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MBA Information Technology and E-Business Notes pdf

The objectives of this lesson are to Explain why knowledge of information systems is important for business professionals, Identify five areas of information systems knowledge they need, and Recognize several challenges that a business manager might face in managing the successful and ethical development and use of information technology in business. The foundation of the information system, components of information system (namely, people, hardware, software, data, and networks as resources to perform input, processing, output, storage, and control activities that transform data resources into information products), business applications of information systems and introduction to electronic business.

Information Technology and E-Business MBA notes pdf

 Information Technology and E-Business notes MBA pdf


 Information Technology and E-Business lecture notes pdf


Information Technology and E-Business Question Paper


Suggested Books for MBA Information Technology and E-Business

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MBA Information Technology and E-Busines syllabus pdf

Unit – I: Foundation Concepts

Foundations of information systems (IS) in business System concepts – components of an IS –  IS resources – fundamental roles of IS applications in business – e-business in business – trends in IS – types of IS – managerial challenges of information technology. Competing with information technology (IT) Fundamentals of strategic advantage – strategic uses of IT – the value chain and strategic IT – using IT for strategic advantages – the basics of doing business on the Internet.

Unit – II: Information Technologies

Managing data resources Data resource management – types of databases – database management approach – data warehouse, data mining, and their business applications. The networked enterprise Networking the enterprise – trends in telecommunications – the business value of telecommunication networks – the Internet revolution – the business value of the Internet, Intranet and Extranet.

Unit – III: Business Applications – E-Business And E-Commerce

E-Business systems IT in business – functional business systems – cross-functional enterprise systems and applications – e-Business models – Enterprise e-Business systems – Customer relationship management (CRM) – Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and
Supply chain management (SCM) E-Commerce Systems E-Commerce systems – Essential e-Commerce processes – electronic payment processes – e-commerce application trends – Web store requirements – Clicks-and-bricks in e-Commerce-m-Commerce.

Unit – IV: Development Processes

Developing Business/IT Strategies Planning for competitive advantage – business models and planning – Business/IT planning – Business application planning – Implementing IT – End user resistance and involvement – change management Developing Business/IT solutions IS development – the Systems approach – the Systems Development Cycle – Prototyping – Systems development process – End-user development implementing new systems – evaluating hardware, software and services.

Unit – V: Management Challenges

Security and ethical challenges Ethical responsibility of business – computer crime – privacy issues – health issues – Security management of IT – tools of security management – internet worked security defenses – security measures Information Technology Act 2000 in India. Enterprise and global management of IT Managing the IS function – failures in IT management – the international dimension in IT management – Cultural, political
and geo-economic challenges Global business/IT strategies and applications – global IT platforms.

MBA Information Technology and E-Business Review Questions

  • How can we best communicate and meet the requirements of our customers, employees, vendors, and suppliers using the latest e-business technology?’

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