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Download Object-Oriented Programming Lecture Notes pdf. From the following B.tech 1st-year Object-Oriented Programming Notes, you can get the complete Study Material (SLM) in Single Download Link. We provide B.tech 1st-year Object-Oriented Programming study materials to B.Tech students with free of cost and it can download easily and without registration need (ఆబ్జెక్ట్ ఓరియెంటెడ్ ప్రోగ్రామింగ్). You can Check Object-Oriented Programming of B.Tech 1st Year Study Materials and Lecture Notes with Syllabus and Important Questions.

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Object-Oriented Programming through C++ Notes- CSE II Sem

The object-oriented Programming course is designed to provide a comprehensive study of the C programming language. It stresses the strengths of C, which provide students with the means of writing efficient, maintainable and portable code. The nature of C language is emphasized in a wide variety of examples and applications. To learn and acquire the art of computer programming. To know about some popular programming languages and how to choose a Programming language for solving a problem.

Object-Oriented Programming through C++ Notes Pdf Download

Object-Oriented Programming Lecture Notes


Object-Oriented Programming Notes Pdf


Object-Oriented Programming Ebook Pdf


Object-Oriented Programming Question Paper


Object-Oriented Programming Through C++  PPT


List of Reference Books for Object-Oriented Programming – 2nd Sem (CSE)

  • Programming in C++, Ashok N Kamthane, Pearson 2nd Edition.
  • Object-Oriented Programming C++, Joyce Farrell, Cengage.
  • The Complete Reference C++, 4th Edition, Herbert Schildt, TMH.
  •  C Programming, a Problem Solving Approach, Forouzan, Gilberg, Prasad, CENGAGE
  •  Programming with C, Bichkar, Universities Press
  • Programming in C, ReemaThareja, OXFORD
  • C by Example, Noel Kalicharan, Cambridge

Object-Oriented Programming Syllabus- 1st Year (CSE)

UNIT-I: Introduction to C++

Difference between C and C++- Evolution of C++- The Object-Oriented Technology- Disadvantage of Conventional Programming- Key Concepts of Object-Oriented Programming Advantage of OOP- Object Oriented Language.

UNIT-II: Classes and Objects &Constructors and Destructor

Classes in C++-Declaring Objects- Access Specifiers and their Scope- Defining Member Function-Overloading Member Function- Nested class, Constructors and Destructors, Introduction- Constructors and Destructor- Characteristics of Constructor and Destructor- Application with Constructor- Constructor with Arguments (parameterized Constructor-Destructors- Anonymous Objects.

UNIT-III: Operator Overloading and Type Conversion & Inheritance

The Keyword Operator- Overloading Unary Operator- Operator Return Type- Overloading Assignment Operator (=)- Rules for Overloading Operators, Inheritance, Reusability- Types of
Inheritance- Virtual Base Classes- Object as a Class Member- Abstract Classes- Advantages of Inheritance-Disadvantages of Inheritance,

UNIT-IV: Pointers & Binding Polymorphisms and Virtual Functions

Pointer, Features of Pointers- Pointer Declaration- Pointer to Class- Pointer Object- The this Pointer- Pointer to Derived Classes and Base Class, Binding Polymorphisms and Virtual Functions, Introduction- Binding in C++- Virtual Functions- Rules for Virtual Function- Virtual Destructor.

UNIT-V: Generic Programming with Templates & Exception Handling

Generic Programming with Templates, Need for Templates- Definition of class Templates- Normal Function Templates- Over Loading of Template Function-Bubble Sort Using Function Templates- Difference Between Templates and Macros- Linked Lists with Templates, Exception Handling- Principles of Exception Handling- The Keywords try to throw and catch- Multiple Catch
Statements –Specifying Exceptions.

UNIT-VI: Overview of Standard Template Library

Overview of Standard Template Library- STL Programming Model- Containers- Sequence Containers- Associative Containers- Algorithms- Iterators- Vectors- Lists- Maps.

• Understand the basic terminology used in computer programming
• Write, compile and debug programs in C language. Use different data types in a computer
• Design programs involving decision structures, loops, and functions.
• Explain the difference between call by value and call by reference

Object-Oriented Programming Through C++ Review Questions

  •  Explain the principles of Object Oriented Programming.
  •  What are the drawbacks of monolithic, procedural and structural programming languages?
  •  How to define a class in C++? How to declare objects for the class? Give an example.
  •  Write a program for calculating the total marks and Grade of the 60 students in a class.
  • What is polymorphism? How is it achieved at compile time and runtime? Explain both with the help of an example.
  •  Write C++ Program to overload + operator to add two matrices.
  • Write a C++ program to overload a unary operator in complex numbers by using a friend function.
  •  Discuss in detail about virtual destructors. (7M)
  •  Write and explain the procedure to catch multiple exceptions thrown from a single try block.
  • What is generic programming? Explain in detail about function templates.
  • Explain the components of the Standard Template Library (STL).
  • Write a C++ program that erases all elements in a list using iterators.

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