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MBA International Logistics Management pdf Notes

Logistic is the function that enables the flow of materials from suppliers into an organization through operations within the organization out to the customers. It is derived from the Greek word “logistikos’ which means ‘to reason logically’ It basically consists of all operations required for goods (both tangible and intangible) to be made available in markets or at specific destinations. International marketing is becoming more important to companies as the world shifts from distinct national markets to linked global markets.

International Logistics Management Study Material Pdf Download

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 International Marketing logistics notes


Suggested Books for International Logistics Management

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  •  Khanna, K.K. PHYSICAL DISTRIBUTION, Himalaya Publishing, Delhi.
  •  Lambert, D et al STRATEGIC LOGISTIC MANAGEMENT, Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi.
  • Adland, R. (2002) THE STOCHASTIC BEHAVIOR OF SPOT FREIGHT RATES AND THE RISK PREMIUM IN BULK SHIPPING. Thesis (Ph.D.). Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • AIR TRANSPORT AUXILIARY, AIR TRANSPORT AUXILIARY. (Handbook) White Waltham, England Reminder Book, 1945.
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MBA International Logistics Management Syllabus – 4th Semester

Unit – I

Marketing Logistics: Concept, objectives, and scope; System elements; Relevance of logistics in international marketing; International supply chain management and logistics; Transportation activity – internal transportation, inter-state goods movement; Factors influencing Distribution Logistics.

Unit – II

Transportation: Containerization; CFS and inland container depots; Dry ports; Road-Multi-modal transportation and CONCOR; Role of intermediaries including freight booking, shipping agents, C&F agents.

Unit – III

General Structure of Shipping: Characteristics- Types of shipping- liner and tramp operations; Conference Chartering operation- Freight structure and practices; Chartering principles and practices; UN convention on shipping information- Documents for shipping of goods.

Unit – IV

Air Transport: Air transportation –total cost concept, advantages, freight structure, and operations; Carrier consignee liabilities- Cargo handling- Information Support System.

Unit – V

Inventory Control and Warehousing: Inventory management – concepts and application to international marketing; Significance and types of warehousing facilities; Total cost approach to logistics.

MBA International Logistics Management Review Questions

  • Explain the role of different cost approach in logistics
  • What are the different costs involved in logistics?
  • How is the total cost approach relevant in the case of international business?
  •  Define inventory management and its objectives
  • What are the different types of inventories?
  •  Explain the different costs involved in Inventory Management
  • What is the relationship between airlines’ carriage of passengers and Carriage of freight?
  •  What are some other large air freighters?
  • Explain the symptoms of poor inventory management and how to improve it?
  •  Explain inventory control and need of it.
  • Bring out the role of inventory management in international marketing
  • Why is air cargo containers used?
  • What are international airline “alliances?”
  •  When is the “charter” cargo flight used?

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