GATE Mock Test For Atmospheric & Ocean Science (XE-H) 2020

GATE Mock Test For Atmospheric & Ocean Science (XE-H) 2020: Check out the GATE Mock Test For Atmospheric & Ocean Science (XE-H) 2020 – Free Online Test. GATE Aspirants can surely have an Online Practice Examination or Free Mock Test Papers in Atmospheric & Ocean Science (XE-H) from the below-provided links. Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering  is an All India level online examination. Students who want to do Post Graduation can write this examination. Before appearing in the exam, each candidate must be aware of the exam pattern & should take the mock test. So for that need, we have provided links to the Mock test here.

XE-H is the subject code of GATE Atmospheric & Ocean Science (XE-H) Exam. We are discussed Aerospace Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, chemistry(CY), Ecology and Evolution(EY). To score good marks one should surely have a mock test. So here we have provided links to the mock test go through it.

GATE Mock Test For Atmospheric & Ocean Science (XE-H)

GATE Exam Pattern for XE-H

GATE Mock Test For Atmospheric & Ocean Science (XE-H): The GATE exam time duration is for 3 hours and it consists of total 65 questions for 100 marks.  The GATE examination for XE-H consists of 25 questions carrying 1- mark each and 30 questions carrying 2-marks each. The Question paper pattern may be of Multiple choice questions and Bit type answer question.

To score good marks and get Qualified in GATE one should have a lot of practice so for that reason we have provided some Online free Practice Papers.

GATE XE-H Negative Marking

  • For 1 Mark Question, there shall be of 0.33 Negative Mark.
  • For 2 Marks Question, 0.66 Mark will be deducted.
  • There shall be NO Negative Marking for Numerical Answer Type Questions.

GATE XE-H Mock Test

It’s not an easy issue to crack GATE without having Mock Test. So for that reason, we have provided some online links for Mock test

Mock Test for GATE General Aptitude(GA)

Click Here

Mock Test for GATE Atmospheric & Ocean Science (XE-H)

Click Here

GATE XE-H Marks Weightage

As we know that GATE Exam paper is divided into TWO sections. As given below GATE marks are distributed for each section .85 Percentage marks are covered by core syllabus. Here core syllabus is Atmospheric & Ocean Science (XE-H).

2018 – 2020
Paper Pattern for Atmospheric & Ocean Science (XE-H)

GATE Paper SectionsGATE Marks Distribution
Core subject Questions70% of the total marks.
Engineering Mathematics15% of the total marks.
General Aptitude (GA)15% of the total marks.

General Aptitude Syllabus for XE-H

All the papers will have some questions that test the General Aptitude (Language and Analytical Skills), apart from the core subject of the paper.


Verbal Ability

  • English grammar
  • sentence completion
  • verbal analogies
  • word groups
  • instructions
  • critical reasoning and
  • verbal deduction.

Numerical Ability

  • Numerical computation
  • numerical estimation
  • numerical reasoning and
  • data interpretation.

Engineering Mathematics Syllabus for XE-H

Engineering Mathematics

  • Linear Algebra
  • Calculus
  • Vector Calculus
  • Differential Equations
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Numerical Methods

GATE Syllabus for Atmospheric & Ocean Science (XE-H)

Section A: Atmospheric Science
Fundamental of Meteorology, Thermal structure of the atmosphere and its composition, Radiation Balance and Laws, Wind Belts, Monsoon, Climate. Atmospheric Thermodynamics.  Observation Techniques of the Atmosepheric Properties.Tropical meteorology: Trade wind inversion, ITCZ; monsoon trough tropical cyclones, their structure and development theory; monsoon depressions; Climate variability and forcings; Madden-Julian oscillation(MJO), ENSO, QBO (quasi-biennial oscillation) and sunspot cycles. Fundamental equations. Pressure, gravity, centripetal and Corolis forces,continuity equation in Cartesian and isobaric coordinates, Scale analysis, inertial flow, geostrophic and gradient winds, thermal wind, vorticity. Atmospheric turbulence, baroclinic instabiltiy. Atmosphreric Waves. Primitive equations of Numerical Weather Prediction. General Circulation and Climate Modelling.
Section B: Ocean Sciences
Seawater Properties, T-S diagrams, Ocean Observations, Ocean Tide and Waves and their properties. Coastal processes and Estuary Dynamics. coastal zone management. Wind Driven Circulation: Ekman, Sverdrup, Stommel and Munk theories, Inertial currents; geostrophic motion; barotropic and baroclinic
conditions; Oceanic eddies. Global conveyor belt circulation. Current System in the Indian Ocean. Momentum equation, mass conservation, vorticity. Ocean and Wave Modeling, Subtropical gyres- Western boundary currents; equatorial current systems; OSF. Data Assimilation. Ocean Turbulence. Chemical Property of seawater, major and minor elements, their behavior and chemical exchanges across interfaces and residence times in seawater, Element chemistry in atypical conditions-estuaries, Biochemical cycling of nutrients, trace metals and organic matter. alkalinity and control of pH;
biological pump. Marine Pollution. Primary & secondary production; factors controlling phytoplankton and zooplankton abundance & diversity; nekton & fisheries oceanography.

In this GATE Mock Test For Atmospheric & Ocean Science (XE-H) 2020 – Free Online Test, we have given links to Online Tests or Free Mock Test. We have also provided Links to GATE Mock Test, the GATE pattern, Weightage & Syllabus for Atmospheric & Ocean Science (XE-H)A candidate who wants to crack GATE Exam can surely refer this and score.

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