Time and Distance Online Test 2020 – Aptitude Questions and Answers MCQ, Online Quiz

Time and Distance Online Test 2020: This is aptitude questions & answers section on Time and Distance with an explanation for various interview, competitive exams, and entrance tests. Latest Time & Distance aptitude questions with answers. Time and Distance Aptitude MCQ are often asked in the Quantitative Aptitude. By practicing the Time and Distance Quiz Online Test Question and Answers, applicants can easily attempt the various competitive examinations like SBI Clerk, SSC CGL, IBPS PO, Railways RRB NTPC, CAT, etc. So let us try Time Speed and Distance Multiple Choice Questions to test your performance and capability. Here is a latest Time and Distance Aptitude Online Test which is useful for upcoming Bank examination.

This Time and Distance MCQ quiz (समय और दूरी ऑनलाइन टेस्ट) contain essential questions which match the exam pattern of banking, so make sure that and attempt Time and Distance Aptitude Online Test as much as required to check your preparation level.

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Time and Distance Online Test 2020

Quiz NameTime and Distance
Number of Questions25
Time30 Minutes
Exam TypeMCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Aptitude Questions and Answers with Solutions: Learn & practice latest Aptitude Questions & Answers with Solutions for each topic. Now, all those candidates who are preparing for different examinstions or recruitment tests can get the Aptitude Preparation Stuff from Examupdates.in Aptitude page. In this particular article, you can all find Aptitude Que’s & Answers for applicants, General Aptitude MCQ type Logical Aptitude Questions, Download Aptitude Questions and Answers PDF, General Aptitude Test Papers with Answers, Mathematical Aptitude Questions & Answers PDF, Quantitative Aptitude Questions and Answers with Explanation PDF, Aptitude Questions, Answers with Explanation For Engineering Students PDF and much more stuff.

So, to improve your skills logically & arithmetically, you need to check and prepare the important topics. All you have to do now is check them all and try to practice the different problems. Now, can all start your preparation on subjects like Time and Distance, Problems on Trains, Time and Work, Partnership, Ratio and Proportion, and other topics. On this page, you can find the Aptitude Questions with Answers on different topics.

Time and Distance Online Test 2019 - Aptitude Questions and Answers MCQ, Online Quiz

About Time and Distance MockTest

Time and Distance Online Test: Applicants have to clear the Written Examination while attending the IT Recruitments. So, to help them we have focused on the Aptitude section. Aptitude Questions & Answers will be the most critical part of your Recruitment or Placement Tests. One of the main reason is students are not able to find different models. Even though they find the questions, they are not able to get the Solutions as well as the Solutions. This resulting them in not knowing the method to solve those model problems. Thus, with the help of this Aptitude Questions and Answers with Solutions page, you can easily take a quiz and also the explanations of each topic and each problem.

Time and Distance Syllabus & Pattern

Boats and Streams

In water or river, the direction along the stream is called downstream. .

If the speed of boat in still water is U km/hour

and the speed of stream is V km/hour, then

  • speed downstream = (U + V) km/hr
  • speed upstream = (U – V) km/hr

If the speed downstream is A km/hr and the speed upstream is B km/hr, then

  • Speed of boat in still water = 1/2(A+B) km/hr
  • Rate of stream or river = 1/2(A-B) km/hr


A train has a definite length. The distance covered by the train is depends on the length of train.

  1. Time taken by a train x mt long in passing a stationary point (it can be a signal post or a pole or a standing man) is equal to time taken by the train to cover xmt.
  2. Time taken by a train x mt long in passing a stationary object of lengthy mt is equal to time taken by the train to cover (x+y) mt.
  3. Suppose two trains are moving in the same direction at u kmph and v kmphsuch that u > v, then their relative speed is u-v kmph.
  4. Suppose two trains are moving in opposite direction at u kmph and v kmphthen, their relative speed is equal to (u+v) kmph.
  5. If two trains of length x km and y km are moving in opposite diredtions at u kmph and v kmph, then time taken by the train to cross each other is equal to (x+y)/(u+v) hr.
  6. If two trains start at the same time from 2 points A and B towards each other and after crossing they take a and b hours in reaching B and A respectively, then ratio of A’s speed : B’s speed = (b^1/2 : a^1/2).

How to Start the Time and Distance Mock Test

Time and Distance Practice Test: Before starting of the Time and Distance Online Test start the 1st section, you must read the instructions. Instructions are available on screen. So, observe the instructions carefully next start the examination. Next read the question and refer below choices like a,b,c,d. Choose the correct answer for the above question & click on the particular answer next move farward to next question. In this wise you can answer the all questions. If you you do not know the answers simply move to the next question there -ve marking there. Complete the section submit the online test & get score. This is the pattern for the Time and Distance attempting the Online Mock Test.

Start Quiz for Time and Distance

Time and Distance Online Test: Time Speed and Distance questions are often asked in the Quantitative Aptitude/ Numerical Ability sections of various competitive exams like SBI PO, SBI Clerk, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SSC CGL, Railways RRB NTPC, LIC AAO, UIIC AO, NICL AO, IBPS RRB, SSC Stenographer, CAT, XAT, CMAT, GMAT, SBI Associate PO, SBI Associate Clerk etc.

Time Speed and Distance combine a host of topics similar to Average Speed, Relative Speed, Problems on Trains, Boat & Stream and other. This Time Speed & Distance Quiz 1 will test you on all these topics. Time Speed and Distance Quiz 1 will help you prepare for your any exams. Read the solutions in Time Speed and Distance Quiz 1 to understand the concepts.

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In this article, we have given the information about the information regarding the Time and Distance Online Test – Time and Distance concept in Quantitative Aptitude. So refer in this page and if you have any confusion give a comment via comment section. Please don’t forget to share this portal to our friends and neighbors.

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