GLAT Question Paper 2024 – Previous Question Papers with Answer

Check out the latest topic on the Law Entrance Test of GLAT Question Papers 2023 – Previous Question Papers with Answer Free Download.  Geeta Institute of Law has the unique distinction as one of the best Law Institute in the state of Haryana offering BA. LLB (Hons.) 5 Years/BBA. LL.B (Hons.) 5 Years, LL.B (3 years) and LL.M (2 years). The GIL Exam Conducting Authority Release the Entrance Test (GLAT प्रश्न पत्र) Previous Question papers for candidate preparations. The Applied candidates can Download the Question papers to get the Idea on Marking Scheme, Pattern, Subject Required marks.

In our Previous Post, you can get the Complete Details on the GLAT LLM, LLB Test like Eligibility, Test Pattern, Syllabus, and Much more About the Entrance Test. The Applied Candidates Can Download the Application Form, Registration Procedure, Admit Card, Result. Refer the following Links for Better Information on GLAT LLB, LLM.

About GLAT

Geeta Institute of Law strongly emerged as one of the best law institutes in the State of Haryana offering BA. LL.B (Hons.) 5 Years, BBA. LL.B (Hons.) 5 Years, LL.B (3 years) and LL.M (2 years). The institute was granted affiliation by Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra in 2007 and the affiliation has been approved by the Bar Council of India.

GLAT Full Form is Geeta Law Admission Test

How to Prepare for the Entrance Exam?

  • The best source is to refer the past question papers and practice those model papers.
  • When we refer to the previous question papers then we automatically know the important topics and type of the questions. Motivation and planning in the study are mandatory.
  • For good motivation visit coaching centers and motivate yourself. Put small daily targets, weekly targets and revise the subject or topic as many times as possible until you are perfect on that.

GLAT Syllabus and Exam Pattern

Exam Pattern:

SectionNo. of QuestionsMaximum Marks
English Including Comparison50 Ques50 Marks
General Knowledge50 Ques50 Marks
Legal Aptitude50 Ques50 Marks
Logical Reasoning50 Ques50 Marks
Total200 Ques200 Marks

GLAT Syllabus

The Entrance Test consists of four Sections with 200 Questions. Each Question carries One Mark with a total of 200 Marks. The Subject topics in the Entrance Test are English Including Comparison, General Knowledge, Legal Aptitude, Logical Reasoning. The GLAT is similar to CLAT so candidates can follow the Books of CLAT for GLAT Entrance test Preparation.

GLAT Contact Address

Geeta Institute of Law
Opposite DPS Panipat City,
GT Road, Panipat, Haryana

For More Information You can follow the Official Website of the Geeta Institute of Law. The Entrance Test Applied Candidates Can Download the Official Question paper with Answer Key from the Website of GLAT 2023 Exam.

Download GLAT Question Papers 2024

The Geeta Institute of Law Releases the GLAT Question Papers 2023 of Law entrance Test conducting Authority Release for Registered candidates. The Applicants can Download the Previous Question papers from the Official Website also. Here we Provide the GLAT 2023 Previous Question Papers for candidate Reference. The GLAT 2023 Test is going to conduct in May 2023. The results will be available in June 2023. The GLAT 2023 Counseling/Admissions Date in July 2023 and the Classes will be commenced from July 2023

GLAT Previous Question papers Download pdf

The Question Papers of the Entrance Test can be Available on the Official Website for candidate Reference. The candidate can refer to the Previous Test Papers for the Applying Exam.

👉🏻GLAT Sample Question Paper📝

👉🏻Previous Question paper Download 📝

GLAT Question Papers with Answers

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GLAT Sample Question Papers

  • GLAT BA. LL.B (Hons.) 5 Years Sample Question Papers – Download
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GLAT Model Question Papers

  • GLAT English Model Question Papers – Download
  • GLAT General Knowledge Model Question Papers – Download
  • GLAT Legal Aptitude Model Question Papers – Download
  • GLAT Logical Reasoning Model Question Papers – Download

How to Download GLAT Question Papers

To download GLAT question papers, you generally need to visit the official website of the organization or institution that conducts the exam. Here is a general outline of the steps you can follow:

  • Identify the official website: Search for the official website of the organization or institution that administers the GLAT exam. This can usually be found through an internet search or by contacting the relevant educational institution.
  • Navigate to the exam section: Once you are on the official website, look for a section related to admissions, exams, or assessments. Look for information specifically related to the GLAT exam.
  • Check for sample papers: Some organizations provide sample question papers on their websites to give candidates an idea of the exam format and types of questions. Check if sample papers are available for download. These sample papers can be helpful in your preparation.
  • Look for past papers: In some cases, previous years’ question papers may be available for download. These past papers can be valuable resources for understanding the exam pattern and practicing with real questions. Look for a separate section for past papers or search within the exam-related pages.
  • Follow any registration requirements: Some organizations may require you to register or create an account before accessing the question papers. If there is a registration process, follow the instructions provided.
  • Download the question papers: Once you have found the appropriate section or past paper, you should be able to download the question papers in a suitable format, such as PDF or Word documents. Click on the download link/button and save the file to your computer or device.

Remember to respect any copyright restrictions that may be applicable to the question papers. Use the downloaded question papers responsibly for your preparation and avoid any unauthorized distribution or publication.

Since the specifics of the GLAT exam can vary depending on the country or institution, it is always best to refer to the official website or contact the relevant authorities for accurate and up-to-date information on downloading the question papers.

FAQS for GLAT Question Paper 2024 – Previous Question Papers with Answer

What is GLAT?

GLAT stands for the Geetha Law Admission Test. It is a standardized entrance examination conducted for admission into various law programs offered by participating universities and institutions.

Are previous question papers available for GLAT?

Previous question papers for GLAT may be available depending on the policies of the organization that conducts the exam.

How can I obtain previous GLAT question papers with answers?

To obtain previous GLAT question papers with answers, you should reach out to the organization or institution responsible for conducting the GLAT. They may have a dedicated website or contact information where you can inquire about the availability of previous papers.

Why are previous question papers important for GLAT preparation?

Previous question papers can be valuable resources for GLAT preparation. They give you a sense of the exam format, types of questions asked, and the level of difficulty. By practicing with previous papers, you can familiarize yourself with the exam pattern and work on improving your time management and problem-solving skills.

Can I find GLAT question papers and answers online?

It’s possible that you may find some GLAT question papers and answers online, particularly if the organization conducting the exam releases them or if candidates share their experiences. You can try searching on educational forums, websites, or social media platforms dedicated to law entrance exams. However, be cautious of the accuracy and reliability of the sources you find online.

Is it legal to access and use previous GLAT question papers?

The legality of accessing and using previous GLAT question papers depends on the policies set by the organization conducting the exam. Some organizations may freely distribute previous papers, while others may consider it a violation of copyright or intellectual property rights. It’s best to refer to the guidelines provided by the official GLAT authorities to ensure you are acting within the boundaries of the law.

How can I prepare for GLAT without previous question papers?

While previous question papers can be helpful, they are not the only resource for GLAT preparation. You can focus on other aspects of preparation, such as studying the relevant subjects, practicing sample questions, reviewing legal concepts, and enhancing your critical thinking and analytical skills. Additionally, consider utilizing study guides, textbooks, online courses, and mock exams specifically designed for law entrance exams.

Are there any alternative resources available for GLAT preparation?

Yes, several alternative resources can aid in your GLAT preparation. Some of these resources include study guides, textbooks on legal subjects, online courses and tutorials, mock exams, practice question banks, and legal reasoning and analytical thinking books. Additionally, you can seek guidance from teachers, mentors, or join coaching institutes that specialize in law entrance exam preparation.

How can I improve my performance in GLAT without relying solely on previous question papers?

To improve your performance in GLAT, consider a well-rounded approach to preparation. Focus on understanding legal concepts, improving your analytical and logical reasoning skills, and enhancing your comprehension and critical thinking abilities. Additionally, practicing with sample questions, mock exams, and participating in group discussions or debates on legal topics can help sharpen your skills and boost your confidence.

Can I access GLAT question papers from other countries?

The availability of GLAT question papers from other countries may vary. Different countries or institutions may have their own specific entrance exams for law programs. It’s best to research the specific country or institution you’re interested in and visit their official website or contact them directly for information regarding their law entrance exams and the availability of previous question papers.

Where can I find previous GLAT question papers?

The availability of previous GLAT question papers may vary. You can try contacting the official GLAT organizing body or conducting an online search to find any publicly available question papers.

Why should I practice previous GLAT question papers?

Practicing previous GLAT question papers can be beneficial for several reasons. It helps you become familiar with the exam format, understand the types of questions asked, and identify areas where you need improvement. It also provides an opportunity to practice time management and develop effective strategies for answering questions.

Are the previous GLAT question papers available with answers?

The availability of previous GLAT question papers with answers may vary. Some sources might provide answer keys along with the question papers, while others may not. It’s recommended to check with the official GLAT organizing body or refer to reputable coaching centers or online platforms that specialize in law entrance exams.

How can I access previous GLAT question papers?

Here are a few ways you can access previous GLAT question papers:
1. Contact the official GLAT organizing body or the institution conducting the exam to inquire about the availability of question papers.
2. Check the official GLAT website or its affiliated institutions’ websites for any resources or question papers they may provide.
3. Join online forums or communities related to law entrance exams, as members might share previous question papers.
4. Look for coaching centers or websites that specialize in law entrance exams, as they might have question papers available for practice.

How should I use previous GLAT question papers for preparation?

Here’s how you can effectively use previous GLAT question papers for preparation:
1. Start by taking a timed, simulated exam using a previous GLAT question paper to understand the exam format and time constraints.
2. Attempt the questions without referring to the answers initially to gauge your current level of understanding and identify areas of weakness.
3. Once you have completed the paper, compare your answers with the provided answer key (if available) to assess your performance and identify mistakes.
4. Analyze the questions you answered incorrectly or had difficulty with and understand the concepts or topics you need to focus on during further preparation.
5. Repeat the process with additional question papers to gain more practice and improve your performance gradually.

Can previous GLAT question papers guarantee success in the exam?

While practicing previous GLAT question papers can be a helpful part of your preparation, they cannot guarantee success on their own. GLAT is a comprehensive examination that assesses various aspects of legal aptitude, logical reasoning, and critical thinking. It is important to study the relevant subjects, stay updated with current affairs, and develop strong analytical skills to perform well in the exam. Therefore, using previous question papers as a tool alongside comprehensive preparation will increase your chances of success.

Are previous GLAT question papers the only resource for preparation?

No, previous GLAT question papers should be used as a supplementary resource alongside other preparation material. It is recommended to refer to textbooks, study guides, legal publications, and online resources that cover the relevant subjects tested in the GLAT. Additionally, mock tests, sample papers, and solving questions from various sources can enhance your overall preparation.

Can I rely solely on previous GLAT question papers for my preparation?

It is not advisable to rely solely on previous GLAT question papers for preparation. While they provide an understanding of the exam pattern and help in practicing time management, relying solely on them may limit your knowledge and understanding of the subjects being tested. It is crucial to study from multiple resources, understand the underlying concepts, and practice a wide range of questions to develop a strong foundation and improve your chances of success.

Is it legal to distribute or share previous GLAT question papers?

It depends on the terms and conditions set by the GLAT organizing body or the institution conducting the exam. Generally, distributing or sharing copyrighted material, such as previous GLAT question papers, without proper authorization is considered a violation of intellectual property rights. It is recommended to obtain question papers from authorized sources, such as the official GLAT website or affiliated institutions, to ensure compliance with legal requirements.

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