NCERT Class 1 Mathematics Book in Urdu 2021 – Download Class 1 Riyazi Ka Jaadu

Check out this article if you are searching for NCERT Class 1 Mathematics Book in Urdu. We are providing the details regarding NCERT Class 1 Mathematics Book in Urdu Riyazi Ka Jaadu. This book is given in the Urdu language and has been updated for the year 2020-21. Download CBSE Class 1 Riyazi Ka Jaadu (Maths Text Book).

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NCERT Class 1 Mathematics BookNCERT Class 1 Ganit Ka Jaadu
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NCERT Class 1 Maths Book in Urdu(Riyaaz ka Jaadu)

National Council of Educational Research and Training(NCERT) is providing pdfs for all subjects and for all levels of students to download. This allows the students to get the books in one place and also makes them learn with anxiety and make them like the way of learning.

Download NCERT Class 1 Mathematics Book in Urdu
Publication / AuthorNCERT
Academic Year2020-21
ClassClass 1
Book TitleRiyazi Ka Jaadu
CategoryNCERT Books
No. of Chapters13
Language MediumUrdu Medium
EditionMay 2020

Chapters and Units

NCERT Class 1 Mathematics Book in Urdu Riyaaz ki Jaadu consists of the following chapters.PDF’s of these chapters are also provided.

  •  ایک سے نو تک
  • باب 2: نمبر
  • باب 3: اضافہ
  • باب 4: منہا
  • باب 5: دس سے بیس تک کی تعداد
  • باب 6: وقت
  • باب 7: پیمائش
  • آٹھواں نمبر: اکیس سے پچاس تک نمبر
  • باب 9: ڈیٹا ہینڈلنگ
  • باب 10: مراسلے
  • باب 11: نمبر
  • باب 12: رقم
  • باب 13: کتنے؟

Download NCERT Class 1Ganit ka Jaadu Book – Chapterwise

Download the PDFs of the Chapters In class 1 Maths textbook in Hindi. If you don’t want your child using smart gadgets for studying, then make printouts and make them study.

باب1شکلیں اور جگہDownload
2بابنمبر ایک سے نو تکDownload
 5بابدس سے بیس تک کی تعدادDownload
 8باب   اکیس سے پچاس تک نمبرDownload
 9باب  ڈیٹا ہینڈلنگDownload

NCERT Class 1 Mathematics Book in Urdu Complete Book

For getting the full book of NCERT Class 1 Urdu Book Riyaaz ka Jaadu, click here to download the full-text book.

 NCERT Class 1 Mathematics Book in Urdu Riyaaz ka Jaadu

Preparation Guide for Class 1 Mathematics Riyaaz ka Jadoo

The following CBSE Class 1 Maths preparation guide helps your children to learn class 1 subjects at home easily.

For every preparation, there are 3 steps:-

  • Take a revision on “what did the teacher tell today in the class”.
  • Complete the part “what did the teacher give the homework”.
  • Take a glance at “what will the teacher tell tomorrow”.

These three steps make you complete the revision of the full syllabus without leaving any of the lessons. If these steps were practiced daily, the memory power of the students increases, and also the syllabus to be covered for the exams is completed easily.

Objectives for NCERT Class 1 Mathematics Book in Urdu

The main objectives of NCERT Class 1 are

  • Education should not be bored to the students
  • Education should not be a burden to the students
  • Students must show interest on studies and must focus on studies.
  • Parents must help students in studies untill they are capable of studying themselves.

What makes us to use NCERT books?

NCERT Books not only gives education but also makes the student learn the subject in a proper way and allows the students to enjoy their education. These books are for students as they are totally filled with pictures and drawing exercises. This type of education doesn’t give boredom to the students instead allows them to learn many exercises.

NCERT Books includes the CBSE syllabus which is the latest syllabus for the current academic year 2020-21. Very high end experienced teachers designed all the lessons in a simple language such that everyone understands the subject. We can find many solved & unsolved exercises for better practice at the end of every chapter.

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