NCERT Class 9 Sanskrit Books 2021 – Shemushi, Vyakaranavidi, Abhyaswaan Bhav


Check out this article if you are searching for NCERT Class 9 Sanskrit Books. In this article, we provide the details of  NCERT Class IX Sanskrit Books such as syllabus, textbook download link, chapter wise download links. CBSE opted for the NCERT syllabus this year 2020-21. There are 3 books in NCERT Class 9 Sanskrit Books. They are

  1. Shemushi
  2. Vyakaranavidi
  3. Abhyaswaan Bhav

About NCERT Class 9 Sanskrit Books

National Council of Education, Research, and Training (NCERT) has been contributed to the role of developing as well as distributing textbooks to the students at the primary and secondary levels. These books, generally named NCERT books, are highly useful for the CBSE students as they prepare for their annual exams.

Download NCERT Class 9 Sanskrit Books
Publication / AuthorNCERT
Academic Year2020-21
ClassClass 9
Book Title
  1. Shemushi
  2. Vyakaranavidi
  3. Abhyaswaan Bhav
CategoryNCERT Books
No. of Chapters
  1. Shemushi – 12
  2. Vyakaranavidi – 14
  3. Abhyaswaan Bhav – 12
Language MediumSanskrit
EditionMarch 2020

Chapter and Units of शेमुषी Class IX Textbook

There are 12 chapters in NCERT Class 9 Sanskrit शेमुषी book. They are


  • प्रथमः पाठः – भारतीवसन्तगीतिः
  • द्वितीयः पाठः – स्वर्णकाकः
  • तृतीयः पाठः – सोम प्रभम
  • चतुर्थः पाठः – कल्पतरुः
  • पञ्चमः पाठः – सूक्ति मौक्तिकम
  • षष्ठः पाठः – भ्रान्तो बालः
  • सप्तमः पाठः – प्रत्यभिज्ञानम
  • अष्टमः पाठः – लौहतुला
  • नवमः पाठः – सिकतासेतुः
  • दशमः पाठः – जटायोः शौर्यम
  • एकादशः पाठः – पर्यावरणम
  • द्वादशः पाठः – वाडमनः प्राणस्वरूपम

Chapters and Units of 9th Class व्याकरणवीथिः TextBook

There are 14 chapters in Class IX Vyakaranavidi


  • प्रथम अध्याय – वर्ण विचार
  • द्वितीय अध्याय – संज्ञा एवं परिभाषा प्रकरण
  • तृतीय अध्याय – सन्धि
  • चतुर्थ अध्याय – सब्दरूप – सामान्य परिचय
  • पंचम अध्याय – धातुरूप – सामान्य परिचय
  • षष्ठ अध्याय – उपसर्ग
  • सप्तम अध्याय – अव्यय
  • अष्टम अध्याय – प्रत्यय
  • नवम अध्याय – समास परिचय
  • दशम अध्याय – कारक और विभक्ति
  • एकादशः अध्याय – वाच्य परिवर्तन
  • द्वादश अध्याय – रचना प्रयोग
  • शब्दरूपाणि
  • धातुरूपाणि

Chapters and Units of Class 9 अभ्‍यासवान भव Textbook

There are 12 chapters in the 9th Class अभ्‍यासवान भव book.

अभ्‍यासवान भव

  • अप‍ठितावबोधनम्
  • पत्रम
  • चित्रवर्णनम्
  • संवादानच्‍ु छेदलेखनम्
  • रचनानवाद:
  • कारकोपपदवि‍भक्‍ति:
  • सन्धि:
  • उपसर्गाव्‍ययप्रत्‍यया:
  • समासा:
  • शब्‍दरूपाणि
  • धातरूपा
  • वर्णविचार:

Download NCERT 9th Class Shemushi Book – Chapterwise

Download the PDFs of the Chapters in Class IX शेमुषी Sanskrit textbook.

NCERT Class 9 Sanskrit Book शेमुषी
पाठ 1प्रथम अध्याय – वर्ण विचारDownload
पाठ 2द्वितीय अध्याय – संज्ञा एवं परिभाषा प्रकरणDownload
पाठ 3तृतीय अध्याय – सन्धिDownload
पाठ 4चतुर्थ अध्याय – सब्दरूप – सामान्य परिचयDownload
पाठ 5पंचम अध्याय – धातुरूप – सामान्य परिचयDownload
पाठ 6षष्ठ अध्याय – उपसर्गDownload
पाठ 8सप्तम अध्याय – अव्ययDownload
पाठ 8अष्टम अध्याय – प्रत्ययDownload
पाठ 9नवम अध्याय – समास परिचयDownload
पाठ 10दशम अध्याय – कारक और विभक्तिDownload
पाठ 11एकादशः अध्याय – वाच्य परिवर्तनDownload
पाठ 12द्वादश अध्याय – रचना प्रयोगDownload

Download NCERT Class IX Vyakaranavidi Book – Chapterwise

Download the PDFs of the Chapters In 9th Class व्याकरणवीथिः Sanskrit textbook.

NCERT Class 8 Sanskrit Book व्याकरणवीथिः
पाठ 1वर्ण विचारDownload
पाठ 2संज्ञा एवं परिभाषा प्रकरणDownload
पाठ 3सन्धिDownload
पाठ 4सब्दरूप – सामान्य परिचयDownload
पाठ 5धातुरूप – सामान्य परिचयDownload
पाठ 6 उपसर्गDownload
पाठ 8अव्ययDownload
पाठ 8प्रत्ययDownload
पाठ 9समास परिचयDownload
पाठ 10कारक और विभक्तिDownload
पाठ 11वाच्य परिवर्तनDownload
पाठ 12रचना प्रयोगDownload
पाठ 13शब्दरूपाणिDownload
पाठ 14धातुरूपाणिDownload

Download NCERT 9th Class Abhyaswaan Bhav Book – Chapterwise

Download the PDFs of the Chapters In class 9 अभ्‍यासवान भव Sanskrit textbook. Practice the grammar and spellings in the NCERT Class 9 Sanskrit Books thoroughly for good marks and language.

NCERT Class 9 Sanskrit Book अभ्‍यासवान भव
पाठ 1अप‍ठितावबोधनम्Download
पाठ 2पत्रमDownload
पाठ 3चित्रवर्णनम्Download
पाठ 4संवादानच्‍ु छेदलेखनम्Download
पाठ 5रचनानवाद:Download
पाठ 6कारकोपपदवि‍भक्‍ति:Download
पाठ 8सन्धि:Download
पाठ 8उपसर्गाव्‍ययप्रत्‍यया:Download
पाठ 9समासा:Download
पाठ 10शब्‍दरूपाणिDownload
पाठ 11धातरूपाDownload
पाठ 12वर्णविचार:Download

NCERT Class 9 Sanskrit Books Complete Book

The complete book of NCERT Class 9 Sanskrit Books can be downloaded here. Click here to download the full-text books.

Download Shemushi(शेमुषी) Full Book

Download Vyakaranavidi( व्याकरणवीथिः) Full Book

Download  Abhyaswaan (अभ्‍यासवान भव) Bhav Full Book

CBSE 9th Class Sanskrit Preparation – Complete Guide

  1. The concepts: Sanskrit is a very conceptual subject. Try to understand each and every concept and practice well.
  2. The essay questions: The Essay question in Sanskrit Exam become the most scoring section if you practice well and don’t make mistakes in the sentence formation. Most of the questions often get repeated, you can easily understand the pattern.
  3. The NCERT books: These books are your good books for the exams. You need not have to check with other books in the market other than your NCERT Class 9 Sanskrit Books. Nothing goes around these books and will score 100 percent marks.
  4. The key is grammar: Sanskrit Grammar is easy and simple. You do not have to do a lot of work on it. Once you are familiar with the concepts in it, practice the question papers you have along with tests.
  5. Write and Practice everything: Whatever you come across in NCERT Class 9 Sanskrit Books write and practice it. No one can overtake you if you do this kind of practice.

Advantages of NCERT books to Students

By using these NCERT Class 9 Sanskrit Books, the students gain a lot of advantages.

  • The student will achieve a good career excellence.
  • The student will enhance self-awareness and explore their surroundings.
  • It will promote Life Skills, goal setting, and increase the lifelong learning process.
  • They inculcate values and cultural learning and international understanding.
  • They make the student acquire the ability to utilize technology and information for the betterment of mankind.
  • The Student tries to strengthen knowledge and attitude related to livelihood skills.
  • He will develop the ability to appreciate art and showcase his inner talents.
  • NCERT books promote thinking towards physical fitness, health, and well-being.
  • Promote arts-integrated learning.

Buy NCERT Class 9 Sanskrit Books at

VyakaranVithi Textbook For Sanskrit Class 9 and 10. Ncert 
  • National Council of Education Research and Training (Author)
  • Sanskrit (Publication Language)
  • 02/25/2021 (Publication Date) - National Council of Education Research and Training (Publisher)

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