B.Com Business Economics Important Questions – 1st year Unit wise Topics

B.Com Business Economics Important Questions – 1st year Unit wise Topics are provided here. We’ve provided B.com 1st year Business Economics Notes in our previous article. Today we are giving Important Questions & topics for B.Com 1st year Business Economics subject. Get B.Com Economics Important Long Answer Questions (10 Marks), Imp. Short Answer Questions (4-5 Marks Questions) and Important definitions of Economics Topics.
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B.com 1st year Business Economics Syllabus

Business Economics in B.Com 1st year has following chapters in the Course Syllabus.

  • unit-1 : Introduction of Economics, Nature and Scope of Business Economics
  • unit-2 : Demand ,supply and market equilibrium, Theory of Consumption
  • unit-3 : Theory of Production and costs
  • unit-4 : Market structure and factors of production
  • unit-5 : National income,trade cycles and international trade

Business Economics Important Questions – B.Com 1st year

B.Com Business Economics Important Questions in PDF –  Download Link

  1. Law Of Diminishing Marginal Utility ?
  2. Law Of Equi Marginal Utility ?
  3. Differentiate between Macro & Micro Economies ?
  4. Concept Of Consumer Surplus ?
  5. Nature & Scope ?


  1. Price Elasticity Of Demand ? Types Of Elasticity Of Demand ?
  2. Differentiate State &  Explain Law Of Supply ?
  3. Explain Law Of Demand & It’s Exceptions ? (or) Why Demand Curve Slopes From Left To Right ?
  4. Types Of Demand ?
  5. What Is Elasticity of Demand ? What are The Types of Elasticity Of Demand ?


  1. Short Run Cost Curve ?
  2. Relationship between Average Revenue & Marginal Revenue ?
  3. Law of returns to Scale ?
  4. Diminishing returns to Scale ? or Variable Proportional To Scale ?
  5. Scale Of Production ?


  1. What is Perfect Competition ?How Its Price & Output Determine Under Perfect Competition ?
  2. Define Monopoly ? Its Price and Output Determination ?
  3. What Is Oligopoly ? Explain Kinked Demand Curve ?
  4. What is Monopolistic Competition ? How price & Output Determine under Monopolistic Competition ?
  5. Difference Between Perfect Competition and Monopoly ?


  1. What is National Income ? Explain The Methods Of Estimating In national income ? (or) Define National Income ? What are the Difficulties in national income ?
  2. Explain Concepts of L.P.G ?
  3. What is Balance Of Trade ? and Balance Of Payments ?
  4. What are the corrections of Dis-Equilibrium In Balance Of Payments ?
  5. Comparative Cost ?
  6. What is Trade Cycles ? Explain Its Fluctuation ?
  7. Explain The Origin and Functions Of  W.T.O ?

B.Com Business Economics Important Questions(10 Marks)

1. Explain law of Diminishing Marginal Utility? What are its limitations?
(Mar.2011, May.2011, Mar.12, March-2013, May-13, March-2015)
2. Explain law of Equi Marginal Utility? (June-2010)
3. Explain the different forms of Price Elasticity of Demand. (May.2011)
4. Explain various methods of measurement (computation) of National Income?
(March-2011, May-2011, Mar.2012, May.2012, May-2013, March-2015)
5. Describe the Internal and External Economies ?
6. Critically examine the law of variable proportions ?
(March-2011, May-2011, May 2012, May-13, March-2015)
7. Explain the law of returns to scale? (March-2012, March-2013)
8. Explain the classifications of Markets? (March-2012)
9. What is perfect Market? Explain how Price is determined under Perfect Market ?
(March-2011, May.2012, March-2013)
10. What is Monopoly? Explain how price determination under Monopoly.
11. Explain the Keynesion theory of Employment ? (or) Effective Demand ?
(March-2011, May.2012, March-2013, May-13, March-2015)

Imp. Short Answer Questions (2-4 Marks Questions)

Introduction (2 Questions)

1. Micro Economics (Mar.2010, Jun.2010)
2. Macro Economics (Mar.2011, Jun.2011, Mar.12, May-2013)
3. Deductive Method
4. Inductive Method
5. Positive and Normative Economics
6. Free and Economic goods
7. Consumer goods
8. Capital Goods (March-2015)
9. Wealth concept
10. Value concept
11. Economic Statistics
12. Economic dynamics
13. Problems of an economy
14. Intermediary goods

Theory Of Consumer Behaviour (1 Question)

15. Cardinal Utility (Mar.2011, Mar.12, March-2013)
16. Oridinal Utility (Mar.10, Mar.-2012, May.12, May-13)
17. Marginal Utility (Jun.2011)
18. Budget Line (or) Price Line (Mar.2011, Jun.2011, Mar-2015)
19. Indifference curve
20. Marginal Rate of Substitution

Demand Analysis (2 Questions)

21. Individual Demand Schedule
22. Market demand schedule
23. Demand Function
24. Giffen’s Paradox (or) Giffens Goods
25. Veblen Goods (or) Prestigious Goods
26. Income Demand
27. Cross demand
28. Substitute goods
29. Complementary goods
30. Cross Elasticity of Demand.

Production Analysis (1 Question)

31. Characteristics of Land
32. Division of Labour
33. Production Function (May-2013)
34. Marginal Product and Average Product
35. Law of Supply (March-2015)
36. Supply schedule and supply curve
37. Supply function
38. Money costs
39. AC and MC relationship
40. AR and MR in perfect competition
41. AR and MR in Monopoly

Market Analysis (2 Questions)

42. What is Market? (Jun.2011)
43. Time based Markets
44. Area based Markets
45. Competition based Markets
46. Perfect competition
47. Monopoly (March-2015)
48. Monopolistic Competition (May-2013)
49. Oligopoly (March-2013)
50. Duopoly (March-2010, May-2013)
51. Equilibrium Price (Jun.2010, Mar.12)
52. Product differentiation
53. Selling costs

Theory Of Distribution (2 Questions)

54. Contract Rent
55. Economic Rent
56. Scarcity Rent (March-2015)
57. Quasi Rent (Mar.10, Jun.10, Mar.11, Jun.11, Mar.12, May.12, March-2013, May-2013)
58. Transfer Earnings
59.Money Wages (Mar.-2010, May.12, May-
60. Real Wages (March-2015)
61. Gross Interest
62. Net Interest (Mar.2011)
63. Gross Profit (March-2013)
64. Net Profit (March-2013)
65. Risk theory
66. Uncertainty theory

National Income Analysis (1 Question)

67. GNP (Mar.12, May.12, March-2013, March-2015)
68. GNP at factor cost
69. GDP
70. NNP at factor cost
71. Percapita Income(Mar.2013, May.2013)
72. C + I + G + (X – M)

Macro Economic Analysis (2 Questions)

73. Say’s Law of Markets (Jun.2010)
74. Full Employment (March.2012)
75. Aggregate Demand Function
76. Effective Demand (Jun.2011, 2015)
77. Deficit Budget (Mar.10, Jun.20, Mar.11, May.12, Mar-2013, May-2013)
78. Fiscal Deficit (March-2015)
79. Primary Deficit
80. Finance commission
81. Federal finance
82. Wage-cut policy

Money – Banking – Inflation (4 Questions)

83. Barter System
84. Near Money (Jun.2011, May-2013)
85. Over Draft (Mar.2011, Jun.2011, Mar.12, March.2013, May.2013, March-2015)
86. Components of money supply
87. Savings deposits
88. Time deposits
89. Recurring Deposits (Mar-11, Mar-13)
90. Discunting of bills of exchange
91. Net Banking
92. Objectives of central Bank
93. Note Issue
94. Clearance house
95. Cost-push and demand-pull inflation

Basic Statistics For Economics (3 Questions)

96. What is a Pie diagram? (March-2015)
97. Explain uses of sub-divided diagrams.
98. Explain the concept of mode.
99. What is dispersion?
100. Explain the utility of coefficient of variation.
101. Arithmetic Mean
102. Median
103. Mode
104. Lorenz Curve

We’ve provided B.Com Business Economics Important Questions for 1st year. Any University student can prepare given BCom Business Economics Important Questions and Topics or you can prepare BCom Business Economics Suggested Books without leaving any single topic. Share this article to other B.com 1st year students who are preparing B.com 1st year Economics examination and searching for B.Com 1st year Important Questions.

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