GATE Mock Test For General Aptitude(GA) 2021 – Free Online Test

GATE Mock Test For General Aptitude(GA) 2021: Check out GATE Mock Test For General Aptitude(GA) 2021 – Free Online Test. To crack GATE examination one should have practice in General Aptitude (GA) so here we have given some Online Practice Exam or Free Mock Test Papers one can refer this and get grip on General Aptitude. Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is an all India exam that primarily tests the comprehensive understanding of the student in various UG subjects in Engineering/Technology/Architecture & PG level subjects in Science. The students of background or Masters level give this examination and hope for the best future. GATE exam is a High-level examination and is attempted by many students. As we know that Gate consists of 3 major sections in it. They are.

  • Core Subject-based
  • Engineering Mathematics
  • General Aptitude

GATE General Aptitude Mock Test

In this GATE Mock Test For General Aptitude(GA) 2021 – Free Online Test we have discussed the sample questions and provided Free Mock Test papers on the General Aptitude. Any Gate Aspirant can refer this.

Mock Test for GATE General Aptitude 2020

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GATE General Aptitude Mock Test 2019

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GATE General Aptitude Mock Test 2021

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GATE General Aptitude Syllabus

All the papers will have a few questions that test the General Aptitude, apart from the core subject of the GATE paper. This General Aptitude Syllabus is common for all Question Papers.

Main topics in General Aptitude

Verbal Ability

As we know that verbal Ability is based on English. These are the basic topics covered in Verbal Ability

  • English grammar
  • Sentence completion
  • Verbal analogies
  • Word groups, instructions
  • Critical reasoning and verbal deduction.

Numerical Ability

This Numerical Ability is tough than verbal Ability. These are the basic Topics covered in Numerical Ability

  • Numerical computation
  • Numerical estimation
  • Numerical reasoning and
  • Data Interpretation.

Verbal Ability questions can be answered quickly compared to the Numerical Ability questions. NA questions are easier than verbal but may consume time if you do not apply the short-cuts in computations. With proper preparation for Gate, anyone can good score in this section. You can easily secure around 13-14 marks out of the max 15. This is also the section where your negative marking should be minimum.

Sample Questions of General Aptitude

1.Choose the appropriate answer to complete the following sentence:
Medicine is to illness as law is to _________

  1. discipline
  2. anarchy
  3.  treason
  4.  etiquette

2.Which of the following is the closest meaning to the word below EXHORT

  1. Urge
  2. Condemn
  3. Restrain
  4. Scold

3.Choose the appropriate answer to complete the following sentence:
To those of us who had always feel thought him timid, his ________ came as a surprise.
A. intrepidity

   B. inevitability

   C. inability

   D. inertness

4.The question below consists of pair of related word by 4 pairs of related words. Select the pair that best expreses the relation

Preamble : constitution

A. Amendment : law

B. Prologue : play

C.Episode : serial

D. Plot : play

5.In survey, 3/16 of the people surveyed told that they announced to prefer to use public transport while commuting daily to office. 5/8 of the people had surveyed told that they preferred to use their own vehicles. The remaining 75 responded people said that they had no clear preference. How many people preferred to use public transport?
(A) 75  

(B) 100  

(C) 125  

(D) 133

Answers or Key

1.B    2.A    3.A    4.B    5.A

In this GATE Mock Test For General Aptitude(GA) 2021 – Free Online Test we have provide the  Free Mock test links and also some of the sample questions in General Aptitude. By referring the above it is easy for a Gate Aspirant to crack GATE easily.

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