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Cryptography and Network Security Notes

Short Notes on Cryptography

Cryptography The art or science encompassing the principles and methods of transforming an intelligible message into one that is unintelligible, and then retransforming that message back to its
the original form. Cryptography can reformat and transform our data, making it safer on its trip between computers. The technology is based on the essentials of secret codes, augmented by modern mathematics that protects our data in powerful ways.

Cryptography and Network Security Notes Pdf Download

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cs6701 cryptography and network security lecture notes Download 
Cryptography and Network Security Question Paper





• Understand security concepts, Ethics in Network Security.
• Understand security threats, and the security services and mechanisms to counter
• Comprehend and apply relevant cryptographic techniques
• Comprehend security services and mechanisms in the network protocol stack
• Comprehend and apply authentication services and mechanisms
• Comprehend and apply relevant protocol like SSL, SSH etc.
• Comprehend and apply email security services and mechanisms
• Comprehend and apply web security services and mechanisms
• Comprehend computer and network access control

UNIT- I: Basic Principles
Security Goals, Cryptographic Attacks, Services and Mechanisms, Mathematics of Cryptography
UNIT -II: Symmetric Encryption
Mathematics of Symmetric Key Cryptography, Introduction to Modern Symmetric Key Ciphers,
Data Encryption Standard, Advanced Encryption Standard.
UNIT- III: Asymmetric Encryption
Mathematics of Asymmetric Key Cryptography, Asymmetric Key Cryptography
UNIT -IV: Data Integrity, Digital Signature Schemes & Key Management
Message Integrity and Message Authentication, Cryptographic Hash Functions, Digital
Signature, Key Management.
UNIT-V: Network Security-I
Security at application layer: PGP and S/MIME, Security at the Transport Layer: SSL and TLS
UNIT- VI: Network Security-II
Security at the Network Layer: IPSec, System Security
IV Year – I Semester

4 0 0 3

• To be familiarity with information security awareness and a clear understanding of
Its importance.
• To master fundamentals of secret and public cryptography
• To master protocols for security services
• To be familiar with network security threats and countermeasures
• To be familiar with network security designs using available secure solutions (such
asPGP, SSL, IPSec, etc)
1) Cryptography and Network Security, Behrouz A Forouzan, Debdeep Mukhopadhyay,
(3e) Mc Graw Hill.
2) Cryptography and Network Security, William Stallings, (6e) Pearson.
3) Everyday Cryptography, Keith M.Martin, Oxford.
1) Network Security and Cryptography, Bernard Meneges, Cengage Learning.

Construct a Playfair matrix with the key largest. encrypt this message: MEET
b) List and explain the security mechanisms defined by X.800. [8]
3. Write about the following in AES cipher:
Substitute Bytes Transformation
ShiftRows Transformation
MixColumns Transformation
AddRound Key Transformation [16]
4. Write about key generation, encryption and decryption in ElGamal
Cryptosystem. [16]
5. a) Give the structure of CMAC. What is the difference between CMAC and
b) Describe the attacks on digital signatures. [8]
6. a) In S/MIME, how does a receiver find out what cryptographic algorithms the
sender has used when receives an S/MIME message.
b) Explain about the trust mechanism and certificates used by PGP and S/MIME. [8]
7. a) Write short notes on Signature based IDS. [8]
b) What are the basic approaches of building Security Associations?

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