NCERT Class 6 Sanskrit Book 2023 – Download Class VI Ruchira Sanskrit Text Book

Check out this article if you are searching for NCERT Class 6 Sanskrit Book (Ruchira). In this article, we provide the details of  NCERT Class VI Sanskrit Book (रुचिरा) such as syllabus, textbook download link, chapter wise download links. CBSE had taken the NCERT syllabus as consideration from this academic year 2020-21.

About NCERT Class 6 Sanskrit Book (रुचिरा)

National Council of Education, Research and Training (NCERT) has been contributed the role of developing as well as distributing textbooks to the students at the primary and secondary levels. These books, generally named as NCERT books, are highly useful for the CBSE students as they prepare for their annual exams.

Download NCERT Class 6 Sanskriti Book Ruchira
Board CBSE
Publication / Author NCERT
Academic Year 2020-21
Class Class 6
Subject Sanskrit
Book Title रुचिरा
Category NCERT Books
No. of Chapters 15
Language Medium Sanskrit
Edition March 2020

रुचिरा – प्रथमो भागः Chapter and Units

NCERT is providing e-books for all subjects and for all levels of students. This allows the students to get the books in one place. NCERT Class VI Sanskrit Book Ruchira consists of 15 chapters. The pdf links are given below in a table.


  • प्रथमः पाठः – अकारान्त – पुंल्लिङ्गः
  • द्वितीयः पाठः – अकारान्त – स्त्रीलिंगः
  • तृतीयः पाठः – अकारान्त – नपुंसकलिङ्ग
  • चतुर्थः पाठः – क्रीडास्पर्धा (सर्वनामप्रयोगः)
  • पञ्चमः पाठः – वृक्षाः
  • षष्ठः पाठः – समुन्द्रतटः (तृतीया – चतुर्थीविभक्तिः)
  • सप्तमः पाठः – बकस्य प्रतिकारः (अव्ययप्रयोगः)
  • अष्टमः पाठः – सूक्तिस्तबकः
  • नवमः पाठः – अङ्गलियकं प्राप्तम (पञ्चमी – षष्ठीविभक्तिः)
  • दशमः पाठः – कृषिकाः कर्मवीराः
  • एकादशः पाठः – पुष्पोत्सवः (सप्तमी – विभक्तिः)
  • द्वादशः पाठः – दशमः त्वम असि (संख्यावाचिपदानि)
  • त्रयोदशः पाठः – लोकमङ्गलम
  • चतुर्दशः पाठः – अहह आः च
  • पञ्चदशः पाठः – मातुलचंद्र!! (बालगीतम)

Download CBSE Class 6 रुचिरा Book – Chapterwise

Download the PDFs of the Chapters In class 6 Sanskrit textbook. If you don’t want your child using smart gadgets for studying, then make printouts and make them study.

NCERT Class 6 Sanskrit Book
पाठ 1 अकारान्त – पुंल्लिङ्गः Download
पाठ 2 अकारान्त – स्त्रीलिंगः Download
पाठ 3 अकारान्त – नपुंसकलिङ्ग Download
पाठ 4 क्रीडास्पर्धा (सर्वनामप्रयोगः) Download
पाठ 5 वृक्षाः Download
पाठ 6 समुन्द्रतटः (तृतीया – चतुर्थीविभक्तिः) Download
पाठ 7 बकस्य प्रतिकारः (अव्ययप्रयोगः) Download
पाठ 8 सूक्तिस्तबकः Download
पाठ 9 अङ्गलियकं प्राप्तम (पञ्चमी – षष्ठीविभक्तिः) Download
पाठ 10 कृषिकाः कर्मवीराः Download
पाठ 11 पुष्पोत्सवः (सप्तमी – विभक्तिः) Download
पाठ 12 दशमः त्वम असि (संख्यावाचिपदानि) Download
पाठ 13 लोकमङ्गलम Download
पाठ 14 अहह आः च Download
पाठ 15 मातुलचंद्र!! (बालगीतम) Download

NCERT Class Sanskrit Book Complete Book

The complete book of NCERT Class 6 Sanskrit Book Ruchira can be downloaded here. Click here to download the full-text book.

 NCERT Class 6 Sanskrit Book रुचिरा – प्रथमो भागः

About NCERT 6 Class Text Books

The textbooks provided by NCERT were written with great care and thinking. Anything related to caste, color, or discrimination are not available in these books. NCERT books say that all are equal, they should study and they have the right to study. teachers and parents should check their student’s behavior towards other students.

” A Good Book is a Good Friend”. students follow whatever is written on books. So books show an effect on character also. NCERT books are well designed and they are student-friendly. NCERT Class 6 Sanskrit Book contains life-changing lessons. NCERT books are good books when it comes to character building.

CBSE Class VI Sanskrit Preparation – Complete Guide

The following steps should be followed while preparing for Class 6 Sanskrit

Step-1:- Listen to the teacher in the class while teaching Sanskrit.

Step-2:- See into the textbook and listen to the class for better understanding.

Step-3:- Revise the lessons taught in the class at home. Study and write them in a notebook as a revision.

Step-4:- Before the day of the exam study the notes that you have prepared.

Step 5:- Check your mistakes and do write the correct answers besides the wrong ones.

Thus studying the Class 6 Sanskrit subject is very easy if you follow these steps.

Buy NCERT Class 6 Sanskrit Books at

Ruchira Sahayak Abhyas Pustika (Sanskrit NCERT workbook for class 6)
  • Smt.Aadarsh Ahuja (Author)
  • Sanskrit (Publication Language)
  • 128 Pages - 01/01/2019 (Publication Date) - Unicorn Books (Publisher)
Ruchira - Prathamo Bhag For Class - 6 - 649
  • NCERT (Author)
  • Sanskrit (Publication Language)
  • 90 Pages - 01/01/2015 (Publication Date) - National Council of Education Research and Training (Publisher)
Oswaal NCERT & CBSE Pullout Worksheets Class 6 Sanskrit Book (For 2021 Exam)
  • Oswaal Ediorial Board (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 120 Pages - 04/25/2023 (Publication Date) - Oswaal Books and Learning Private Limited (Publisher)
Oswaal NCERT & CBSE Question Bank Class 6 Sanskrit Book (For 2023 Exam)
  • Oswaal Editorial Board (Author)
  • Sanskrit (Publication Language)
  • 160 Pages - 04/01/2023 (Publication Date) - Oswaal Books And Learning Private Limited (Publisher)

Keep visiting our website for more updates and details regarding NCERT Class 6 Sanskrit Book Ruchira. CBSE has chosen the NCERT syllabus from the current academic year 2020-21.

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