Navy MR Syllabus 2024 PDF – Indian Agniveer Exam

Navy MR Syllabus 2024: The schedule for the April Batch’s exams for the Indian Navy MR 2023 will be released by the Indian Navy. On October 20, 2023, the Indian Navy MR 2023 official announcement will be made public, offering 300 openings for the position of Matric Recruit (MR). In the month of October 2023, the online application procedure for Indian Navy MR 2023 will begin. The recruiting procedure will accept applications through November 2023. To adequately prepare for the exam, candidates can download the question paper from the previous year.

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The Indian Navy administers the test for MR Agniveer Recruitment. The candidates will go through three stages of the selection procedure in order to be considered for the Indian Navy MR Agniveer position. A computer-based examination will be the first stage, followed by a physical fitness test, a medical examination, and a medical examination. According to these three phases, the Indian Navy MR Agniveer Syllabus and Exam Pattern were created.

Making a clear plan for preparing for the full recruiting process requires knowledge of the syllabus and exam format. The exam format aids in evaluating the Indian Navy MR Agniveer Answer Key that will be made available following the exam. This page covers the syllabus, exam format, and a detailed analysis of the test format.

Navy Mr Syllabus & Subjects 2024

Navy MR Syllabus [new] PDF - Indian Agniveer Exam Patern Marks

Candidates will fill out the application and receive their Indian Navy MR Agniveer Admit Card after meeting the requirements of the Indian Navy MR Agniveer Syllabus Eligibility Criteria. They will then show up for the three test phases after that. The first is an objective-type computer-based exam, which serves as a prerequisite for the second round of the physical fitness test in which the candidates will participate. All applicants who meet the requirements for the second phase will be contacted again for the third step, which is the medical examination. The following is a list of the syllabus’s specific details:

Navy MR Syllabus 2024 PDF- Indian Agniveer Examination will be in four phases are listed below:

  • Computer Based Examination
  • Physical Fitness Examination
  • Medical Examination

Indian Navy MR Agniveer Syllabus included such as Science, Mathematics and General Awareness.

Indian Agniveer Navy MR Exam Pattern 2024

Understanding the exam format is crucial if you want to succeed on any test. Based on our in-depth investigation of the Indian Navy MR Agniveer test, we have put together for you the 2022 exam pattern for the Indian Navy MR Agniveer.

The complete exam pattern is discussed below:

The Examination consists of 50 questions, each of which is worth one mark. The exam will take 30 minutes to complete.

Computer Based Examination:

SubjectsNumber of QuestionsScheme for MarkingTime Duration
Science501×50=5030 Mins
Mathematics501×50=5030 Mins
General Awareness501×50=5030 Mins

Physical Fitness Examination:

Candidates that pass the computer-based exam will next show up for the physical fitness test, which is the second level. In this phase, the applicants will have to demonstrate their physical fitness. The following list includes this examination’s specifics:

RunningTotal Distance: 1.6 K.M
Total Time: 7 Mins
Candidates will be sorted based on how they perform at this point. In under 7 minutes, one must successfully complete a 1.6 KM distance.
SquatsCandidates must be able to squat 20 times.
Push-upsTo successfully pass the physical fitness exam, candidates must be able to do 10 pushups.

Medical Examination:

There are a few medical standards that should be fulfilled by the selected candidates. The table below highlights the physical and mental requirements.

HeightAt least 157 centimetres tall.
WeightWeight and chest measures need to be in proportion.
Chest ExpansionMinimum chest enlargement of 5 cm.
Mental and Physical HealthAccording to Navy Order (Special) 01/2008, candidates must be in good physical and mental health and free from any ailment that might hinder their ability to execute their responsibilities both on land and at sea in times of peace as well as in times of conflict.
Visual Standards (Distant vision only)NOT WEARING GLASSES Superior eye: 6/6 Inferior eye: 6/9 UNDER GLASSES Superior eye: 6/6 Bad eye: 6/6

Download Indian Navy MR 2024 Syllabus PDF

Indian Navy MR Agniveer Examination Syllabus & Subjects, Papers are Downloaded in PDF are in the given below.

Navy MR 2024 Indian Agniveer Exam Syllabus & Subjects, PapersDownload

List of Subjects – Navy MR Syllabus 2024 Ecxamination

Indian Navy MR Agniveer Exam 2024 Syllabus Examination Subject wise topics are provided in detail below.

Subject wise Topics

Name of the SubjectSubject wise Topics
ScienceNature of matter, Force and gravitation, Newton’s laws of motion
Work, energy, and power, Measurements in science, Sound and wave motion, atomic structure, Heat, and temperature, Metals and non-metals, Carbon and its compounds, Universe (Planets/ Satellite, Sun, Earth), Electricity and its Applications.
MathematicsMathematical simplification, Ratio, and proportion, Simple mensuration, Geometry, Measures of central tendency (Median, average, and mode), Algebraic identities, Simultaneous equations, Interest, Profit and loss, Percentage, Work and time, Speed and distance, Linear equations, Polynomials, and Basic trigonometry.
General AwarenessGeography -Rivers, Ports, Inland, Mountains, Harbors, Soil. History, Awards, and Authors, Wars, and Neighbours, Defense, Discoveries, Diseases, and Nutrition. Sports Championships, Winner, Terms, Number of Players in different sports. Current Affairs, Capitals, and Currencies, Languages, Common Names, Full Forms, and Abbreviations. Eminent Personalities, National Bird, Anthem, Animal, Flower, Song, Flag, Sport, Monuments. History – Culture and Religion, Freedom Movement, Heritage, Arts and Dance, Important National Facts about India.

Navy MR Syllabus 2024 PDF- Indian Agniveer Exam syllabus, Subjects, Subject wise topics and Exam pattern are provided in the above article.

What are the subjects in Navy MR Syllabus 2024 PDF- Indian Agniveer Exam?

Indian Navy MR Agniveer 2024 Subjects included such as Science, Mathematics and General Awareness.

How many marks in Indian Agniveer Navy MR Exam?

The Computer Based Examination will be conducted for a maximum of 50 marks in Indian Navy MR Exam.

What is the exam duration in Navy MR 2024 Syllabus Examination?

Navy MR 2024 Syllabus Examination is conducted 30 minutes for Computer based Exam. the exam time duration is 30 mins only.

How to download Navy MR 2024 Examination Syllabus PDF?

In this above article we provided how to download Indian Navy MR 2024 Examination Syllabus PDF.

Is there any negative marking in Navy MR Syllabus 2024 Exam?

The total number of questions asked is 100 and each correct answer offers 1 mark, and every incorrect answer will have a negative marking of 0.25 marks.

What is the exam mode of Indian Agniveer Navy MR 2024 Examination?

In Navy MR Syllabus 2024 Examination the exam mode is Online (CBT Exam) / Offline Mode (Written Exam) and the mode of Application is only Online.

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