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This is an article about NCERT Class 1 Hindi Book. This article gives the details regarding the Class 1 Hindi textbook. NCERT had updated its syllabus for this academic year 2020-21. All Chapters & Unit wise PDF Book of CBSE Class 1 Hindi book Rimjhim-1 has been given below.

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NCERT Class 1 Hindi Book (Rimjhim-1)

The books by NCERT allow the student to enjoy the education in a playful manner and at the same time he/she gains the knowledge in the right manner. These provide knowledge in terms of pictures.

Download NCERT Class 1 Hindi Book Rimjhim-1
Publication / AuthorNCERT
Academic Year2020-21
ClassClass 1
Book TitleRimjhim-1
CategoryNCERT Books
No. of Chapters23
Language MediumHindi Medium
EditionMarch 2020

Rimjhim – 1 Chapters and Units

NCERT Class 1 Hindi Book Rimjim-1 consists of the following 23 chapters.The pdf lnks are given below in a table.

  • पाठ 1: झूला
  • पाठ 2: आम की कहानी
  • पाठ 3: आम की टोकरी
  • पाठ 4: पत्ते ही पत्ते
  • पाठ 5: पकौड़ी
  • पाठ 6: छुक-छुक गाड़ी
  • पाठ 7: रसोईघर
  • पाठ 8: चूहो! म्याऊँ सो रही है
  • पाठ 9: बंदर और गिलहरी
  • पाठ 10: पगड़ी
  • पाठ 11: पतंग
  • पाठ 12: गेंद-बल्ला
  • पाठ 13: बंदर गया खेत में भाग
  • पाठ 14: एक बुढ़िया
  • पाठ 15: मैं भी
  • पाठ 16: लालू और पीलू
  • पाठ 17: चकई के चकदुम
  • पाठ 18: छोटी का कमाल
  • पाठ 19: चार चने
  • पाठ 20: भगदड़
  • पाठ 21: हलीम चला चाँद पर
  • पाठ 22: हाथी चल्लम चल्लम
  • पाठ 23: सात पूँछ का चूहा

Download NCERT Class 1 Rimjhim 1 Book – Chapterwise

Download the PDFs of the Chapters In class 1 Hindi textbook. If you don’t want your child using smart gadgets for studying, then make printouts and make them study.

पाठ 1झूला
पाठ 2आम की कहानी
पाठ 3आम की टोकरी
पाठ 4पत्ते ही पत्ते
पाठ 5पकौड़ी
पाठ 6छुक-छुक गाड़ी
पाठ 7रसोईघर
पाठ 8चूहो! म्याऊँ सो रही है
पाठ 9बंदर और गिलहरी
पाठ 10पगड़ी
पाठ 11पतंग
पाठ 12गेंद-बल्ला
पाठ 13बंदर गया खेत में भाग
पाठ 14एक बुढ़िया
पाठ 15     मैंभी
पाठ 16लालू और पीलू
पाठ 17चकई के चकदुम
पाठ 18छोटी का कमाल
पाठ 19चार चने
पाठ 20भगदड़
पाठ 21हलीम चला चाँद पर
पाठ 22हाथी चल्लम चल्लम
पाठ 23सात पूँछ का चूहा

NCERT Class 1 Hindi Book Complete Book

For getting the full book of NCERT Class 1 Hindi Book Ganit ka Jaadu, click here to download the full text book.

 NCERT Class 1 Hindi Book Rimjhim-1

A Complete Guide for Preparation of NCERT Class 1 Hindi Subject

Many students find Hindi a difficult subject. Practice makes a man perfect. The Hindi language needs a lot of preparation. For every preparation, there are 3 steps:-

  • Take a revision on “what did the teacher tell today in the Hindi class”.
  • Complete the part “what did the teacher give the homework”.
  • Take a glance at “what will the teacher tell tomorrow”.

These three steps make you complete the revision of the full Hindi syllabus without leaving any of the lessons. If these steps were practiced daily, the memory power of the students increases, and also the Class 1 Hindi syllabus to be covered for the exams is completed easily. Hindi language will be very easy when once you start talking it with our friends or relatives.

Objectives of NCERT Class 1 Hindi book

The important phase of time for a student to mold his future is right from childhood itself that too from Class – 1. NCERT Hindi Book for Class 1 has done an appreciative work by designing these books with simple language that is understandable both by students and their parents.

These books lay a good foundation of knowledge and Hindi language at a base level and improve their communication skills. The methods they used for designing these books were good as they used attractive pictures to describe the characters and good language.

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For any details or queries in NCERT Class 1 Hindi Book (Rimjhim) ask in the comment section below.

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