AIHMCT WAT Result 2024 (Released) – Check Merit List, Selection Criteria

AIHMCT WAT Result 2024: Check the AIHMCT Written Admission Test Results in the academic year of 2024 details are here. Candidates appearing in the written admission test would want to know the status of their performance almost immediately after they step out of the exam hall. However, that is not possible. You will have to wait a bit for that. To Check Out the AIHMCT WAT Results of 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019 Recent & Previous Years.

It usually takes a time of around 2-4 weeks for the result (AIHMCT వాట్ ఫలితాలు) declaration. This year the AIHMCT WAT 2024 exam was scheduled for May 2024 and the result for the same is announced in May 2024. Well! The mode of result announcement is online but not at candidate login but in the form of a pdf file.

After the examination, the institute has published a list of candidates who will be the shortlisted lot. First and foremost, these shortlisted candidates will be sent an offer of admission. And the candidates will have to confirm this. To confirm the offer of admission, they shall submit their consent or admission through mail medium. In this article, all the information is completely related to the Army Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology (AIHMCT). You can view or download the AIHMCT Written Admission Test Result 2024 PDF is also available in this article.

About AIHMCT (Army Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology)

Army Institute of Fashion Design was established as a not-for-profit, private autonomous university under the Army Institute of Fashion Design Act 2010 of the Karnataka Legislature in India. The university aims at facilitating systemic change in education and allied development areas by conducting extensive research, developing new talent, and creating domain knowledge. The Army Institute of Fashion Design Foundation is the sponsor of the university. Azim Premji is the chancellor of the university.
The university offers courses in M.A. in Education and M.A. in Development, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.). Specializations are offered in the Humanities (combined History, Literature, and Philosophy), Sciences (Physics, Biology), and Economics. The campus is located in Bangalore, Karnataka.

AIHMCT Courses

AIHMCT is likely to offer courses related to hotel management and catering technology, these courses could include:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Management and Catering Technology: This is typically a 3-4 year undergraduate program that covers various aspects of hotel management, culinary arts, food and beverage service, housekeeping, front office operations, and more.
  2. Diploma or Certificate Courses: AIHMCT might offer shorter-duration courses that focus on specific areas of the hospitality industry, such as culinary arts, bakery and confectionery, food and beverage management, housekeeping operations, and event management.
  3. Postgraduate Programs: Some institutions offer postgraduate programs in fields like hospitality management, tourism management, and related areas. These programs usually require a bachelor’s degree as a prerequisite.
  4. Specialized Courses: AIHMCT might offer specialized courses in areas such as hospitality marketing, revenue management, hotel administration, and more.

AIHMCT Written Admission Test Result 2024

Below is the AIHMCT Written Admission Test Result 2024 were mentioned in below table format for the scholars. And the candidates who don’t know that How to Apply for the Application form please visit the official website. There you can get the complete overall details.

EventsDates (Tentative)
The application process of AIHMCT WAT BeginsThird week of February 2024
Last date of submitting AIHMCT WAT application formThird week of March 2024
Admit card of AIHMCT WAT releaseSecond week of April 2024
AIHMCT WAT 2024First week of May 2024
AIHMCT WAT result announcementFourth week of May 2024
Counseling and admission sessionJune 2024
Chairman’s Address to parents and studentsJune 2024
Class commencementTo be announced
 AIHMCT Online Admission Test 2024August 2024

AIHMCT Written Admission Test Result 2024 – Important Dates

AIHMCT WAT Result: Dates regarding AIHMCT 2024 Result has been released by the university. All the dates regarding AIHMCT 2024 are given in the table below.

Name of the EventsImportant Dates
Entrance exam dates2nd week May 2024
Result declaration dates2nd week of May 2024
Last date with a draft of Rs 15000/- as confirmation for admission2nd week of June 2024
Counseling and Admission session as per merit list3rd week of June 2024
Chairmen’s address to parents & studentsLast week of June 2024
Commencement of course1st week of Jul 2024

Previous Year Dates

AIHMCT 2022: ResultsImportant Dates 
Written Admission Test 17 May 2022
Declaration of results30 May 2022
Counseling Schedule date27 June 2022

AIHMCT WAT Result 2024

AIHMCT Written Admission Test Result 2024: The Army Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (AIHMCT) Written Admission Test 2024 result is uploaded online on the official website at Based on the performance in the written test, candidates will be shortlisted. These candidates will be sent offers of admission to which they will have to respond and confirm their interest by email mode. For that purpose, they will draw a DD in favor of the Army Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology. And, also the candidates can download the Scorecard and Results List, Answer Key as well.  The Scholars can check the tie-breaking and also download the results.

AIHMCT WAT Result 2024 – Click Here

AIHMCT WAT Results Official Website – Click Here

AIHMCT WAT Previous Year Results

Here we have given AIHMCT WAT Previous Year Results in the below links:

How to check the AIHMCT WAT Result 2024

  • Visit the official website at
  • The link of the result of AIHMCT WAT 2024 is also be embedded on our site.
  • The link will land the readers on the result page
  • There will be a file embedded on the page titled AIHM & CT WAT Result 2024
  • Select the file and check whether your name has been included in the list.

AIHMCT Admission Counselling 2024

On the basis of performance in the WAT, candidates will be called for counseling at AIHM&CT, Bangalore. The final selection will be based on the performance in the Written Admission Test followed by a personal interview. The first 60 merit-listed candidates will be offered admission. The decision of the Managing Committee in the selection of the candidates will be final.

The candidates appearing to attend the counseling of AIHMCT 2024 must bring the certificates, in original along with “Certified True Copy” in quadruplicate (preferably photostat copies duly attested) and submit all the certificates to this Institute at the time of counseling and documentation for admission.

AIHMCT Written Admission Test 2024 Merit list

The Army Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (AIHM & CT) will display the merit list reflecting the status of the candidates who get provisionally selected. The merit list will be uploaded online on the official website at

Last year, the merit list was prepared based on the receipt of confirmation along with registration fees. The list contained the Serial number, Merit Number, Application Number, name of the candidate. A total of 60 candidates were selected and the highest rank was awarded to Anushka Sinha. There were 10 candidates whose names were included in the waiting list. Candidates on the waiting list get admission if a vacancy arises.

AIHMCT WAT Selection Criteria

AIHMCT WAT Result: Admission to the BHM degree course at the Army Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Bangalore, is usually provided based on the performance of the candidates in the annually conducted WAT exam (Written Admission Test). At this point, admissions to the course are kept provisional until final confirmation regarding eligibility criteria from Bangalore University is decided. These candidates appear for counseling wherein they should produce their documents for verification and indicate their desired program and college. Next is paying the course fee to confirm the seat.

Download the AIHMCT Written Admission Test Result 2024

Download the AIHMCT Written Admission Test Result 2024Download

Frequently Asked Questions About AIHMCT WAT Result 2024 – Merit List, Selection Criteria, cut off Marks, Rank list & Admission Process

What information will be available in the AIHMCT WAT Result?

Candidates often want to know what details will be present in their AIHMCT WAT Result, such as overall scores, sectional scores, rank, and any additional information that might be relevant to their performance.

When will the AIHMCT WAT Results be announced?

The specific date for AIHMCT WAT Result announcements can vary from year to year. It’s best to check the official AIHMCT website or contact their admission office for the most accurate information.

How can I check my AIHMCT WAT Result?

AIHMCT WAT Results are usually published on the official website. You might need to enter your roll number or other credentials to access your result.

What information will be included in the AIHMCT WAT Result?

AIHMCT WAT Results typically include your individual scores in different sections of the exam, overall score, and sometimes your rank or merit position.

How can I get a physical copy of my AIHMCT WAT Result?

Some institutions provide a downloadable PDF copy of the AIHMCT WAT Result that you can print. If not, you might be able to request a physical copy from the institution’s admission office.

What if I have a discrepancy in my AIHMCT WAT Result?

If you believe there’s an error in your AIHMCT WAT Result, you should contact the AIHMCT admission office or relevant authority as soon as possible to get the issue resolved.

Will the AIHMCT WAT Result be sent to me via email or post?

This can vary depending on the institution’s practices. Some institutions may send AIHMCT WAT Result notifications via email, while others might use postal mail.

How can I calculate my overall percentile or AIHMCT WAT Result rank?

Your percentile and rank are usually calculated based on the scores of all the candidates who appeared for the exam. The specific formula used can vary. The institution will often provide this information along with the result.

Can I request a re-evaluation of my AIHMCT WAT answer sheet?

Some institutions allow for re-evaluation or rechecking of AIHMCT WAT answer sheets, but there might be a specific process and fee involved. Check the institution’s guidelines for more information.

What is the passing AIHMCT WAT Result cutoff for the exam?

The passing AIHMCT WAT Result cutoff score can vary based on the difficulty of the exam and the number of candidates. It’s usually determined by the conducting authority.

How are the AIHMCT WAT Results calculated?

The specific calculation method depends on the exam’s format. It might involve raw scores, normalization, or other factors.

What if I’m unable to access my AIHMCT WAT Result online?

In case you encounter technical issues while trying to access your AIHMCT WAT Result online, the official website might provide information about alternative methods or contacts for assistance.

How can I get my AIHMCT WAT Result scorecard or rank card?

After the AIHMCT WAT Results are announced, you can usually download your scorecard or rank card from the official website. This document provides more detailed information about your performance.

What if I have discrepancies in my AIHMCT WAT Result?

If you believe there is a mistake in your AIHMCT WAT Result, you should contact the AIHMCT authorities or the examination conducting body for clarification and resolution.

What information will be displayed on the AIHMCT WAT Result portal?

The AIHMCT WAT Result portal typically displays individual student’s scores and grades for the respective exams, along with any relevant course or subject details. It may also include overall GPA or CGPA, pass/fail status, and occasionally a breakdown of marks obtained in different sections or components of the exam.

How is the grading system at AIHM&CT structured?

The grading system at AIHM&CT likely involves letter grades corresponding to specific percentage ranges. For example, A might represent 90-100%, B for 80-89%, C for 70-79%, D for 60-69%, and F for below 60% (Fail). Refer to AIHM&CT’s official resources for the most current grading information.

Can I apply for re-evaluation or rechecking of my answer sheets if I’m not satisfied with my AIHMCT WAT Results?

AIHM&CT’s policies may allow students to apply for re-evaluation or rechecking of their answer sheets if they are dissatisfied with results. However, specific rules, deadlines, and procedures could vary. It’s advisable to check the institution’s official guidelines and contact their administrative office for accurate information on the re-evaluation process.

How can I calculate my GPA or CGPA based on my AIHM&CT results?

To calculate GPA (Grade Point Average) or CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) based on AIHM&CT results, assign numerical values to letter grades according to the institution’s grading scale. Multiply the credit hours of each course by its grade points, sum them up, and divide by the total credit hours. For CGPA, repeat the process considering all completed courses. Always refer to AIHM&CT’s official guidelines for specific calculations.

What should I do if I have a discrepancy in my AIHMCT WAT Result?

If you discover a discrepancy in your AIHM&CT result, promptly notify the institution’s examination or administrative office. Provide them with supporting documents, such as mark sheets or exam papers, to substantiate your claim. They will guide you through the necessary steps to rectify the issue and ensure accurate results.

How can I obtain a transcript of my AIHM&CT results for further studies or job applications?

To obtain a transcript of your AIHM&CT results for further studies or job applications, you should contact the institution’s administrative office or academic department. They will provide you with the necessary procedure and forms to request an official transcript. Be prepared to provide your identification and relevant details for verification.

What do I do if I can’t access my AIHMCT WAT Results online?

If you can’t access your AIHM&CT results online, first, ensure you’re using the correct login credentials. If the issue persists, contact the institution’s IT support or examination department for assistance. They can guide you through troubleshooting steps or provide alternative methods to access your results, such as through email or in-person assistance.

How can I obtain a duplicate copy of my AIHM&CT result card?

To obtain a duplicate copy of your AIHM&CT result card, contact the institution’s administrative office. Usually, you’ll need to submit a written request, along with relevant identification and details such as exam session and year. There might be a fee involved, and the process duration could vary.

How can I calculate my GPA/CGPA based on my AIHM&CT results?

To calculate your GPA (Grade Point Average) or CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) based on AIHM&CT results, multiply the grade points of each course by its credit hours, sum them, and divide by the total credit hours. For CGPA, consider all completed courses. Refer to AIHM&CT guidelines for the grading scale and calculations.

This article has the AIHMCT WAT Result in the academic year of 2024 complete details. So, visit once and if you have any doubts regarding this please give a comment on the below comment box or go for the official site. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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