NCERT Class 2 English Book 2024 – Download Class II English MariGold 2

Follow this article for the details of NCERT Class 2 English Book. This article gives the details regarding the Class 2 English MariGold 2 textbook. NCERT  had updated its syllabus for this academic year 2020-21. All Chapters & Unit wise PDF Book of CBSE Class 2 English Book has been given below. This is the English Text book two of MariGold series.

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NCERT Class 2 English MariGold 2

The books by NCERT allow the student to enjoy the education in a playful manner and at the same time he/she gains the knowledge in the right manner. These provide knowledge in terms of pictures.

Download NCERT Class 2 English Book Marigold 2
Publication / AuthorNCERT
Academic Year2020-21
ClassClass 2
Book TitleMariGold 2
CategoryNCERT Books
No. of Units10
Language MediumEnglish Medium
EditionApril 2020

Chapters & Units in NCERT Class 2 English Book MariGold-2

There are total 10 units in NCERT Class 2 English Marigold 2 Textbook. In the Marigold – 2 English textbook the following are the units and chapters covered.

  • Unit 1:
    • First Day at School
    • Haldi’s Adventure
  • Unit 2:
    • I am Lucky!
    • I Want
  • Unit 3:
    • A Smile
    • The Wind and the Sun
  • Unit 4:
    • Rain
    • Storm in the Garden
  • Unit 5:
    • Zoo Manners
    • Funny Bunny
  • Unit 6:
    • Mr. Nobody
    • Curlylocks and the Three Bears
  • Unit 7:
    • On My Blackboard I can Draw
    • Make it Shorter
  • Unit 8:
    • I am the Music Man
    • The Mumbai Musicians
  • Unit 9:
    • Granny Granny Please Comb my Hair
    • The Magic Porridge Pot
  • Unit 10:
    • Strange Talk
    • The Grasshopper and the Ant

Download NCERT Class 2 English Marigold 2– Chapterwise

Download the updated edition of NCERT Class 2 English Marigold 2 PDF Book through the below-given links. The following are the Unit-wise PDF Ebooks of Class 2 English MariGold-2 by NCERT.

Unit-1First Day at SchoolDownload
Haldi’s Adventure
Unit-2I am Lucky!Download
I Want
Unit-3A SmileDownload
The Wind and The Sun
Storm in the garden
Unit-5Zoo MannersDownload
Funny Bunny
Unit-6Mr. NobodyDownload
Curly locks and the Three Bears
Unit-7On My Blackboard I can DrawDownload
Make it Shorter
Unit-8I am the Music ManDownload
The Mumbai Musicians
Unit-9Granny Granny Please Comb my HairDownload
The Magic Porridge Pot
Unit-10Strange TalkDownload

The Grasshopper and the Ant

Download NCERT Class 2 English Book Marigold 2 – Full Book

For the full book of NCERT Class 2 English BookMariGold 2, click here to download the full-text book.

NCERT Class 2 English Textbook MariGold 2

Objectives of CBSE Class 2 English Marigold 2

  • Children should feel enthusiastic about learning the subject. This is possible only by teachers and the knowledge giving  Class 2 books for making the student feel energetic.
  • To inculcate creativity in children and make them learn the subject in an easy procedure.
  • Education must be a happy experience for the student. It makes the students not getting boring studies.
  • Education should not be a burden to the students. It must be in a playful manner but in control of the teacher.

Daily Preparation Process/ Guide for learning Class 2 English

The step by step procedure for learning Class 2 English

  1. Go through the Class 2 Syllabus first at a glance.
  2. Recall what has been thought at the class the previous day.
  3. Learn all the matters related to that lesson and practice the tough words given in that lesson.
  4. Try reading the lesson for the next class and make sure that you should know the pronunciation.

As per today’s generation is concerned, human without learning is treated as a man without clothes. English has become a part and participle of our life. The basic mobile that we use is comprising of English. So in the age of kindergarten itself, English has been introduced for learning basic things.

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