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The candidates who are searching for the PDF Format about the Managerial Economics Notes. Here, we are providing complete information about the Managerial Economics Pdf Books which the students can download. This subject will be there in the BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) Course also. So, the candidates can search for Managerial Economics B.Com.

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Managerial Economics Notes

Managerial Economics is the one Sub – Community subject in the MBA (Master of Business Administration) Course. The Managerial Economics subject can be viewed as an Application of the part of Economics which mainly focused on topics like demand production, risk, Market Structure, cost, price, etc. The Applications of the economic analysis and concepts the problem of formulating a rational managerial decision.

By the given table the candidates can get the main content of the Managerial Economics notes like Course, Edition, Language, Similar Notes, Year, etc. The candidates can download the PDF Link which was available in the table format given in the middle of the article.

Book TitleManagerial Economics
Important Topics
  • Introduction to Managerial Economics
  • Demand and Revenue Analysis
  • Production and Cost Analysis
  • Pricing Decisions
  • Comprehensive Case
Available inPDF, eBook
Similar Books
  • Managerial Economics, by Philip K.Y
  • Managerial Economics, by Dominick Salvatore
  • Managerial Economics: Analysis, Problems, Cases, 8th Edition

These candidates can also refer to this Managerial Economics Notes:

  • BBA 2nd Year
  • MBA 1st Year
  • MBA
  • B.Com

 Important Topics of Managerial Economics Subject

  • Introduction to Managerial Economics
  • Demand and Revenue Analysis
  • Production and Cost Analysis
  • Pricing Decisions
  • Comprehensive Case

The above mentioned are the important topics for the Managerial Economics Notes. These topics are covered in both MBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) 1st and 2nd year and also B.Com Course as well.

Unit wise Titles

we were mentioned in the above the important topics of the Managerial Economics subject. The students of B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce) can also refer to this.  And, in the below, we are providing the Unit Wise Titles of the Managerial Economics Subject.

Introduction to Managerial Economics

  • Scope of Managerial Economics
  • The Firm: Stakeholders, Objectives & Decision Issues
  • Basic Techniques

Demand and Revenue Analysis

  • Demand Concepts and Analysis
  • Demand Elasticity
  • Demand Estimation and Forecasting

Production and Cost Analysis

  • Production Function
  • Cost Concepts and Analysis 1
  • Cost Concepts and Analysis 2
  • Estimation of Production and Cost Functions

Pricing Decisions

  • Market Structure and Barriers to Entry
  • Pricing Under Pure Competition and Pure Monopoly
  • Pricing Under Monopolistic and Oligopolistic Competition
  • Pricing Strategies

Comprehensive Case

  • Competition in Telecommunications Services Provision

Managerial Economics Study Material for MBA in Pdf Download

Managerial Economics Notes for MBA StudentsDownload Links
Managerial Economics Study material pdf Free DownloadDownload
MBA Managerial Economics Model Question PaperDownload
MBA Managerial Economic Text BookDownload

The table we were mentioned in the Managerial Economics Notes PDF and the Unit Wise Download Links are also available. So, the students of MBA can easily download the links which were easy to make them download.

Managerial Economics Notes PDFDownload Links
Introduction to Managerial EconomicsDownload
Demand and Revenue AnalysisDownload
Production and Cost AnalysisDownload
Pricing DecisionsDownload
Comprehensive CaseDownload

Similar Books by Authors

we were providing the Managerial Economics Similar Books by Different Top Authors and Publishers. Because some books will popular by the Authors and some are by the Publisher. So, here we mentioned both. So, that it will make it easy for the candidates of MBA to go for similar Managerial Economics Notes.

  • Managerial Economics, by Philip K.Y
  • Managerial Economics, by Dominick Salvatore
  • Managerial Economics: Analysis, Problems, Cases, 8th Edition
  • Yogesh Maheswari, Managerial Economics, Phi Learning,
    Newdelhi, 2005 Gupta G.S.,
  • Managerial Economics, Tata Mcgraw-Hill, New Delhi Moyer
  • Managerial Economics, Cengage Learning, Newdelhi, 2005 Geetika, Ghosh & Choudhury,
  • Managerial Economics, Tata Mcgrawhill, Newdelhi, 2011Barla C.S., Managerial Economics, National Publishing House, Raipur, 2000.
  • Craig Petersen H., W. Cris Lewis, Managerial Economics, Prentice-Hall of India, New Delhi, 2003.
  • Dominick Salvatore, Theory and Problems of Micro Economic Theory,
  • Schuam’s outline series, McGraw-Hill, Inc., 1992. Dewet K.K., Modern Economic Theory, Shyam Lal Charitable Trust, S. Chand and Company Ltd., New Delhi, 2005.
  • Mote V.L., Samuel Paul and G.S. Gupta, Managerial Economics Concepts and Cases, Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company Ltd., New Delhi, 2001.
  • Koutsoyiannis. A Modern Micro Economics, Macmillan Publishers Ltd., London, 1979.
  • A. Koutsoyiannis, Modern Micro Economics, Macmillan Publishers Ltd., London, 1979.
  • S.K. Misra and V.K. Puri, Economics of Development and Planning, Himalaya Publishing House, New Delhi, 2002.
  • Morris Dobb, “A Note on the so-called Degree of Capital-Intensity of Investment in Underdeveloped Countries”, in On Economic Theory and Socialism, London, 1955.

Purchase through Online

These are the related Managerial Economics that were available at Online Store. The mentioned list is the top Books which were available at the Stores at a very reasonable price. The candidates of B.Com and BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) also refer to these books which cover some of the tops in the subject.

  • Engineering & Managerial Economics
  • Study Guide for Managerial Economics by Hirschey
  • Managerial Economics Text and Cases

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