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Human-Computer Interaction Pdf Notes

Introduction: Research in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) has been spectacularly successful and has fundamentally changed computing.  Just one example is the ubiquitous graphical interface used by Microsoft Windows 95, which is based on the Macintosh, which is based on work at Xerox PARC, which in turn is based on early research at the Stanford Research Laboratory (now SRI) and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Even the spectacular growth of the World-Wide Web is a direct result of HCI research: applying hypertext technology to browsers allows one to traverse a link across the world with a click of the mouse.

• Demonstrate an understanding of guidelines, principles, and theories influencing human Computer interaction.
• Recognize how a computer system may be modified to include human diversity.
• Select an effective style for a specific application.
• Design mock-ups and carry out a user and expert evaluation of interfaces.
• Carry out the steps of experimental design, usability and experimental testing, and evaluation of human-computer interaction systems.
• Use the information sources available, and be aware of the methodologies and technologies supporting advances in HCI.

CS6008 Human-Computer Interaction Notes

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List of Reference Books for Human-Computer Interaction

  • Wilbert O. Galitz, “The Essential Guide to User Interface Design”, Wiley India Edition
  • Price, Rogers, “Sharps Interaction Design”, Wiley India.
  •  Ben Schneidermann,” Designing the user interfaces”. 3rd Edition, Pearson Education Asia.
  •  Soren Lauesen, “User Interface Design” , Pearson Education
  • Alan Cooper, Robert Riemann, David Cronin, “Essentials of Interaction Design”, Wiley
  • Alan Dix, Janet Finlay, GreGoryd, Abowd, Russell, Bealg,”human-computer Interaction”, Pearson Education.

Human-Computer Interaction syllabus -B.Tech 3rd Year


The User Interface: Introduction, Importance of the User Interface, Importance, and benefits of Good Design History of Human-Computer Interface. Characteristics of Graphical and Web User Interface: Graphical User Interface, the popularity of graphics, concepts of Direct Manipulation, Graphical System advantage and disadvantage, Characteristics of GUI. Web User Interface, the popularity of the web, Characteristics of Web Interface, Merging of Graphical Business systems& the Web, Principles of User Interface Design


The User Interface Design Process: Obstacles and Pitfall in the Development Process, Usability, The Design Team, Human Interaction with Computers, Important Human Characteristics in
Design, Human Consideration in Design, Human Interaction Speeds, Performance versus Preference, Methods for Gaining and Understanding of Users


Understanding Business Functions: Business Definitions & Requirement analysis, Determining Business Functions, Design standards or Style Guides, System Training and Documentation


Principles of Good Screen Design: Human considerations in screen Design, interface design goals, test for a good design, screen meaning and purpose, Technological considerations in Interface Design System Menus and Navigation Schemes: Structure, Functions, Context, Formatting, Phrasing and Selecting, Navigating of Menus, Kinds of Graphical Menus Windows Interface: Windows characteristic, Components of Window, Windows Presentation Styles, Types of Windows, Window Management, Web systems


Device and Screen-Based Control: Device-based controls, Operable Controls, Text entry/read- Only Controls, Section Controls, Combining Entry/Selection Controls, Other Operable Controls and Presentation Controls, Selecting proper controls


Effective Feedback Guidance and Assistance: Providing the Proper Feedback, Guidance and Assistance Effective Internationalization and Accessibility- International consideration, Accessibility, Create meaningful Graphics, Icons and Images, Colors-uses, possible problems with colors, choosing colors

• Students are assessed on their ability to communicate and apply UCD methods in the capstone project course. Assessment includes an examination of team reports and how HCI students can discuss challenges and solutions for adapting UCD methods to fit the practical needs of an actual project

Human-Computer Interaction Review Questions List

  •  Describe five main issues that may affect the design, implementation or marketing
  • Explain Shneiderman’s three pillars of design
  • Discuss the classification of Menus
  • Provide three examples of an application where menu selection and form filling are more appropriate than a direct-manipulation strategy
  • Elaborate on various pointing devices
  • What are the various abbreviation strategies and also discuss on abbreviation guidelines
  •  What are the guidelines for alphanumeric displays, spreadsheets, and Graphs
  •  List a few common mistakes of web-based display of information
  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of reading on paper and reading on a computer display
  • “Online communities are useful for User Assistance” – Justify this statement describing various weaknesses and strengths
  •  What is Information Visualization? Explain how it caters to the perceptual abilities of humans
  • Explain advanced filtering and search techniques

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