How to become Advertising Manager – Eligibility, Career Options, Salary, Job Duties

How to become Advertising Manager? So, for candidates who want to know the details about How to become Advertising Managers almost all details were mentioned on this page. Details like Top Courses, Top Institutes, Salary, etc to be Advertising Managers overall details have been covered.

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An advertising Manager will implements, develops, and manages a company’s advertising strategy from both sales, business, technical perspective. And, it was their job to manage and initiate discussions and oversees sales with agencies and sponsors. To start a career in the advertising field it is important to know some aspects about the course and How to become Advertising Managers.

How to become Advertising Manager

How to become Advertising Managers required details were mentioned below in a table format for the candidates i.e Eligibility, Top Institutes, Salary, etc…

Education QualificationAdvertising Managers
EligibilityBachelor Degree in Advertising or Journalism
Top Institutes
  • Indian Institute of Mass Communication
  • Manav Rachana University
  • Jagran University of Management and Mass Communication
SalaryRs 20,000-65,000 Per Month
Top Courses
  • Diploma in Public Relations and Advertising
  • BA Advertising
  • BA Advertising and PR
Best Cites
  • New Delhi
  • Faridabad
  • Mumbai
Job Duties
  • Advertising Managers should have to work with the staff to generate ideas for an advertising campaign.
  • Advertising Managers will have to work with the clients and the advertising which develops and places the ads.
Career Options
  • Marketing Director
  • Marketing Administration
  • Advertising Director
Related Career
  • Promotion Directors
  • VPs of Marketing
  • VPs of Promotions
Career SectorAdvertising

The Most Important Skills to be an Advertiser needed creativity, project management, communication, media, marketing, personal mastery, etc…

Skills required to become an Advertising Managers

  • Creativity
  • Analytical Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Decision – Making Skills
  • Organizational Skills

The main job of an advertisement is to convey messages to people that persuade them to buy commercial products and also have to draw attention towards social issues. As per the study of FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry), the size of the advertising in India can touch a figure is by Rs 3, 11, 220 crores by 2022.

Advertising Manager Eligibility

Advertising Managers Eligibility requires a bachelor’s degree in most promotions, advertising, marketing management positions. Some employers prefer a bachelor’s degree in journalism or advertising. And, some relevant courses that may also study includes classes in market research, advertising, sales, communication methods, photography, visual arts, art history.

Top Institutes

Top Institutes were mentioned below which offering this Advertising Manager Courses by providing the training and improving the students day by day by conducting some exercises for them. And, below are the Top Institutes lists which the candidates can refer to.

Top Courses

  • BA Advertising (Bachelor of Arts in Advertising)
  • Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication
  • BA Advertising and Brand Management (Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Brand Management)

Above is the list of the top courses for the candidates who want to become Advertising Managers. The candidates who want to start a career in advertising can choose those courses.

Job Duties of Advertising Manager

An Advertising Manager has to perform and maintain the below-mentioned job duties. And, all these roles were typically done only by the Advertising Managers only.

  • Have to develop the pricing the strategies for products to be marketed, balancing the goals of firms with customers satisfaction.
  • And, also they have to gather and organize information to plan advertising campaigns.
  • They have to plan the advertising, including which media have to advertise in, such as television, radio, online, billboards, etc…
  • Direct the hiring of promotions, advertising, and marketing staff and oversees their daily activities.

Best Cities

Below are the best cities for both studying and can place in a good company in the field of advertising. Because those are offering best career aspects for the candidates who want to become as Advertising Managers.

  • Bangalore
  • Mumbai
  • New Delhi

Related Careers

Additionally, the advertising manager will specialize in advertising, or in a particular field. For example, media directors will determine the way in which an advertising campaign reaches customers. They can use all of the various media, including television, radio, magazines, newspapers, etc…

  • Promotion Directors
  • VPs of Marketing
  • Internet Marketing Manager

Career Options

These advertising managers will also meet the finance department to prepare the cost estimation and budget management for the advertising campaign.

  • Marketing Director
  • Marketing Administration
  • Classified Advertising Manager

Career Sector

The best Career sector to become an Advertising Manager is candidates have to choose their career path in the advertising only. So, then only they can build their career path in the media sector.


Candidates who don’t have even 1 year of experience can expect to earn an average salary like compensation i.e bonus, tips, overtime pay, etc… And, we mentioned the salary for both Freshers and candidates who are having 5 years of experience.

For Freshers₹ 20,000 Per Month
For 5 Experiences₹ 70, 000 Per Month

How to become Advertising Manager complete information was mentioned above. For, more details subscribe to our website. And information like Related Careers, Careers Options, etc to become Advertising Manager was mentioned.

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