UPSC Calendar 2019 pdf – Civil Services Exam Dates (Date Sheet)

UPSC has released UPSC Exam Calendar 2019. This is the Annual Calendar 2019 which includes all the UPSC exam dates, Date of Notification and Date of Commencement of Exam in the year of 2019. Download UPSC Calendar 2019 pdf to check latest upsc exam dates and last date apply for various UPSC exams. You can check Latest UPSC Notifications 2019 at here.

UPSC Calendar 2019 – Exam Dates

S.NoName of ExaminationDate of NotificationLast Date for

receipt of


Date of


of Exam

Duration of Exam
1Engineering Services (Preliminary) Examination, 202025.09.201915.10.201905.01.2020 (SUNDAY)1 DAY
2Combined Geo-Scientist (Preliminary) Examination, 202025.09.201915.10.201919.01.2020 (SUNDAY)1 DAY
3Reserved for UPSC RT/ Examination  19.01.2020 (SUNDAY)1 DAY
4C.D.S. Examination (I), 202030.10.201919.11.201902.02.2020 (SUNDAY)1 DAY
5Reserved for UPSC RT/ Examination  23.02.2020 (SUNDAY)1 DAY
6CISF AC(EXE) LDCE-202004.12.201924.12.201901.03.2020 (SUNDAY)1 DAY
7Reserved for UPSC RT/ Examination  08.03.2020 (SUNDAY)1 DAY
8N.D.A. & N.A. Examination (I), 202008.01.202028.01.202019.04.2020 (SUNDAY)1 DAY
9Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination, 202012.02.202003.03.202031.05.2020 (SUNDAY)1 DAY
10Indian Forest Service (Preliminary) Examination, 2020 through CS(P) Examination 2020
11I.E.S./I.S.S. Examination, 202025.03.202013.04.202026.06.2020 (FRIDAY)3 DAYS
12Combined Geo-Scientist (Main) Examination, 2020  27.06.2020 (SATURDAY)2 DAYS
13Engineering Services (Main) Examination, 2020  28.06.2020 (SUNDAY)1 DAY
14Reserved for UPSC RT/ Examination  05.07.2020 (SUNDAY)1 DAY
15Combined Medical Services Examination, 202008.04.202028.04.202019.07.2020 (SUNDAY)1 DAY
16Central Armed Police Forces (ACs) Examination, 202022.04.202012.05.202009.08.2020 (SUNDAY)1 DAY
17Reserved for UPSC RT/ Examination  23.08.2020 (SUNDAY)1 DAY
18N.D.A. & N.A. Examination (II), 202010.06.202030.06.202006.09.2020 (SUNDAY)1 DAY
19Reserved for UPSC RT/ Examination  13.09.2020 (SUNDAY)1 DAY
20Civil Services (Main) Examination, 2020  18.09.2020 (FRIDAY)5 DAYS
21Reserved for UPSC RT/ Examination  04.10.2020 (SUNDAY)1 DAY
22C.D.S. Examination (II), 202005.08.202025.08.202008.11.2020 (SUNDAY)1 DAY
23Indian Forest Service (Main) Examination, 2020  22.11.2020 (SUNDAY)10 DAYS
24S.O./Steno (GD-B/GD-I) LDCE16.09.202006.10.202012.12.2020 (SATURDAY)2 DAYS
25Reserved for UPSC RT/ Examination  20.12.2020 (SUNDAY)1 DAY


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