Tips to Prepare CA Inter / CA IPCC while doing CA Article ship or Job – May 2021

Check out How to Prepare CA IPCC May 2021 while doing CA Article ship or Job. Now any Graduate who are eligible for Direct entry can go for CA Article ship and they can give IPCC attempt while going office or doing any job. It is very difficult to prepare for CA IPCC Both Groups or Group 2 if the student going to Article ship or job. Earlier we’ve provided How to Pass CA IPCC both Groups or single Group in First Attempt with IPCC Study Plan – a 3 Months Preparation ScheduleHere we are providing How to Prepare CA IPCC/CA Inter May 2021 while doing Article ship or Job and CA IPCC Study Plan During Article ship Group 1 and Group 2.

Prepare CA IPCC while going for Article ship or Job

First of all, While Joining Article ship or Job Discuss with your employer to have 2 months preparation leave, to conclude your revision.

If the employer has accepted, Then you can check our previous article “IPCC Study Plan for May 2021 – Prepare in 3 months“.

If it is not possible to take 2 months of preparation left, follow the given tips to prepare IPCC.

Still if you want to prepare IPCC without having 2 months preparation leave while working at Article ship firm or any company, First give an attempt for only a single group.

It is not recommended to attempt CA IPCC both groups while doing Article ship or job.

IPCC Preparation Tips for CA Article ship Students

  • Prepare only one Group while going for Article ship / office
  • leave all your leisure,entertainment, and everything else which consume unnecessary time ( i.e time waste), except going office you should not be indulging in anything for next 5 months.!
  • Download IPCC Study material in pdf format at here and save it on your smart phone.
  • Now take 2 practical subject and one theory subject a day. ( e.g. Accounts ,cost with ethics)
  • Try to complete a chapter a day anyhow ,for practical subjects I am recommending to go with module .(It is now enough to study with module)
  • Figure out whether you want to do self study or take coaching.
  • Analysis the time taken by to cover each chapter. Divide your before and after working hours accordingly.
  • During your working period, at least your coaching or first reading of every subject should be completed
  • This 3 months should be your own self time to revise all your subject. Coz at least 2 times revision before exam is necessary.
  • Pratice all pratical subject as much as you can. Dont read them do PRACTICE, That will make you confident enough to answer every question.
  • Believe in yourself.

IPCC Study Plan for CA Article ship / Direct Entry Students

Lets assume your Article ship / working timings are from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm.

Get up early in the morning at 4.45 AM. Be ready by 5 AM. This period (4.00 AM to 6.00 AM) is called ‘Brahma Murat’ and studies done during this period cannot be forgotten i.e. they remain in memory for long.

If you are preparing Group 1 you can follow the IPCC Group 1 Study plan, or If you are preparing Group 2, you can follow IPCC Group 2 Study Plan.

IPCC Study Plan for Single Group Preparation While Doing Article ship

CA IPCC Study Plan while doing CA Articleship or Job

Writing this study plan is so easy but I know it is so difficult to implement and go with plan . Think for a while if you want to pass your exam ,you don’t have any option rather than doing hardwork .

So leave all your enjoyments happiness friends relations everything just for 5 months. Dedicate yourself towards study ….then there is nothing to stop you because hardwork will never wasted.

Trust your efforts, believe in yourself , and make a honest try.

Some Time Management Tips for IPCC Preparation

  • Have breakfast at office only.
  • Have 30 mins. short sleep at office whenever it possible
  • You can utilize your office break timings for IPCC Exam preparation
  • Take your mom’s help to follow this schedule
  • Do not waste your time on unnecessary things like facebook, watching movies, chating with friends. Remember that once you cracked the CA exam, rest of the time is yours.
  • Always keep IPCC Study Material with you. So that, In office break times you can solve/read atleast one new topic.
  • Do not neglect small intervals or breaks. You can use even small intervals also.
  • Take some rest whenever it possible. But have sleep daily maximum 6 hrs.  only.

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