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Download International Business Notes for an MBA pdf. Here you can check the Download Links to MBA 4th Sem Study Materials (SLM) & Books. From the following MBA International Business Notes, you can get the complete Study Material in Single Download Link. We provide MBA International Business study materials to MBA students free of cost and it can download (అంతర్జాతీయ వ్యాపార గమనికలు) easily and without registration need. The core courses in an MBA program cover various areas of business such as accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, operations, and statistics, etc.

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International Business Notes for MBA pdf

International Business field is concerned with the issues facing international companies and governments in dealing with all types of cross-border transactions. IB involves all business transactions that involve two or more countries. International Business consists of transactions that are devised and carried out across borders to satisfy the objectives of individuals and organizations. IB consists of those activities private and public enterprises that involve the movement across national boundaries of goods and services, resources, knowledge or skills.

International Business Full Notes pdf

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Suggested Books for MBA International Business

  •  Buckley, Adrian, MULTINATIONAL FINANCE, Prentice-Hall, New Delhi.
  • Eitman, D.K., and A.I Stenehilf, MULTINATIONAL BUSINESS CASH FINANCE, Addison Wesley, New York.
  • Henning, C.N., W Piggot and W.H Scott, INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL
  • MANAGEMENT, McGraw Hill, International Edition.
  • Levi, Maurice D, INTERNATIONAL FINANCE, McGraw-Hill, International Edition
  •  Apte, PG, 1995, International Financial Management, Tata Mc Graw hill, New Delhi.
  • Bhalla, V.K., and S.shiv Ramu, 1996, International Business, An mol, New Delhi.
  •  J.V.Prabhakara Rao, R.V.Rangachary, International Business, Kalyani Publishers, 2000.
  •  V.A.Avadhani, Marketing of financial services, Himalaya House, year2002.

MBA International Busines Syllabus pdf – 4th Semester

Unit – I

International Monetary and Financial System: Importance of international finance; Bretton woods conference and afterward, IMF and the World Bank; European monetary system – meaning and scope.

Unit – II

The balance of Payment and International Linkages: Balance of payments and its components; the International flow of goods, services, and capital; Copying with current account deficit.

Unit – III

International Financial Markets and Instruments: International capital and money markets; Money and capital market instruments; Salient features of different international markets; Arbitrage opportunities; Integration of markets; Role of financial intermediaries.

Unit – IV

Foreign Exchange Markets: Determining exchange rates; Fixed and flexible exchange rate system; Exchange rate theories; Participants in the foreign exchange markets; Foreign exchange market – cash and spot markets; Exchange rate quotes; LERMS; Factors affecting exchange rates – spot rates, forward exchange rates, forward exchange contracts; Foreign exchange and currency futures; Exchange rate arrangement in India; Exchange dealings
and currency possession; information and communication; Foreign exchange trades.

Unit – V

International Capital and Money Market Instruments; GDRs, ADRs, IDRs, Euro bonds, Euro loans, Repos, CPs, floating-rate instruments, loan syndication, and Euro deposits.

MBA International Business Review Questions

  • What should the governments, Council for Leather Exports and the leather industry do to overcome the problem?
  • discuss the implications of social activist groups for business.
  • What is a Eurobond and how does it differ from a domestic bond?
  • What is the issuing procedure for a Eurobond?
  • Describe the process for organizing a syndicated loan.
  • With reference to this case, discuss the failure of the governments, the Council for Leather Exports and the leather industry and the lesions of this case.
  • What is the difference between a term loan and revolving credit facility?
  • What factors aid in making the international capital markets move integrates? Explain the importance of the emerging capital market in international investing.
  • Why are Euro loans attractive to borrowers.
  • What is the difference between the money market and the capital market?
  • Discuss the features of GDR
  • What is the difference between an intermediated and a non intermediated financial market?
  • What is the difference between an internal and an external market?
  • Write a note on American Depository Receipt (ADRs)
  • What are the characteristics of a domestic bond? An international bond? A foreign bond? A Euroband? a global bond?
  •  What are the benefits and drawbacks of offering securities in bearer form relative to registered form?
  • What is an equity-linked Eurobond?
  • Summarise the various considerations that enter into the decision to choose the currency, market, and vehicle for long term borrowing.
  • What are the crucial aspects of negotiating a syndicated bank loan?

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