JEXPO Syllabus 2023 – Download Latest Syllabus PDF

JEXPO Syllabus 2023 – West Bengal Polytechnic Entrance Exam is a state-level entrance exam conducted by the West Bengal State Council of Technical Education. So, the candidates who want to study the Polytechnical Diploma in Engineering & Technology can prefer this JEXPO. Here, on this page, we are covering most of all the syllabus of Mathematics and Physical Science as well. So, the Latest JEXPO Syllabus 2023 PDF Download and Diploma Syllabus Part II & III – West Bengal State Council of Technical & Vocational Education and Skill Development (Technical Education Division)

So, by this post, you will get all the complete information on JEXPO Syllabus 2023. So, you can also check our previous article to know more details about JEXPO Application, JEXPO Admit Card as well.

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JEXPO Syllabus 2023

Start Date of Online Application Form1st March 2023
Last Date of Applying Online Application Form4th April 2023
Date of Admit Card AvailabilityAvailable on the official website
Exam Date7th May 2023 (Saturday)

10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon

Official Website

JEXPO Information Brochure 2023


Polytechnic Education came under the National Framework of Technical Education after the independence which will be used to cover the gap between Workmen and Engineers. New Polytechnics were set – up in different plan periods. With the rapid industrialization processes, there was a felt need in some courses like Architecture, Engineering Mining, Radio Communication Engineering, etc…

The project was started in our state in 1992 and completed in Oct 1999. Total investment is about Rs. 142 crores were made under this project. New Polytechnics were set – up, new courses were introduced, and extensive staff development activities were held. To have a look over the academic activities of polytechnic education, Technical Education and State Council inspectors was set – up as a government outfit by an Executive Order. Workshops and Laboratories were graduated and be modernized. And also, the civil work was done in all the polytechnics.

West Bengal State Council of Technical Education became a Statutory Body under West Bengal Act XXI of 1995. Council has started its activities as a Statutory Body after Gazette Notification on Jun 12th, 1996.

Download JEXPO 2023 Syllabus PDF

JEXPO Syllabus 2023 PDFClick Here

JEXPO Exam Syllabus 2023

  • Mathematics: Real Numbers, Laws of Indices, Graph, Co-ordinate Geometry – Distance Formula, Linear Simultaneous Equations, Properties of Parallelogram, Polynomial, Factorisation, Transversal & Mid-Point Theorem, Profit & Loss, Statistics, Theorems on Area, Construction of a Parallelogram whose measurement of one angle is given and equal in area of a Triangle, Construction of a Triangle equal in area of a quadrilateral, Area & Perimeter of Triangle & Quadrilateral shaped region, Circumference of Circle, Theorems on concurrence, Area of the circular region, Co-ordinate Geometry – Internal and External Division of Straight Line Segment, Co-ordinate Geometry – Area of Triangular Region, Logarithm. Quadratic Equations with one variable, Simple Interest, Theorems related to a circle, Rectangular Parallelopiped or Cuboid, Ratio and Proportion, Compound Interest and Uniform Rate of Increase or Decrease, Theorems related to Angles in a Circle, Right Circular Cylinder, Quadratic Surd, Theorems related to Cyclic Quadrilateral, Construction of circumcircle and incircle of a triangle, Sphere, Variation, Partnership Business, Theorems related to Tangent to a Circle, Right Circular Cone, Similarity, Construction of tangent to a circle, Real-life Problems related to different Solid Objects, Trigonometry – Concept of Measurement of Angle, Construction – Determination of Mean Proportional, Pythagoras Theorem, Trigonometric Ratios, and Trigonometric Identities, Trigonometric Ratios of Complementary angle, Application of Trigonometric Ratios – Heights & Distances, Statistics – Mean, Median, Ogive, Mode and Numerical Aptitude.
  • Physical Science: Measurement, Force & Motion, Atomic Structure, Mole Concept, Matter – Structure and Properties, Solution, Acids, Bases & Salts, Work, Power & Energy, Sound, Heat, Separation of Components of Mixtures, Water. Concerns about our Environment, Behaviour of Gases, Light, Periodic Table and Periodicity of the Properties of Elements, Ionic and Covalent Bonding, Chemical Calculations, Thermal Phenomena, Current Electricity, Electricity, and Chemical Reactions, Inorganic Chemistry in the Laboratory and in Industry, Metallurgy, Atomic Nucleus, Organic Chemistry, and General Awareness.
  • Chemistry:
  1. Chemical Energetics and Chemical Dynamics
  2. Chemistry of Carbon Compounds
  3. Hydrogen
  4. Alcohols
  5. Chemistry of Non-Metallic Elements and their Compounds:
  6. Aldehydes and Ketones
  7. Polymers
  8. Application Oriented chemistry
  9. Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
  10. Atoms, Molecules and Chemical Arithmetic
  11. Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
  12. Radioactivity and Nuclear Chemistry
  13. Solid State
  14. Atomic Structure
  15. Liquid State
  16. The Periodic Table and Chemical Families
  17. Ionic and Redox Equilibria
  18. Coordination Compounds
  19. Chemistry of Metals
  20. Gaseous State
  21. Chemistry in Industry
  22. Physical Chemistry of Solutions
  23. Surface Chemistry
  24. Introduction to Bio-Molecules
  25. Environmental Chemistry
  26. Carboxylic Acids
  27. Aliphatic Amines
  28. Principles of Qualitative Analysis
  29. Aliphatic Compounds
  30. Ethers
  31. Aromatic Compounds

Previous Year’s JEXPO Syllabus

Those who want to study at this university should have to know the syllabus of all particular courses. So, below we have mentioned some of the previous years and along with the current syllabus as well. Based on the academic years and with the pdf links as well we have mentioned below in a list format.

JEXPO Syllabus 2023 – Click Here

FAQS About the JEXPO 2023 Syllabus

What is JEXPO?

JEXPO is an entrance exam conducted by the West Bengal State Council of Technical and Vocational Education and Skill Development (WBSCT&VE&SD) for admission into diploma courses in engineering and technology in various polytechnic institutes in West Bengal.

What is the syllabus for JEXPO?

The JEXPO syllabus consists of two sections: Mathematics and Physics & Chemistry. The Mathematics section includes topics such as Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus. The Physics and Chemistry section covers topics such as Kinematics, Laws of Motion, Work, Energy and Power, Thermodynamics, Physical and Chemical Changes and States of Matter, Atomic Structure, Chemical Bonding, etc.

Is there any negative marking in the JEXPO exam?

No, there is no negative marking in JEXPO. However, the exam pattern is such that it awards 1 mark for each correct answer and there is no provision for partial marking.

Is the JEXPO syllabus difficult?

The difficulty level of the JEXPO syllabus is subjective and varies from student to student. However, it is designed to test the basic understanding of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry concepts, and hence, with proper preparation and practice, it can be easily mastered.

What is the marking scheme for the JEXPO exam?

The JEXPO exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions, each carrying 1 mark. The total marks for the exam are 100.

Is the JEXPO syllabus the same every year?

Yes, the JEXPO syllabus remains the same every year.

Is there any sectional cut-off in the JEXPO exam?

No, there is no sectional cut-off in the JEXPO exam. However, candidates need to score the minimum qualifying marks to be eligible for admission.

Can I use a calculator during the JEXPO exam?

No, the use of any electronic devices, including calculators, is not allowed during the JEXPO exam.

Can I get a copy of the JEXPO syllabus online?

Yes, candidates can download the JEXPO syllabus from the official website of WBSCT&VE&SD or from other online sources.

Is the JEXPO syllabus based on any particular board?

The JEXPO syllabus is based on the syllabus of the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE) and West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education (WBCHSE). However, the syllabus is designed to test the aptitude and understanding of the students, irrespective of their educational background.

Is the JEXPO syllabus sufficient for other entrance exams?

The JEXPO syllabus covers the basic concepts of Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry, and hence, it can serve as a good foundation for other entrance exams. However, different exams may have different syllabuses, and hence, students need to prepare accordingly.

Is there any change in the JEXPO syllabus due to COVID-19?

No, there has been no change in the JEXPO syllabus due to COVID-19. However, the exam date and other related details may be subject to change depending on the prevailing situation.

What is the duration in JEXPO Exam?

In JEXPO, the duration refers to the total time given to the candidates to complete the examination. As per the official notification of JEXPO, the exam duration is 2 hours or 120 minutes. During this time, candidates are required to complete the question paper, which consists of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) on Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry.

Till now we have covered most of all the useful information about the JEXPO Syllabus (जेईएक्सपीओ  Syllabus) 2023. If need any other extra information subscribe to our website. So, that you will get all the useful information about the syllabus. If have any doubts mention those in the comments. So, that we have clear all those doubts.

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