NCERT Class 1 English Book RainDrops 2021 – Download Class 1 English TextBook

In this article, we are providing NCERT Class 1 English Book RainDrops and also provided the pdf format links. For the parents, we’ve provided NCERT Class 1 books for easy download process. It will be helpful in easy learning for CBSE Class 1 students. Here you can download CBSE Class 1 English Raindrops textbook which is updated for the academic year 2020-21.

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There are two books in NCERT Class 1 English subject. They are MariGold-1 and RainDrops-1.


Download NCERT Class 1 English Book RainDrops – 1

National Council of Educational Research and Training(NCERT) is providing e-books/pdfs for downloading all subjects and for all levels of students and all subjects. This allows the students to get the books in one place and also makes them learn with anxiety and make them like the way of learning.

Download NCERT Class 1 English RainDrops 1 Book
Publication / AuthorNCERT
Academic Year2020-21
ClassClass 1
Book TitleRainDrops 1
CategoryNCERT Books
No. of Chapters19
Language MediumEnglish Medium
EditionApril 2020

Chapters and Units

In the Raindrops-1 English Textbook, there are 19 chapters covered. These are the following chapters covered.

  • Chapter 1: Clap, Clap, Clap
  • Chapter 2: One, Two
  • Chapter 3: The Little Bird
  • Chapter 4: Bubbles
  • Chapter 5: Chhotu
  • Chapter 6: Animals and Birds
  • Chapter 7: Fruits and Vegetables
  • Chapter 8: Who Am I?
  • Chapter 9: Hide and Seek
  • Chapter 10: Fun with numbers
  • Chapter 11: Shapes
  • Chapter 12: Cats
  • Chapter 13: Colors
  • Chapter 14: Actions We Do
  • Chapter 15: Left and Right
  • Chapter 16:  The Lion and The Mouse
  • Chapter 17: Morning and Evening
  • Chapter 18: May I Come In?
  • Chapter 19: Action Song

Download NCERT Class 1 English Rain Drops – Chapterwise

Download the updated edition of NCERT Class 1 English Rain Drops 1 PDF Book through the below-given links. The following are the Unit-wise PDF Ebooks of Class 1 English RainDrop-1 by NCERT.

Chapter – 1Clap, Clap, ClapDownload
Chapter – 2One, TwoDownload
Chapter – 3The Little BirdDownload
Chapter – 4BubblesDownload
Chapter – 5ChhotuDownload
Chapter – 6 Animals and BirdsDownload
Chapter – 7Fruits and VegetablesDownload
Chapter – 8Who Am I?Download
Chapter – 9Hide and SeekDownload
Chapter – 10Fun with numbersDownload
Chapter – 11ShapesDownload
Chapter – 12CatsDownload
Chapter – 13ColorsDownload
Chapter – 14Actions We DoDownload
Chapter – 15Left and RightDownload
Chapter – 16The Lion and The MouseDownload
Chapter – 17Morning and EveningDownload
Chapter – 18May I Come In?Download
Chapter – 19Action SongDownload

Download Class 1 English RainDrops – 1 – Complete Book

You can download the complete textbook of NCERT Class 1 English RainDrops-1. Usually, NCERT provides Ebook/PDF Text Book by Chapter-wise. For your convenience, we provided the Full book of CBSE Class 1 English RainDrops-1.

NCERT Class 1 English Book RainDrops – 1

CBSE Online learning Methods

As per the present situation concerned, the schools were shut down due to COVID – 19. All the education system had shifted from books to screens. The education system now was going on through Online classes. Parents should know and encourage their children to learn about the online classes and make them prepared for the classes. Try printing the PDFs of the books if you don’t want your children to learn from computers.

Importance of NCERT Class 1 TextBook

The main intension of NCERT or CBSE or any system concerned to Education Field is to make a student easily understand and gain knowledge through the books they provide. The best base for the intelligence of the student comes when the student chooses the right way of learning.

A good foundation should be laid for a student at a lower level itself. These NCERT Books provide a good method of learning and the best grammar for the students to learn. They make the children to learn, play and enjoy the study time.

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Keep following to get more books of NCERT Class – 1. If you have any doubts regarding NCERT Class 1 English Book RainDrops – 1 of the academic year 2020-21, you can ask us through the comment box below.

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