GATE Botany Preparation Tips 2020

GATE Botany Preparation Tips are provided here. GATE 2020 Exam will be conducted on  February 2020. Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE 2020) is organized by IIT Guwahati. GATE Examination Dates are confirmed now it’s time to start GATE preparation. Earlier, we’ve provided GATE Notification 2020 and GATE Exam Preparation tips. Today here we are provide GATE Chemistry Preparation Tips. We were given an idea to prepare GATE 2020 Exam. How to Prepare GATE Exam of XL-J: Botany subject is explained below.

Few Steps to Start GATE Preparation

  • know your GATE Exam syllabus
  • Select Best Reference Books
  • Prepare a Study plan
  • Prepare own Preparation Notes
  • Practice Previous Question Papers
  • Practice few Mock Test Papers

About GATE Exam 2020

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is one of the comprehensive exams to test the engineering mathematics, verbal ability & subject on the particular fields for which the candidates are chosen. This is the national level exam conducted by the 7 IITs and. The students who wanted admissions in Mathematics or M.Tech should write this examination. since this is the national level exam so the competition is very high.

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Eligibility for GATE Botany Exam

  • Qualifying Degree – B.E /B.Tech
  • Applicant Type– An applicant who had completed B.E or B.Tech in Engg and those who are in the final year of such pgms with no backlog.
  • There is No Age limit.

Students should follow exam tips to write the exam. Preparation tips are needed for this exam. GATE exam wll be conducted once in year in Feb. Planning & hard work are very important to face any competitive exams. Below are some of the tips for preparation.

GATE Botany Preparation Tips – GATE XL-J

Botany is the branch of biology and the science of plant life. It is also called plant science(s), plant biology or phytology. The principles and findings of botany subject have provided the basis for such applied sciences as agriculture, horticulture & forestry.  Research topics include the study of plant structure, growth and differentiation, reproduction, bio-chemistry and primary metabolism, chemical products, development, diseases, evolutionary relations, systematics, and plant taxonomy. Modern botany is a broad, multidisciplinary subject with inputs from most other areas of science & technology. Students have to follow the syllabus, without knowing the syllabus there is no use to study. Make sure that you can cover all the topics in the syllabus.

Step 1: Know GATE Exam syllabus – Botany

In the previous article, we’ve provided GATE Botany (XL-J) Syllabus. You can check and find what are the applicable topics and chapter for GATE Botany.

CheckGATE XL-J: Botany syllabus

Step 2: Select Best Reference Books for GATE

We’ve already provided GATE Reference Books for Botany. You can check our best-recommended text books for GATE ECE at given link below in this page. The suggested books include Engineering Mathematics, General Aptitude, and Code Subject i.e Botany.

Check- GATE XL-J: Botany Reference Books

Step 3: Prepare a Study Plan

The study plan is very important for every exam preparation. It plays a key role in the success of getting the good score in the GATE exam.  Prepare a study plan for GATE XL-J: Botany. Make a monthly plan, weekly plan and daily schedule to prepare GATE Exam. Allot the time for exam preparation and set the time for playing, eating, watching TV, and studying.

Daily prepare few hours and spend at least 6 hours for GATE exam preparation.

GATE Exam Preparation Plan for THREE months

If you have 3 months preparation time for GATE examination, You can prepare 4-5 hrs/day.

GATE Exam Preparation Plan for Botany (Within 3 Months)
SubjectAllocation Time
Engineering Mathematics1 hr daily
General Aptitude1 hr daily
Subject questions2 hrs. daily

GATE Exam Preparation Plan for 1 month

If you want to prepare GATE Exam in 1 Month, Yes It is very difficult but not impossible. Still, you can crack GATE examiantion with ONE month preparation. Prepare daily 6-8 hours and allot the time for each topic separately.

GATE Preparation Plan for Botany (Before 1 Month)
SubjectAllocation Time
Engineering Mathematics2 hrs daily
General Aptitude2 hrs. daily
Subject questions4 hrs. daily

GATE exam preparation tips for XL-J students:

  • The student should know the syllabus covered. Since some of the topics as GATE syllabus in the particular branch.
  • The best source is to visit the previous question papers and practice those model question papers. When we refer the previous exam question papers then we automatically know the important topics & type of the questions.
  • Select the best books that cover all the basic topics of the core.
  • Choose the topics that are very important to study 1st.
  • Solve as many problems as possible so that the candidates will have the practice for GATE examination.
  • Motivation and planning in the study are mandatory. For good motivation visit coaching institutions and motivate yourself.
  • Put daily small targets, weekly targets. Study three-four hours daily.
  • Revise the subject/topic as many times as possible until you are perfect on that.
  • Mark the important & un important questions.
  • Have to improve faith in yourself.

Last Step: Solve Previous Question Papers & Practice Test Papers

We’ve provided GATE previous question papers and mock test papers for GATE 2020 Exam. You can download GATE XL-J: Botany Question Papers of 2018 & Previous year.

Click here for more information:

This article gives the detailed information about the tips for the preparation of the GATE exam not only for Botany but also for all the branches. Reference books for Botany for GATE are also given here. Candidates should follow those tips and prepare well for the examination.

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