NCERT Class 3 Urdu Book 2022 – Download Class III Urdu Ibtedai Urdu -3

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Follow this article to know about the syllabus of  NCERT Class 3 Urdu Book and also to get pdfs of the chapters involved in NCERT Class 3 Urdu Book Ibtedai Urdu – 3. By following this article you can also find the link to download the full book of CBSE Class 3 Ibtedai Urdu – 3 book. National Council of Educational Research and Training(NCERT) is providing e-books for all subjects and for all levels of students.

NCERT Class 3 Urdu Book 

The books by NCERT allow the student to enjoy the education in a playful manner and at the same time he/she gains the knowledge in the right manner. These provide knowledge in terms of pictures.

Download NCERT Class 3 Urdu Book Ibtedai Urdu – 3
Publication / AuthorNCERT
Academic Year2020-21
ClassClass 3
Book TitleIbtedai Urdu – 1
CategoryNCERT Books
No. of Chapters27
Language MediumUrdu Medium
EditionApril 2020

Chapters and Units

NCERT Class 3 Urdu Book Ibtedai Urdu – 3 consists of the following 20 chapters. The pdf links are given below in a table.

Download NCERT Class 3 Urdu Text Book – Chapterwise

NCERT has provided pdf links for the Urdu Book Ibtedai Urdu – 3 chapter by chapter. But for the convenience of parents and students, the links of pdfs are given at a place in the table given below.

Ibtedai Urdu – 3 Chapter – 1Download
Ibtedai Urdu – 3 Chapter – 2Download
Ibtedai Urdu – 3 Chapter – 3Download
Ibtedai Urdu – 3 Chapter – 4Download
Ibtedai Urdu – 3 Chapter – 5Download
Ibtedai Urdu – 3 Chapter – 6Downloadf
Ibtedai Urdu – 3 Chapter – 7Download
Ibtedai Urdu – 3 Chapter – 8Download
Ibtedai Urdu – 3 Chapter – 9Download
Ibtedai Urdu – 3 Chapter – 10Download
Ibtedai Urdu – 3 Chapter – 11Download
Ibtedai Urdu – 3 Chapter – 12Download
Ibtedai Urdu – 3 Chapter – 13Download
Ibtedai Urdu – 3 Chapter – 14Download
Ibtedai Urdu – 3 Chapter – 15Download
Ibtedai Urdu – 3 Chapter – 16Download
Ibtedai Urdu – 3 Chapter – 17Download
Ibtedai Urdu – 3 Chapter – 18Download
Ibtedai Urdu – 3 Chapter – 19Download
Ibtedai Urdu – 3 Chapter – 20Download

Complete Class 3 Urdu Book Download

We have provided a link to download the full textbook of NCERT Class 3 Ibtedai Urdu -3. Download the full textbook here and practice thoroughly.

NCERT Class 3 Ibtedai Urdu – 3 book Full Download

CBSE Class 3 Urdu Subject Preparation Guide

Students should try to treat all the subjects equally. Urdu is also a subject and also it is one of our languages. So it should not be neglected. Practice makes a man perfect. The Urdu language needs a lot of preparation. For every preparation, there are 3 steps:-

  • Take a revision on “what did the teacher tell today in the Urdu class”.
  • See “what did the teacher give the homework”.
  • Once have a look at “what will the teacher tell tomorrow”.

These three steps make you complete the revision of the full Urdu syllabus without leaving any of the lessons. If these steps were practiced daily, the language of the students develop gradually, and also the Class 3 Urdu syllabus will be covered completely. The Urdu language will be very easy when once you start practicing and writing it in notes.

Why use NCERT books?

  1. NCERT Books not only gives education but also makes the student learn the subject in a proper way and allows the students to enjoy their education.
  2. These books are made especially for students as they are totally filled with pictures and drawing exercises.
  3. This type of education doesn’t give boredom to the students instead allows them to learn many exercises.

NCERT Books includes the CBSE syllabus which is the latest syllabus for the current edition of this academic year 2020-21. Very high end experienced teachers designed all the lessons in a simple language such that everyone understands the subject easily. We can find many solved & unsolved exercises for better practice at the end of every chapter.

If you are trying to know more about NCERT Class 3 Urdu Book (Ibtedai Urdu – 3) connect to us through the comment section and we are happy to answer your queries regarding NCERT Class 3 Urdu Book.

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