B.Sc 4th Semester Delhi University Syllabus 2022 – B.Sc 2nd Year

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B.Sc 4th Semester Delhi University Syllabus 2022 – B.Sc 2nd Year is given below. Candidates should know the university syllabus for B.Sc fourth Semester. Every individual needs to check the DU syllabus for the preparation in semester exams (दिल्ली विश्वविद्यालय). So look at the syllabus pdf and download the pdf on this site. To check the Delhi University B.Sc 4th Sem Syllabus, The official website is www.du.ac.in

About Delhi University

The University of Delhi is the premier university located in New Delhi, India. It has grown into one of the largest universities in India. Five Departments namely Chemistry, Geology, Zoology, Sociology, and History have been awarded the status of the Centres of Advanced Studies. Du offers UG, PG and other certificate courses with the maximum number of specializations in courses. Various departments are located in the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Inter-disciplinary and Applied Sciences.

Delhi University B.Sc Course Structure

B.Sc Course structure in Delhi University
B.Sc is a 3 years under graduation course1st yearSemester 14 months Duration
Semester 24 months
2nd yearSemester 34 months
Semester 44 months
3rd yearSemester 54 months
Semester 64 months

DU B.Sc Courses

Below given are the courses in B.Sc offered by the Delhi University

Faculty of Science

  • Anthropology
  • Biochemistry
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Botany
  • Biological Sciences (Course)
  • Chemistry
  • Geology
  • Home Science
  • Life Sciences (Course)
  • Polymer Science
  • Physics & Astrophysics
  • Zoology

Faculty of Mathematical Sciences

  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Operational Research

Faculty of Inter-disciplinary & Applied Sciences

  • Electronic Science
  • Instrumentation
  • Microbiology
  • Physical Education & Sports Science

DU B.Sc 4th Semester Syllabus 2022

B.Sc(Hons) Instrumentation 4th Semester Syllabus – Download

  • Industrial Instrumentation
  • Analog Electronics II
  • Biochemistry
  • Statistical methods and Reliability
  • Electronics Instrumentation
  • Instrumentation Practical – VII
  • Instrumentation Practical – VIII

B.Sc(Hons) Anthropology 4th Semester Syllabus – Download

  • Tribes and Peasants in India
  • Anthropology of religion, politics & economy
  • Biodiversity & Indigenous Knowledge / Cell Biology II
  • Anthropology of India / Molecular Biology-II

B.Sc(Hons) Bio-Chemistry 4th Semester Syllabus – Download

  • Bioenergetics
  • Metabolism of Amino acids & Nucleotides
  • Cell Biology-II
  • Molecular Biology-II

B.Sc(Hons) Biomedical Science 4th Semester Syllabus – Download

  • Biochemistry with Practicals
  • Medicinal Chemistry with Practicals
  • Cell Biology II
  • Molecular Biology – II

B.Sc(Hons) Botany 4th Semester Syllabus – Download

  • Plant Development and Anatomy
  • Ecology and Phytogeography
  • Cell Biology II
  • Molecular Biology – II

B.Sc(Hons) Chemistry 4th Semester Syllabus – Download

  • Inorganic Chemistry – III
  • Organic Chemistry – III
  • Physical Chemistry – III
  • Physics-II

B.Sc(Hons) Computer Science 4th Semester Syllabus – Download

  • Operating Systems
  • Data Communication and Computer networks
  • Software engineering
  • Differential equations
  • Software lab based on 408
  • Software lab based on 409
  • Software lab based on 410

B.Sc(Hons) Electronics 4th Semester Syllabus – Download

  • Numerical Techniques
  • Analog Electronics-II
  • Electromagnetics
  • Data Structures
  • Electronics Practical-VII Based on Numerical Techniques and Data Structures

B.Sc(Hons) Food Technology 4th Semester Syllabus – Download

  • Technology of Cereals, Pulses & Oilseeds
  • Principles of Food Preparation
  • Biochemistry
  • Food Engineering

B.Sc(Hons) Geology 4th Semester Syllabus – Download

  • Geology of India
  • Economic Geology
  • Engineering Geology
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Field work II

B.Sc. Home Science (Hons.) Food and Nutrition 4th Semester Syllabus – Download

  • Fundamentals of Psychology
  • Major – III
  • Major – IV
  • Minor – I

B.Sc(Hons) Mathematics 4th Semester Syllabus – Download

  • Diff Eqn II
  • Analysis III
  • Algebra III

B.Sc(Hons) Microbiology 4th Semester Syllabus – Download

  • Microbial Physiology and Metabolism II
  • Microbial Ecology
  • Cell Biology II
  • Molecular Biology II

B.Sc(Hons) Physics 4th Semester Syllabus – Download

  • Mathematical Physics-IV
  • Optics
  • Mathematics-II (Analysis and Statistics)
  • Numerical Analysis

B.Sc(Hons) Polymer Science 4th Semester Syllabus – Download

  • Polymer Processing and Mold Design
  • Polymer Testing
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Maths
  • Practical Polymer – IV

B.Sc(Hons) Statistics 4th Semester Syllabus – Download

  • Numerical Analysis
  • Probability and Statistical Methods-IV
  • Operational Research
  • Computer Programming in C

B.Sc(Hons) Zoology 4th Semester Syllabus – Download

  • Animal Physiology and Functional Histology-II
  • Biochemistry
  • Cell Biology II
  • Molecular Biology – II

B.Sc(Hons) Biological Sciences 4th Semester Syllabus – Download

  • Growth & Reproduction
  • System Physiology & Behavior
  • Cell Biology II
  • Molecular Biology II
  • Growth & Reproduction Laboratory
  • System Physiology & Behavior Laboratory
  • Cell Biology II Laboratory
  • Molecular Biology II Laboratory

B.Sc in Physical Education, Health Education, and Sports 4th Semester Syllabus – Download

1.a)Holistic Personality DevelopmentOptional Paper (Group – I)

b)Optional Paper (Group – II)

2. Test measurement and evaluation

3. a)Yoga

b)Professional name Group – II

4. English A/B

B.Sc Applied Life Sciences with Agrochemicals and Pest Management 4th Semester Syllabus – Download

  • Chemistry – IV
  • Agricultural botany, Plant pathology, and Allelopathy
  • Immunology, Molecular Biology, and Development Biology
  • Fungicides

B.Sc Analytical Chemistry 4th Semester Syllabus – Download

  • Chemistry-IV
  • Physics-II: Wave and Optics
  • Analytical Chemistry-IV
  • Intellectual Property Rights

B.Sc Industrial Chemistry 4th Semester Syllabus – Download

  • Chemistry-IV
  • Physics-II: Wave and Optics
  • Industrial Chemistry-IV
  • Intellectual Property Rights

B.Sc Life Sciences 4th Semester Syllabus – Download

  • Chemistry –IV
  • Molecular Biology
  • Biodiversity-II “Plants”
  • Bioinformatics

Download the previous year’s syllabus as well if needed.

Download B.Sc 4th sem Delhi University Syllabus 2022

Download B.Sc 4th sem Delhi University Syllabus 2022

Download B.Sc 4th sem Delhi University Syllabus 2018

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Here in this article, B.Sc 4th Semester Delhi University Syllabus 2022 – B.Sc 2nd Year is clearly given. Follow this article to know the complete syllabus of DU B.Sc fourth Sem. In this page, you may also download Syllabus of DU B.Sc 4th Sem in pdf format. Share this article with your friends who want Delhi University B.Sc IV sem Syllabus. For any queries or doubts regarding B.Sc 4th Semester Delhi University Syllabus – B.Sc 2nd Year, you may comment on the below comment box. We will answer them as soon as possible.

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