Computer Awareness Free Online Mock Test 2020 with Answers – 15 Mins Quiz for Bank, SSC, RRB Exams

Computer Awareness Free Online Mock Test 2020: Here you can check the Computer Awareness Online Mock Test Details in the academic year of 2020. Free Computer Awareness Questions and Answers for examination preparation. Computer Awareness is one of the important sections in the overall competitive, Campus and entrance online test. Evaluate your Computer Awareness skills by trying the Mock Test online Computer Basics questions exams (कंप्यूटर जागरूकता नि: शुल्क ऑनलाइन मॉक टेस्ट) and know your score in the Test.

Candidates find the general knowledge questions for Bank examination, IBPS Clerk, SSC, IBPS PO, SBI PO, SBI Clerk & other competitive exams. You can download the Computer Awareness Free Online Mock Test available here.

Applicants follow these new pattern of Computer Awareness questions paper & solving tricks to improve your problem solving skill. Practice our online Computer Basics Questions for all Competitive Exams. IBPS Guides provides you lots of fully solved Computer Awareness practice questions and answers with solutions. We provide Computer Awareness quiz on a daily basis to improve your skills in exam. Who are preparing for banking and other competitive examinations can assess your ability check here.

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Computer Awareness Free Online Mock Test 2020 with Answers

Computer Awareness is one of the important topics of the Competitive exams, in this page the applicants will find complete syllabus of English with an explanation for all the questions. Computer Awareness having the question types which test the applicant’s English Language, Vocabulary and Grammar. So, all the competitors need to know the simple tricks to know the Questions. Thus, the applicants can check and know all the details of the Computer Awareness Quiz.

Online Test Name Computer Awareness Free Online Mock Test
Exam Type Multiple Choice Questions
Category Computer Awareness Quiz
No.of Questions 20/35 Questions (Based on Examination)
Time 20/30 Minutes (Based on Examination)
Exam Mode Online
Medium of Exam English & Hindi

Computer Awareness Free Online Mock Test 2019 with Answers - 15 Mins Quiz for Bank, SSC, RRB Exams

About Computer Awareness Category

Basic computer knowledge is as important to a banker as a paper is to a publisher. This basic computer knowledge section covers many important questions for IBPS PO, SBI and RBI like examinations and other similar tests. The basic computer skills practice problem section will get you the required practice & exp.

Basic Computer Skills: In this Basic computer knowledge section, we will observe practice questions from the concepts on the Number Systems, Number System Conversions, Generations of Computers, Computer Organization, Computer Memory, Hardware and Software, and I/O Devices. We will read some of these topics at a stretch and divide the no of practice sections into subsections for convenience. The following will check your basic computer basics.

Computer Awareness Syllabus – Chapters & Topics

  • Concept of Computers
  • Functions and Capabilities of Computers
  • History of the Development of Computers
  • Classification of Computers – Analog, Digital and Hybrid
  • Personal Computers
  • Basic Components of Computer Systems
  • Computer Devices – Inputs and Output
  • Maintaining Computer Systems
  • Computer Memory
  • Storage Devices
  • Hardware Components of Computer
  • Computer Software – Overview
  • System Software and Operating Systems
  • Application Software
  • Computer Software Terminology
  • Programming Languages
  • Database Management Systems – Overview
  • DBMS – Important Terms
  • Types of Computer Networks
  • Computer Network Devices
  • Data Signals
  • Wired Technologies & Communication
  • Wireless Technologies and Communication
  • Internet – Evolution
  • Internet Connection Basics
  • Internet Protocols
  • Web Browsers
  • Websites, Blogs, Search Engines & Social Media
  • Smartphones and Apps
  • Microsoft Windows
  • MS office – Overview
  • MS office – Word
  • MS office – Excel
  • MS office – Power point
  • MS office – Access
  • Emails & SMS
  • Computer Security – Various Attacks and Malware
  • Computer and IT Banking
  • Terms Related To Internet and Mobile Banking

Computer Awareness Practice Test provides Platform for Preparation and Practice Computer competency for various Govt, Bank and Competitive exams. Prepare Computer Awareness for your Govt & banking Jobs, competitive exam, Computer Awareness Free Online Mock Test and campus interview. In this site provide unique exam pattern of learning with comprehensive Topic wise study material in the form of Online Exam Questions & Answers and then do Practice using ONLINE TEST. Computer Awareness section is one of the important parts of all Competitive, Job and Recruitment Examinations.

The Computer knowledge test represents the basic computer knowledge of candidates, familiarity about computer and its usage, basic knowledge about primary applications. Computer awareness & knowledge test is held to know how you much you know about computer and perform task independently.

How to Start the Computer Awareness Mock Test

Computer Awareness Mock Test: Before starting of the Computer Awareness section we must read the instructions. Instructions are available on screen. So, see the instructions carefully next start the examination. Next read the question and see below choices like a,b,c,d. Choose the suitable answer for the above question and click on the particular answer and move farward to next question. In this wise you can answer the remaining all questions.

If you you don’t know the answers simply move to the next there -ve marking there. Finally complete the section submit the online test and get score. This is the pattern for the Logical reasong attempting the Online Mock Test.

Start Quiz for Computer Awareness 

  1. Practice sample diagrammatic IQ tests. Many test publishers also provide practice sections that you can access, such as Graduate Monkey and this is certainly worth doing.
  2. It can be useful to develop a mental ability of points to solve logical reasoning questions, such as a some of different rules that govern size, shape, number and other. This can help you to work more  the test.
  3. See at one rule at a time. There may be extraneous data within the question, which is designed to confuse you. Focusing on a single aspect can help you work out what is important and what’s not.
  4. Manage your time. Some Other times you will come up against a question where you just can’t observe the answer. Tempting as it can be, do not spend much time on it.
  5. If you’re struggling to find a exam pattern, some times there are answer clues in the question. Look for any exam patterns or themes in the possible solutions; that might help you spot what is important within the question. For ex, if you have a sequence of shapes & all of the answers are squares or triangles, you know that the next shape in the sequence must be either a square or a triangle, which could help guide you as to why.

In the above, we have mentioned the complete information about Computer Awareness Free Online Mock Test and other exams. So,visit once in this page and if you have any doubt give a comment via comment section or move to the other pages. Please don’t forget to share this article to our friends and family.

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