Profit and Loss Online Test 2020 – Aptitude Questions and Answers MCQ, Online Quiz

Profit and Loss Online Test 2020: Here you can practice the Profit and Loss Mock Online Test 2020. Then take a glance at the below section. So, all the applicants who have a less knowledge on Profit and Loss Concept can enhance their skills with the help of Profit and Loss Online Practice. Moreover, we have arranged the Profit & Loss Aptitude Questions in the below. So, all the candidates who are ready to participate in various competitive examinations can take a look at this post and take the Online Mock Test On Profit & Loss.

And also, Profit and Loss is one of the hardest section. And we can clearly mention that after completion of taking the Profit and Loss Online Test (लाभ और हानि ऑनलाइन टेस्ट), you can also get the complete explanations for all Questions which we have given here.

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Profit and Loss Online Test 2020

Candidates can check complete details about the Profit and Loss Quiz details from the above table. Intenders who have no time to check the features can have a glance at the tabular form. With the use of the Profit and Loss table, postulants can get to know the no of questions asked in the examination, the category of the exam, and the type of the test. We suggest the people can check the furnished table before attending the Profit & Loss MCQ Quiz.

Quiz Name Profit and Loss
Category Aptitude
Number of Questions 25
Time 30 Minutes
Exam Type MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Profit and Loss Online Test 2019 - Aptitude Questions and Answers MCQ, Online Quiz

About Profit and Loss Mock Test

And, all the candidates who are looking for profit loss and discount questions, profit and loss amcat questions, online mock test on profit and loss and profit and loss formulas can get them too from here. Therefore, we all know that many of the topmost IT companies such as Verizon, Capgemini, Google, TCS, Tech Mahindra and more companies are conducting the Aptitude Test as a main selection round.

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For those people, our suggestion is you can get the complete stuff from this article. Moreover, everyone knows that clearing the Aptitude Test is such a difficult task. Apart from this, a vast number of candidates are failing in the test. So, applicants can easily and quickly. And a vast no of students are thinking about Why Aptitude Profit and Loss Aptitude is Required and where to get the Profit and Loss Aptitude Questions and Questions with Answers, where to get Profit and Loss objective type, mcq Aptitude Profit and Loss Interview Questions & Answers. For those people, our advice is to take the above-given Profit and Loss Quiz.

Profit and Loss Formulas

In this article, we have given some of the Profit and Loss Formulas. So, all the candidates who are interested in checking the formulas can check it from this section.

  • Gain % = (Gain / CP) * 100
  • SP = [(100 + Gain%) / 100] * CP
  • Loss % = (Loss / CP) * 100
  • SP = [(100 – Loss %) / 100]*CP
  • SP: Selling Price
  • CP: Cost Price

Profit and Loss Syllabus & Pattern

Cost Price

The amount paid for a product or commodity to purchase it is called a cost price. Also, denoted as CP. This cost price is further classified into three different categories:

  • Fixed Cost: The fixed cost is constant, it doesn’t vary under any circumstances
  • Variable Cost: It could vary depending as per the number of units

Selling Price

The amount for which the product is sold is called Selling Price. It is usually denoted as SP. Also sometimes called a sale price.

Marked Price

This is basically labelled by Shopkeepers to offer a discount to the customers in such a way that,

Discount = Marked Price – Selling Price

And Discount Percentage = (Discount/Marked price) x 100


The amount gained after selling a product more than its cost price.


The amount, the seller gets after selling the product less than its cost price, is mentioned as a loss.

How to Start the Profit and Loss Online Test

Profit and Loss Practice Test: Before starting of the Profit & Loss Online Test start the 1st section, you must read the instructions. Instructions are available on screen. So, observe the instructions carefully next start the examination. Next read the question and refer below choices like a,b,c,d. Choose the correct answer for the above question & click on the particular answer next move farward to next question. In this wise you can answer the all questions.

If you you do not know the answers simply move to the next question there -ve marking there. Complete the section submit the online test & get score. This is the pattern for the Profit and Loss attempting the Online Mock Test.

Start Quiz on Profit and Loss

Profit and Loss is a part of the Quantitative Aptitude section. Questions based on this section often make an appearance in the examinations. If you are preparing for SSC, Railways Exams & other Competitive Recruitment or Entrance tests, you will likely need to solve a section on Quant. Profit & Loss Quiz 1 for SSC, Railways Exams will help you learn about the concept of Profit and Loss. This Profit and Loss Quiz 1 is important for examinations such as SSC CGL, Railways Group D, RPF & ALP.

  • Profit and Loss Online Quiz

Here, we have provided the details about the Profit and Loss concept in Aptitude. So, refer once in this page and if you have any queries give a comment via comment section. Share this web portal to our friends and family members to know all the latest online tests details.

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