NCERT Class 9 Information and Communication Technology 2021 Text Book in PDF


NCERT Class 9 Information and Communication Technology: Here in this article we provided the details of the Class IX Information and Communication Technology book which is published by NCERTCBSE has updated the 9th Class ICT syllabus to NCERT from this academic year 2020-21.

NCERT Class 9 Information and Communication Technology

Self-study should be maintained by class 9 students. For this process, good guidance and books should be available. NCERT has designed such books. NCERT Class 9 Information and Communication Technology is one of those books.

Download NCERT Class9 Information and Communication Technology
Publication / AuthorNCERT
Academic Year2020-21
ClassClass 9
SubjectInformation and Communication Technology
Book TitleInformation and Communication Technology
CategoryNCERT Books
No. of Chapters8
Language MediumEnglish
EditionMarch 2020

Chapters and Units of Class IX ICT

NCERT Class 9 Information and Communication Technology book has 8 chapters in it. They are

  1. Introduction to ICT
  2. Creating Textual Communication
  3. Creating Visual Communication
  4. Creating Audio-Video Communication
  5. Presenting Ideas
  6. Getting Connected: Internet
  7. Safety and Security in the Cyber World
  8. Fun with Logic

Download Class 9 Information and Communication Technology Chapterwise

The download links of all chapters in 9th Class Information and Communication Technology are provided here. For the convenience of the students, a full textbook pdf download link is also mentioned here.

NCERT Class 9 Information and Communication Technology
Chapter – 1Introduction to ICTDownload
Chapter – 2Creating Textual CommunicationDownload
Chapter – 3Creating Visual CommunicationDownload
Chapter – 4Creating Audio-Video CommunicationDownload
Chapter – 5Presenting IdeasDownload
Chapter – 6Getting Connected: InternetDownload
Chapter – 7Safety and Security in the Cyber WorldDownload
Chapter – 8Fun with LogicDownload

Necessities of 9th Class student

The following are the necessities of a student studying NCERT Class 9 Information and Communication Technology

  1. Effective teaching and care make the student fond of Education.
  2. Only a healthy child can learn effectively and good health leads to better learning capacity of the student.
  3. Many activities are necessary for the development of the effective study of the Class IX student.
  4. The activities like games and sport, art and music, craftwork, etc. make a student put interest on studies along with them.
  5. They do develop their mindsets towards friends once they start learning in the new formations.

Guidelines to study/ Prepare for 9th Class ICT Syllabus

Experienced teachers and professors have tried a lot in designing these NCERT books.

  1. Study all the syllabus related to the subject.
  2. While studying mark all the tough words and spellings for revision.
  3. Complete the revision of the syllabus at least twice before the exam.
  4. After the revision completes, once memorize all the questions and start practicing hard spellings and words. Now you are all set to have your exam.

NCERT Class 9 Information & Communication Technology – Importance/ Use

  1. This is the new syllabus introduced in IX Class by NCERT in order to make sure that the student should know all about Technology.
  2. What is technology?? This is the first question that rises from a student. The answer is ” The Scientific study of a particular thing or substance” is called Technology.
  3. The thing we need nowadays is “to lessen our heavy workload” is called technology.
  4. Then what is “Information & Communication Technology”??
  5. The study of the things that are used to make our work simpler and easier in different methods is called  Information & Communication Technology.
  6. By learning this subject we learn many things related to technology and communication.
  7. Cybercrimes and data theft cases can be solved using this study which is very useful.

Buy NCERT Class 9 Information & Communication Technology book at

Information and Communication Technology- Textbook of Class-9-977
  • NCERT (Author)
  • 02/25/2021 (Publication Date) - NCERT (Publisher)
NCERT Textbook for class 9th: Information and communication technology
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  • 02/25/2021 (Publication Date) - Generic (Publisher)
Information Technology : A Text book for Class 9 - Examination 2021-2022
  • Sumita Arora (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 304 Pages - 02/25/2021 (Publication Date) - Dhanpat Rai & Co. (Publisher)

This article contains the details of NCERT Class 9 Information & Communication Technology syllabus, Chapterwise download links, and also links for full textbook download. For any further details regarding this article follow our website and to clarify your doubts regarding CBSE Class IX Information & Communication Technology, connect us using the comment section below.

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