MLA Monthly Salary in India 2024 | State Wise MLA Basic Salary & Allowances

State Wise MLA Monthly Salary in India 2024: In India, As a common citizen we have a lot of doubts and queries regarding Average Monthly Salary of Government Officials in India like MLA / MP / CM or PM. Earlier we’ve provided details of MP Salary in India. Now in this article, we’ve listed the state wise MLA salary per month in India (Average Salary). Here you can get the details of Member of the Legislative Assembly – MLA Gross Salary (Basic pay), and other components like Daily AllowanceHRA – House Rent Allowances, Travelling Allowance, Medical Allowances, Constituency Allowance, etc are included in the Salary of an MLA in India.

Note: In the past 10 years, there has been around 1100% spike in Salaries of Indian MLAs. When compared to other foreign countries Member of the Legislative Assembly, the Indian MLA salary is higher.

About MLA Avg. Monthly Salary

It is a fact that In India, Average MLA salary is not the same for every state. Article 164 says that salaries are decided by their respective state legislatures.

  • Highest paid MLA in India – Telangana State
  • Lowest paid MLA in India – Tripura & Meghalaya
  • Highest MLA Salary – Rs.2,50,000 (Telangana)
  • Lowest MLA Salary – Rs. 20,000
  • Highest CM Salary (Chief Minister) – K Chandrashekhar Rao – Rs 4.21 lakh
  • Salary of India PM Narendra Modi – Total monthly pay – Rs. 1,60,000

MLA’s salary differs from state to state

MLA Salary hiked in India

Top 5 States – Higher MLA salary

  • MLA Salary in Telangana – Rs.2,50,000
  • MLA salary in Delhi – Rs.2,10,000
  • Madhya Pradesh Salary – Rs. Rs.2,10,000
  • Bihar MLA Salary – Rs.1,65,000
  • MLA Salary in Maharastra – Rs. 1,60,000

State Wise MLA Salary in India 2024

State nameTotal No. of MLA’sMLA Salary* Per Month
Andhra Pradesh (AP)175 Rs. 1,25,000
Arunachal Pradesh60 Rs. 25,000
Assam126 Rs. 60,000
Bihar243 Rs. 1,65,000
Chhattisgarh90 Rs. 1,35,000
Delhi70 Rs. 2,10,000
Goa40 Rs. 1,00,000
Gujarat182 Rs. 127,000
Haryana90 Rs. 1,15,000
Himachal Pradesh68 Rs. 1,25,000
Jammu & Kashmir87  Rs. 1,60,000 
Jharkhand81 Rs. 1,51,000
Karnataka224 Rs. 63,500
Kerala140 Rs. 43,750
Madhya Pradesh (MP)230 Rs. 2,10,000
Maharashtra288 Rs. 1,60,000
Manipur60 Rs. 1,12,500
Meghalaya60 Rs. 27,750
Mizoram40 Rs. 65,000
Nagaland60 Rs. 35,000
Odisha147 Rs. 35,000
Punjab117 Rs. 1,10,000
Rajasthan200 Rs. 55,000
Sikkim32 Rs. 52,000
Tamil Nadu234 Rs. 1,13,000
Telangana (TS)119 Rs. 2,50,000
Tripura60 Rs. 25,890
Uttar Pradesh (UP)403 Rs. 1,87,000
Uttarakhand70 Rs. 35,000
West Bengal294 Rs. 52,000
Puducherry30 Rs.1,05,000

So there is wide variation in MLA salaries across state assemblies.

*It includes Salary + DA + HRA + Travel Allowances, Constituency Allowances and other Compensatory Allowances.

State MLA Average Monthly Salary

We’ve given Average Salary and different allowances available for MLA in India. The following are the Allowances provided to An Indian MLA. But some of the allowances may differ from state to state and also average salary may differ from below given information.

Now in India, MLA Average Monthly Salary is more than 1 lakh

1.Average Salary and AllowancesPER MONTH
(b)Constituency AllowanceRs. 10000/-
(c)Contingency AllowanceRs. 5000/-
(d)Secretarial AllowanceRs. 5000/-
(e)Conveyance Allowance (cost of 200 liters of Petrol @ Rs. 69.12 as on October 2014)Rs.13824/-
(i)Telephone charges against the Govt. telephone installed at Hostel Residence at Dispur.Rs. 3000/-
(ii)Telephone charge installed at the Members residence in his/ her home Constituency.Rs. 2500/-



During the period of the Assembly Session and Committee Meetings. – Rs.2000/- per day.


A daily allowance @ Rs. 2000/- per day when his attendant is required during the Sessions of the Assembly or during the meetings of any Committee of the House of the which he/she is a Member or for attending any meeting of a Government Committee of which he/she is a Member or for attending any meeting convened by the Government:Rs. 2000/- Per day.

Provided that if the Members’ attendance if required at any place outside the State, he/she shall be entitled to daily allowance at the @ Rs.2000 per day.

Travelling Allowance (TA) and Travel Facilities

An MLA is entitled to the following allowances for the journeys performed for attending a Parliament Session or meeting of a Parliamentary Committee or for the purpose of attending any other business connected with the duties as a member from the usual place of residence to the place of duty and for return journey from such place to the usual place of residence:

  • By Rail: One free non-transferable First class AC or Executive class of any train pass and one First class and one Second class fare.
  • By Air: One and one-fourth airfare of the airlines in which the member travels.
  • By Road: Rs. 16/- per km.


A Mileage Allowance for the purpose of traveling on official duty by his/her own car or by private vehicle.Rs. 16/- Perk.m.


A Member may be an advanced loan for the purchase of Land or Building, Motor Car up to rupees fifteen lakhs to be repaid from out of his Salary and Pension respectively at the rate of interest six percent per annum :

Provided that a Member is entitled to draw a fresh loan if he or she has liquidated the earlier loan with interest.

Explanation:- For the purpose of applicability of this section, the members of the Council of Ministers including Chief Minister, Speaker, Deputy Speaker and Leader of the Opposition, Parliamentary Secretary in Assam Legislative Assembly shall be treated as Member.Rs.15,00.000/-


A member and the members of his/ her family shall receive the same Medical Attendance and treatment as are laid down for Senior Government Servant in all Government Hospital, Dispensaries, and other recognized Hospitals.


There shall be paid a pension of Rupees thirty thousand per mensem to every Ex-Member who has served for a period of 5 years or shorter than 5 years as a Member of the Assam Legislative Assembly after the commencement of the Constitution of India:

Provided that where any Ex-Member has served as aforesaid for more than one term, there shall be paid to him/her an additional pension amount of rupees three thousand for each term so served, however, the enhancement will be limited to a maximum of 4 terms.


An Ex-MLA who is entitled to pension under provisions of the Rules shall be entitled to a medical allowance at the rate of Rs. 15,000.00(fifteen thousand) per month:

Provided that an Ex-MLA who is holding any of the offices mentioned in the Rules such an Ex-MLA shall not be entitled to the medical allowance during the period in which he/she continued to hold such and office, such an Ex-MLA shall, however, be entitled to the medical allowance immediately after he relinquishes any such offices as mentioned in the Rule, if he is not otherwise entitled to any such medical allowance by virtue of his holding such office after relinquishment of the said office:

Provided further that if the amount receivable by him by virtue of his holding any of the offices mentioned in the rule, is less than the amount of Rupees Fifteen thousand than he /she shall be entitled to the difference of the two amounts.


Every Ex-Member of the Assam Legislative Assembly shall be provided with two free non-transferable passes which shall entitle him/her and his/her spouse or any other person accompanying him/her to look after and to assist him/her to travel at any time within the State of Assam by any public service (operated under A.S.T.C.) vehicle or by the Assam State Transport Corporation vehicle :
Provided that if the Ex-Member performs the journey with his/ her spouse or any other person accompanying him/her to look after and to assist him, by train or Air involving a higher cost of the fare, he shall not be entitled to receive more than his entitled amount of Rs. 40,000/- per annum payable to the Ex-member.


Family pension to the widow/widower of the Member shall be fixed at 50% of the amount of pension that the Ex-Member is entitled to draw at the time of his/her death subject to a minimum of Rupees three thousand per month. Also, the holder of family pension shall be entitled to draw Medical Allowances at the rate of Rupees Eight thousand per month along with the family pension.

Only in the last 3 years(2015-2017), Avg. Salary for MLA in various states has been hiked on an avg. 400% – 600%. You can get all Indian MLA Salary details through the IT Act. The above-given details are only based on collected information from various sources. Some of the details given above may be Incorrect. But Most of the details we collected are official government websites. you can also check State Government Official websites for various states MLA Salary details.


  1. It is not wrong that half of India wealth is spending on politics and politicians. Time to think and reshuffle the waging system. Politicians opposed each other in every issue but supports in salary hike. Even PM MODI also includes

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  4. After 58 yrs A Govt.Employee have to retire but there is no limit of Age or no qualification even then they are being paid to much salary . It is injustice with qualified student who are unemployed after getting too much degrees and other P.hd but thay are not posted . Our poetics is not serious for public domesdtic problems but they are hrssing . They should be paid only allowance for Ijlaas days. They are very burden on the Public Tax which they pay for basic facility. No education,Health service,No MRO for the crops,no markeeting , oN tv ALL PARIES are making fool to peaples. No roads,No railway line Abohar To Fazilka Line made in 50 years.It is not good for everyone. Public should be aware.

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    Only they told public to give up ur subcidy in lpg & senior citizens to give up concessions.
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