UPSC Mains Maithili Question Paper 2022 – Download PDF – IAS / IPS / IES

Download UPSC Mains Maithili Question Papers 2023, 2022, and 2021 for Civil Service Exam preparation. This article contains a previous year’s UPSC question paper for the UPSC Mains Exam. Attempting and scoring well in these papers will boost a candidate’s confidence and help them identify the most important topics for the civil services exam. Scanning the UPSC question papers for the Mains examination is the most recommended tip from previous years for understanding the nature of UPSC Mains exam papers. Only by practicing authentic IAS Mains question papers can aspirants gain a true understanding of the pattern and style of the UPSC Mains questions.

We’ve provided both Paper 1 and Paper 2 Question Papers of IAS Mains Maithili Subject. There is only “ONE” optional subject to choose from the list of optional subjects which are given below. It comprises two papers each of 250 marks. So, the optional paper has a total 500 marks. Download Previous Years Papers for IAS Mains Maithili Optional (2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016).

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UPSC IAS Mains Maithili Question Paper 2023

In UPSC Civil Services Mains Exam, Maithili is one of the Optional Subjects and consists of 2 papers. Each paper is of 250 marks with a total of 500 marks.

UPSC Mains Maithili Paper 2023Download Paper 1Download Paper 2

UPSC IAS Mains Maithili Question Paper 2022

UPSC Mains Maithili Paper 2022Download Paper 1Download Paper 2

Previous UPSC Maithili Question Papers 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018 & 2017 for Civil Services Preparation

Download Previous year IAS Maithili Question papers for Civil Services exam preparation. UPSC Maithili question papers for IAS & IFS (Indian Administration Service and Indian Forest Service) exams are listed below for the candidate’s reference. This question bank comprises question papers of 5 years, which enable aspirants to get familiar with the question paper pattern and the syllabus to focus on while preparing for the exam.

Previous Year Question PapersUPSC Mains Maithili Question Papers – Download Links – PDF Files
UPSC Mains Maithili Question Paper 2022Download Paper 1

Download Paper 2
UPSC Mains Maithili Question Paper 2021Download Paper 1
Download Paper 2
UPSC Mains Maithili Question Paper 2020Download Paper 1
Download Paper 2
UPSC Mains Maithili Question Paper 2019Download Paper 1
Download Paper 2
UPSC Mains Maithili Question Paper 2018Download Paper 1
Download Paper 2
UPSC Mains Maithili Question Paper 2017Download 2017 Paper 1
Download 2017 Paper 2
UPSC Mains Maithili Question Paper 2016Download 2016 Paper 1
Download 2016 Paper 2

About UPSC Maithili Optional Subject

UPSC Maithili is an Indo-Aryan language spoken in the Mithila region which is today mainly situated in northern and eastern Bihar of India and a few districts of the Nepal Terai. It is one of the largest languages in India and the second largest language in Nepal. Less commonly, it was written with a Maithili variant of Kaithi, a script used to transcribe other neighboring languages such as Bhojpuri, Magahi, and Awadhi.

Why UPSC IAS / Civil Services Previous Year Question Papers are Very Important

Previous year questions help aspirants understand the types of questions that will be asked in the UPSC Preliminary and Mains Examinations. Once the context of the questions is clear, aspirants can cover the subject from various sources.

This also helps to limit the amount of source material available while also shortening the amount of time required to devote to a specific topic. If aspirants have a thorough understanding of the question, they can easily prepare their own crisp and concise notes for further revisions.

UPSC Mains Maithili Question Papers 2022 – Will be Updated Soon

We keep adding the latest UPSC civil service exams question papers as it will serve as sample papers to the IAS aspirants. So, check our website frequently as we will be adding newer question papers so that UPSC aspirants stay updated.

View and download the entire set of IAS Mains Maithili Optional previous year papers. Share “UPSC Mains Maithili Question Papers 2022 Download in PDF – IAS / IPS / IES” with other UPSC IAS / IES / IFS Aspirants to help them crack UPSC Exams.

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