LSAT Syllabus PDF 2023 – Exam Pattern, Papers, Duration, Marking Scheme

LSAT Syllabus & Exam Pattern 2024: Law School Admission Council (LSAC) has released the LSAT Syllabus 2024 for the applicants to prepare. On this page, we have provided all the details about the LSAT USA Syllabus. The higher authorities will organize the Law School Admission Test in May 2024. LSAT-India is a test of reasoning and reading skills, not a test to check whether candidates happened to memorize the right things or not. The LSAT-India (एलएसएटी का सिलेबस) is a standardized test of reading & verbal reasoning skills designed by the USA-based LSAC for use by law schools in India. Hence, see to the below sections to download the LSAT Syllabus 2024 PDF.

In this overall details are similar to the Law School Admission Test. You can view or download the LSAT Syllabus 2024 PDF is also available on this page.

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LSAT Syllabus & Exam Pattern 2024 – Important Dates

As per the official website news, the various subjects in the LSAT are Reading Comprehension, Logical Reasoning & Analytical Reasoning. In addition to this, there will be a compulsory section that is writing a sample. Thus, the competitors can gather the LSAT Syllabus 2024 from this post. At the last of this page, we have provided all the topics of the subjects that are to be asked in the Law School Admission Test. Competitors can check the below table to know the dates of the exam. Hence, the candidates without wasting time need to prepare for the LSAT 2022.

LSAT Important Dates
Start date of filling the application formOctober 18, 2024
Last date of filling the application formJanuary 3, 2024
Availability of Admit CardMay 2024
LSAT Exam DateMay 9, 2024
Result Declaration dateJune 2024

LSAT Syllabus 2024 – Important Topics

Reading Comprehension

It measures a candidate’s ability to read, understand and give insights into passages. The questions asked in the passage will be related to the following characteristics.

  • Principles that function in the selection
  • The main idea or primary purpose
  • The organization or structure
  • Analogies to claims or arguments in the choice
  • Information that is explicitly stated
  • An author’s attitude as revealed in the tone of a passage or the language used
  • The application of data in the selection to a new context
  • Information or ideas that can be inferred
  • The meaning or purpose of words or phrases as used in the context
  • The impact of more details on claims or arguments in the selection

Analytical Reasoning

  • Understanding what could be true or must be true from given facts and rules
  • Recognizing when two statements are logically equivalent in context by identifying a condition or state that could replace one of the original conditions while still resulting in the same possible outcomes
  • Inferring what could be true or must be true from given facts and rules together with new information in the form of an additional or substitute fact or rule
  • Comprehending the basic structure of a set of relationships by determining a complete solution to the problem posed
  • Reasoning with conditional (“if-then”) statements and recognizing logically equivalent formulations of such statements

Logical Reasoning

  • Determining how additional evidence affects an argument
  • Knowing the parts of a case and their relationships
  • Detecting assumptions made by particular arguments
  • Identifying explanations
  • Recognizing similarities and differences between patterns of reasoning
  • Reasoning by analogy
  • Identifying and applying principles or rules
  • Recognizing misunderstandings or points of disagreement
  • Identifying flaws in arguments
  • Drawing well-supported conclusions

LSAT 2024 Exam Papers & Subjects

The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is a standardized test required for admission to most law schools in the United States and Canada. It assesses reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, and logical reasoning skills, which are essential for success in law school.

The LSAT consists of five multiple-choice sections, including one unscored experimental section, and one unscored writing sample. The test is approximately 3.5 hours long, including a 15-minute break.

The five multiple-choice sections are:

  • Logical Reasoning (two sections): These sections measure the ability to analyze and evaluate arguments, identify flaws in reasoning, and draw conclusions based on given information.
  • Reading Comprehension: This section measures the ability to read and understand complex texts, identify main ideas, and draw inferences.
  • Analytical Reasoning (Logic Games): This section measures the ability to understand and analyze relationships among objects and concepts, and to draw conclusions based on those relationships.
  • Experimental Section: This section is unscored and can be any of the above three sections. It is used by the test makers to test new questions and determine their difficulty level for future tests.
  • Writing Sample: This section requires test-takers to write an essay in response to a prompt, which is then sent to law schools as part of the application.

The LSAT is administered several times a year at designated testing centers. Test-takers can choose to take the test on a Saturday or a Monday, and scores are released approximately three weeks after the test date.

LSAT Exam Pattern 2024

The LSAT—India is a paper-and-pencil test with four sections. The sections on the Law School Admission Test India may appear in any order, but the test always contains 2 sections of logical reasoning questions, one section of analytical reasoning questions, and 1 section of reading comprehension questions. The time of each section is 35 minutes. All questions are multiple-choice given in the LSAT 2022 Entrance Test.


Questions (Approx)

Duration of Examination

Analytical Reasoning20 Questions35 Minutes
First Logical Reasoning23 Questions35 Minutes
Second Logical Reasoning24 Questions35 Minutes
Reading Comprehension25  Questions35 Minutes


92-100 questions

2 hours and 20 minutes

Note: There is no -Ve marking or penalty for Response in the OMR Sheet. Only correct answers contribute to a student’s score. Therefore, candidates should leave no question unanswered and guess on those questions they cannot carefully consider.

LSAT Syllabus 2024 Exam Duration, marks

The LSAT (Law School Admission Test) is a standardized exam used for admission to law schools in the United States, Canada, and some other countries. The exam consists of multiple-choice questions and a writing sample, and measures reading and analytical reasoning skills.

The LSAT exam has a total duration of 3 hours and 30 minutes, including a 35-minute writing sample. The multiple-choice section of the exam has 4 scored sections and one unscored experimental section. The unscored experimental section is used for research purposes, and is not identified on the exam, so it is important to treat all sections as if they are scored.

Each scored section of the LSAT consists of 35 minutes and contains approximately 24 to 28 questions. The scoring range for the LSAT is 120 to 180, with 180 being the highest possible score.

It is important to note that law schools typically consider the highest LSAT score when evaluating applications, so students may take the exam multiple times in order to achieve their desired score. However, it is recommended to prepare thoroughly for the exam and take it only when fully prepared, as scores may be negatively impacted by multiple attempts without significant improvement.

LSAT 2024 Negative Marking Scheme

On the LSAT, there is no penalty for unanswered questions, so it is always better to skip a question than to guess and risk losing points. However, for every incorrect answer, one-fourth of a point is deducted from the raw score. This means that if a question has five possible answer choices and a test-taker answers incorrectly, they will lose 0.25 points from their raw score.

It is important to note that the LSAT does not deduct points for unanswered or omitted questions, so test-takers should only answer questions that they are confident about. It is also important to pace oneself during the test, as there is a strict time limit for each section, and guessing on too many questions can result in a lower overall score due to the negative marking scheme.

Download the LSAT 2024 Syllabus PDF

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LSAT 2024 Syllabus & Exam Pattern FAQs

What is LSAT?

LSAT stands for Law School Admission Test. It is a standardized test administered by the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) to assess the reading and analytical skills of law school candidates.

What is the syllabus for LSAT?

The LSAT syllabus includes four sections: Analytical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning (two sections), and Reading Comprehension. The test also includes an unscored writing sample.

How long is the LSAT?

The LSAT is a 3.5-hour exam, including a 35-minute unscored writing sample.

How many questions are on the LSAT?

The LSAT includes 99-100 multiple-choice questions, plus one unscored writing sample.

How is the LSAT scored?

The LSAT is scored on a scale of 120 to 180, with a median score of 150. Scores are based on the number of correct answers, and there is no penalty for incorrect answers.

How many times can you take the LSAT?

You can take the LSAT up to three times in any two-year period.

How often is the LSAT offered?

The LSAT is offered six times per year in North America and several times a year internationally.

How do I register for the LSAT?

You can register for the LSAT on the LSAC website.

How much does it cost to take the LSAT?

The cost to take the LSAT varies by location, but typically ranges from $200 to $250.

How long does it take to get LSAT scores?

LSAT scores are usually released about three weeks after the test date.

What is a good LSAT score?

A good LSAT score varies depending on the law school you are applying to, but generally, a score of 160 or higher is considered a competitive score.

How long are LSAT scores valid?

LSAT scores are valid for five years.

In this page, we have given the information about the LSAT Entrance Exam 2024. So, refer to the LSAT Syllabus & Exam Pattern (एलएसएटी परीक्षा पैटर्न) article and if you have any confusion give a comment via the comment box or move to the official website notification. Don’t forget to share this page with our friends and family.

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