Business Economics 1 in semester 1 and Business Economics 2 in Semester 2. But In some universities, there are no semesters for B.Com Distance Education. For B.com Distance Program, There is Business Economics as main subject in B.com 1st year course.

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Objectives of Economics Subject

1. To expose students of Commerce to basic Micro Economics Concepts and inculcate in analytical approach to the subject matter.

2. To stimulate the students interest by showing the relievable and use of various economic theories.

3. To apply economic reasoning to problems of business.

Download B.com Economics Notes – 1st year (Semester 1 & 2)

B.Com Business Economics Books (Bachelor of Commerce) – 1st year
Business Economics IntroductionDownload
Indian Economics Notes (Hindi)Download
Business Economics Text BookDownload
Business EconomicsDownload

Suggested Books for B.com Business Economics – 1st year

  • Aryasri and Murthy: Business Economics, Tata Mcgraw Hill
  • Deepashree: General Economics, Tata Mcgrawhill
  • HL Ahuja Business Economics, S.Chand
  • KPM Sundaram: Micro Economics
  • Mankiw: Principles of Economics, Cengage
  • Mithani: Fundamentals of Business Economics, Himalaya
  • Salvatore, D. Schaum’s, Outline of Theory and Problems of Microeconomic Theory,McGraw-Hill, International Edition, New Delhi.

Detailed Syllabus of Business Economics – B.com 1st year

you have syllabus in economics for first year is

  • unit-1 : Introduction of Economics, Nature and Scope of Business Economics
  • unit-2 : Demand ,supply and market equilibrium, Theory of Consumption
  • unit-3 : Theory of Production and costs,
  • unit-4 : Market structure and factors of production,
  • unit-5 : National income,trade cycles and international trade,


Unit – I Nature and Scope of Business Economics.

A) Business economics meaning, Scope and objectives of Business economics, Nature and types of business decisions, Role and responsibilities of business economist, Role and social responsibility of business & business economist, Micro economics and macro economics definition, scope, Merits and Demerits.

B) Theory of Consumption.

1. Law of demand, Demand determinants, Changes in Demand, Exceptions to the law of demand Geffen‘s paradox. Law of equi-marginal utility, Assumptions Limitations, Importance criticism of cardinal approach.

2. Indifference Curve – Concept, definition, Definition, Properties, Importance of indifference curve.

3. Elasticity of demand – Concept, kinds, definition Measurement of elasticity of demand, factors influencing elasticity of demand, Importance of elasticity of demand.

4. Demand forecasting: Meaning, Need, Importance, Methods of demand forecasting.

Unit – II Theory of Production and Cost

1. Production Function – Concept Definition, Types of products, Total Production, Average Production, Marginal production, Law of variable proportions, Assumptions, Limitations and Significance.

2. Isoquant curves, Definition, General properties of isoquant curves, Expansion path internal and external economic and diseconomies of scale, Ridge line.

3. Theories of population, – Malthusian theory of population, Optimum theory of population, Demographic Transition Theory of population and criticism.

Unit – III Theory of cost and Revenue and Markets

1. Law of supply & Criticism influencing factors of supply.

2. The concept of cost – Accounting Cost, Economic Cost, Opportunities Cost, Fixed Cost, Variable Cost, Direct and Indirect Cost, Real Cost, Explicit, Implicit Cost, Money Cost, Total Cost, Average Cost, Marginal Cost, Selling Costs.

3. Revenues – Total Revenues, Average Revenues, Marginal Revenues and Relationship and Time Element.

4. Market – Concept, meaning, Definition, Classification of market structures, Type Firm, Industry, Meaning, objectives, difference between Industry and firm.

Unit IV :- Pricing of Products.

1) Perfect Competition definition, properties Price determination under perfect competition.

2) Monopoly -Definition, Properties, types, Price determination under Monopoly

3) Monopolistic competition, meaning, concepts, properties and Price determination under Monopolistic competition.

4) Price and output under oligopoly – indeterminate pricing and output price leadership, collusive oligopoly, Kinked demand curve.

5) Price discrimination – Meaning, Types, Conditions under which it is possible and profitable, importance, Concept of Dumping.

Unit V – Theories of Distribution

1) Modern Theory of Distribution of Rent.

2) Theory of rent – Recardian theory of Rent, Modern theory of Rent, Criticism, concept of Quasi Rent.

3) Theory of interest – Loanable Funds Theory of Interest, Liquidity Preference Theory of Interest, Criticism, Concept of gross interest net interest.

4) Theories of Profit – Uncertainty Bearing Theory of Profit, Dynamic Theory of Profit, Innovation theory of Profit, Criticism, Gross Profit, Normal Profit, Abnormal profit.

5) Theory of Wages – Nominal wages, real wages, Exploitation of labour, Marginal productivity theory of wages.

B.com Economics Books at Amazon.in Online Buy

Business Economics: B.Com - Ist Year
  • P.K. Mehta
  • Taxmann Publications Private Limited
  • Edition no. 1 (07/23/2013)
  • Paperback: 512 pages
Business Economics : Theory & Applications
  • D. D. Chaturvedi, S. L. Gupta
  • International Book House Pvt Ltd.
  • Paperback
  • English
A Comprehensive Textbook of Business Economics (Mumbai University)
  • Patra Sarat Chandra
  • S Chand & Company
  • Paperback: 441 pages
Essentials of Business Economics
  • D.N. Dwivedi
  • Vikas Publishing House
  • Edition no. First (09/01/2010)
  • Paperback: 466 pages

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