Engineering or Chartered Accountancy – Which is Better ? Who Earns More ?

One of the Frequently Asked Questions by the young aspirants who qualified 10+2 Class is “Engineering or Chartered Accountancy – Which is Better ? Who Earns More ?” . They ask this because After passing class 12th, students get confused about what to choose as their career option. As part career guidance, today we’ve providing all information and answers to this FAQ i.e. Which is better ? Engineering vs CA – Who earns more?

Some students are interested in Science and some are interested in Commerce. So they choose their career according to their interest. But some students ask us “Sir, Please tell me Which is best career option to earn more salary?” (😆😆😆 Actually it indicates their innocence and lack of career guidance) Then we ask them as follows.

  • How can you choose your career by pay scale ?
  • Do you choose your career against your interest ?
  • Engineering or Chartered Accountancy !!! Do you know that both are different poles
  • Finally, Interest or money – which factor has to be given more preference in career ?

Engineering or Chartered Accountancy – Which is Better ?

Basically it depends on 3 aspects.

  1. Your interest
  2. Level of difficulty
  3. Job Prospects

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Your interest

The fundamental decision first: Whether your interests lie in the science field or the commerce field. It is difficult to make a choice between Engineering course and CA course. One should go as per his / her field of interest. If you are really interested in science & technology, then, engineering is the right field for you. If you choose the field of your interest, you will enjoy doing the course and reap rich benefits at the end by getting a lucrative job offer.

Choosing CA Vs Engineering

Choosing between engineering and chartered accountancy (CA) as a career path ultimately depends on your personal interests, skills, and goals. Both fields offer rewarding career opportunities and can lead to high salaries and job security.

CA vs Engineering Which is easy – Level of difficulty

If you have interest, and the will and wish to put sincere efforts to learn and score good grades, the anything is easy. In engineering the Entry to a good college is difficult with all the entrances and their difficulty levels, but the Exit is easy. Once you are IN you are bound to finish the course and get the degree (even if, with a backlog or two)

Exit for CA is very difficult

In CA, the Entry is comparatively easy; the pass % for CPT (entrance exam) is around 25-30%.But the Exit for CA is very difficult. The CA final passout percentages range between 3-10%. There is no quota system, and you have to clear it purely on merit. The amount of hardwork you need to put in is Humungous. So if you don’t clear the CA final, the only qualification you have is 12th passout or a B.Com degree maybe if you opt to do it with CA.

CA Vs Engineering – Course Duration

A bachelor’s degree in engineering requires minimum four years of money and time for the student to finally become a professional, duration of CA course is not same for all. If one holds a B.Com degree there is no requirement of undergoing the foundation course.

Typically it requires more than 5 years after 12th to become a CA.

Job Prospects

Remember unless you have an engineering degree from one of the best colleges in India chances are that, there are many more people around you who can do what you do at lower salaries. So there is a huge supply and comparatively lesser demand.

As for the CA course, once you are a CA you are sure to get a job , if you possess basic communication skills with a Minimum package of 5 lac or more.

Engineering or Chartered Accountancy – Who Earns More ?

Answer is both jobs pay more depending on the qualification & experience whether the jobs are in domestic or abroad depends on the company. In case of Chartered Accounting whether practice or at job again depending on the each individuals merits & demerits.

The pay scale of a CA is always better than an Engineer.

It completely depends on nature and functions of business / company. If it is a software company or manufacturing company engineer more important so Engineers earn more salary. If it is a financial company Accountants are more important so Accountant earn more salary.

The pay scale of a CA is always better than an engineer. Since only a few number of students become CA every year it is almost sure that the students will get the job. It has been observed that CA is hired at better position than engineers for the same positions.

CA vs Engineering Salary – Starting Salary & Average Pay Scale

In terms of earnings, it’s difficult to compare the two fields directly, as salaries can vary greatly depending on factors such as location, industry, experience, and qualifications. However, in general, CAs tend to have higher earning potential than engineers in India, particularly in the early stages of their careers.

Chartered Accountants in India can earn a starting salary of around 6-7 lakhs per year, and experienced CAs can earn up to 30-40 lakhs per year or more. On the other hand, engineers in India typically earn starting salaries of around 3-6 lakhs per year, with experienced engineers earning up to 20-30 lakhs per year or more.

The average salary of CA and Engineer as follows.

CA vs Engineering Salary in Rs.

  CA Engineer
(before completing the course)
₹ 2500 – 5000 per month -nil-
Starting Salary ₹ 35,000 per month ₹ 15,000 p.m
Topper’s Package ₹ 48 lakhs per year ₹ 48 lakhs – 1 crore p.a (in MNC)
Average Salary ₹ 70,000 per month ₹ 45,000 p.m
5-10 year experience ₹ 3,50,000 per month ₹ 2,40,000 p.m

Engineering or CA – Which has more opportunities in the future ?

There was a time CA s were in demand. That was the time new accounting standards were implemented and not much people were interested to pursue the CA course, as it involved a lot of efforts and even a few attempts to pass the exam ad get qualified. But the situation has changed. There are more people taking up CA course. Hence CA is not as remunerative as earlier, unless one is expert and specialising. It takes a few years for Chartered accountant to get established. But there are other employment opportunities in the financial sectors.

Engineers are also now coming out as dime a dozen with engineering colleges springing p in every nook and corner. Hence one has to be good in scores and knowledge of the subject. However for promising candidates there is a chance of campus recruitment, which is not there in CA.

Ultimately, the choice between engineering and CA comes down to your individual strengths, interests, and career aspirations. Engineering is a good choice if you have a strong background in math and science and enjoy problem-solving and innovation. On the other hand, CA is a good choice if you have strong analytical skills and are interested in finance, taxation, and business strategy.

Both fields offer challenging and rewarding careers, and it’s important to consider your own interests and goals when making a decision.


The question i.e. “Engineering or Chartered Accountancy – Which is Better? Who Earns More?” cannot be answered with a finite answer, as such things are relative and individual dependent matters. To conclude it may be said that though CA requires longer duration and difficult to pass, there are better job offers than engineer. we all know that Engineering is very easy but in the case of providing employment, It has tougher competition than CA. If you have good skills in engineering, you can earn equal to / more than CA. Finally, we can both are different poles, both have their own Pro and Cons. Choose your career according to your interest.

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  1. Sir i want to become a CA. Which course should I study but and still in secondary school i just think I should plan ahead

  2. You know what Pinku..Engineers are going unemployed..CA’S are earning in an average of 10-45 lakhs per annum..If you guys are pursuing engineering there is just a 0.01% chance that you will cut it to IIT and if you aren’t cutting it to IIT you can enjoy your days in the unemployment line…People are killing themselves and their parents in the process of getting into a university that is ranked 156th in the global rankings..If you are killing yourself do it to get into HARVARD or Princeton or the like..IITs have no kind of global recognition like CA’S do..Richest IITan is Bharat Desai with a net worth of $1.35 Billion but the Richest CA is Kumar Mangalam Birla with a net worth of $8.5 Billion dollars…

    Don’t pursue a career for which you have sponge your parents..Just act prudently regarding your career and a career that does’nt pay is not one at all..You will end up hating it..Mark my words.

    I’m happy doing a monotonous job if it means i get paid more that millions of engineers actually do and that it will make me financially secure and many CA’s are heading Multinational Corporates..
    And probably when i become one of the Top ten list you’l’ get a piece of what i have to say regarding how IITans are OVVERRATED and full of ******* THEY ARE YOU ******

  3. Ca is a worst course you can pursue. The efforts you put in does not worth at all. If you want to face injustice and failures then only do ca. Engineering is always a better option no matter from where you did. If you don’t believe me see the legend ca praveen sharmas video on you tube and the videos of protest against icai. Ca has ruined life of many. It’s a political body playing with students future. Besides ca don’t get college life so they lack in communication personality etc also.. If you are from Commerce back ground then you can do cma cha etc which are way better than ca. Ca is just an overrated course.

  4. CA is Best to compare to engineering .CA jobs is enhanced future for every students every business needed CA for Auditing,Accounting,Taxation etc..!

  5. But what to do if I love Maths a lot then Science but like not love but like science too ….Wanna do CA or Computer Engineering …So what to do …..?

  6. My name is Pulak Ranjan Sil. I am power generation engineer with 11 yrs of experience and keen to pursue CA course & want to become a CA. Whether it would be useful for me in future or at all its not a realistic goal. Actually I want ask whether its good to become a CA for an power engineering professional & what are the future prospect

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