Strategy to Prepare UPSC Commerce & Accountancy Optional Subject 2024 – IAS Mains

Prepare UPSC Commerce & Accountancy: Check out Strategy to Prepare UPSC Commerce & Accountancy Optional subject 2024 – Study Strategy. UPSC Mains Commerce & Accountancy Optional subject Preparation Tips are provided here. UPSC Notification 2022 has released. Today we’ve provided a Preparation strategy for UPSC Commerce & Accountancy optional Paper. UPSC has already announced the IAS / Civil Services Exam Dates (यूपीएससी वाणिज्य और लेखा विषय). Before going to start the preparation strategy for UPSC, know UPSC Mains Syllabus. You can check Suggested Strategy for Commerce & Accountancy optional for the UPSC IAS mains exam.

How to Prepare UPSC Commerce & Accountancy Optional Subject

Commerce is a technical subject and so only suggested to those with prior knowledge about it. It is also a tad long in terms of the syllabus. However, a plus point of this subject is that you can score good marks in numerical problems. The only thing is you need to practice and have sound knowledge in it. In addition, most of the concepts would have already been done by you during graduation.

  • know your UPSC Civil Services Exam syllabus
  • Select Best Reference Books
  • Prepare a Study plan
  • Prepare own Preparation Notes
  • Practice Previous Question Papers
  • Practice few Mock Test Papers

Why Commerce & Accountancy optional?

Commerce & Accountancy is optional where you can score brilliantly if you apply properly. It is one of the lengthy optional in terms of time needed for preparation & revision and the larger part of the syllabus is static in nature. The biggest hurdle that arises during preparation is that it requires vast reading and then integration form different sources so that coverage is comprehensive. Supply of study material is limited hence there is more reliance on coaching is increased. It provides an advantage as graduation and professional studies are utilized and around 150 marks numerical are there which can fetch very good marks.

UPSC Preparation Tips

UPSC Aspirants should follow exam tips to write the exam. Preparation tips are needed for any exam. UPSC exam should be conducted once in every year. Planning and hard work are very important to face any competitive exam. Below are some of the tips for preparation. The Paper I of Commerce & Accountancy Optional paper is which is like Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Financial Management. But Paper-II of Commerce & Accountancy optional mainly has the theory part.

Step 1: Know UPSC Commerce & Accountancy syllabus

In the previous article, we’ve provided UPSC Mains Commerce & Accountancy Syllabus. You can check and find what are the applicable topics and chapter for UPSC IAS Mains Exam.

CheckUPSC Commerce & Accountancy Syllabus 2024 – IAS Mains Optional Subjects

Step 2: Select Best Reference Books for UPSC Commerce & Accountancy

To prepare UPSC Commerce & Accountancy Optional Subject, UPSC aspirants should prepare some reference books. We’ve already provided UPSC Reference Books for All optional papers. You can check our best-recommended books for the IAS exam at the given link below. The suggested books are included in optional and language Subjects.

Check – UPSC Mains Commerce & Accountancy Reference Books

Recommended books for Commerce & Accountancy:

  • Indian Financial System by M.Y. Khan
  • Financial Management; Text & Problems by Khan & Jain
  • Corporate Accounting by Naseem Ahmed
  • Practical Approach to Income Tax, Service Tax, VAT and Wealth Tax: Problems & Solutions By Gupta & Ahuja
  • An Introduction to Business Organisation & Management by B.P. Singh and T.N. Chhabra
  • Human Resource Management: Text and Cases
  • Industrial Relations, Trade Unions and Labour Legislation by P.R.N Sinha

Step 3: Prepare a Study Plan

The study plan is very important for every exam preparation. It plays a key role in the success of getting a good score in the UPSC exam.  Prepare a study plan for the UPSC exam. Make a monthly plan, weekly plan and daily schedule to prepare UPSC Commerce & Accountancy, Optional Paper. Allot the time for exam preparation and set the time for playing, eating, watching TV, and studying.

Daily prepare a few hours and spend at least 8 hours for IAS exam preparation.

UPSC Commerce & Accountancy Preparation Plan for 3 months

If you have 3 months of preparation time for the UPSC Mains exam, you can prepare 8-9 hours per day.

UPSC Preparation Plan for Commerce & Accountancy (Before 3 Months)
Subject Allocation Time
Paper A – Indian Language 1 hr daily
Paper B – English 1 hr daily
Paper 2 – General Studies 1 1 hrs. daily
Paper 3 – General Studies 2 1 hrs. daily
Paper 4 – General Studies 3 1 hrs. daily
Paper 5 – General Studies 4 1 hrs. daily
Paper 6 – Commerce & Accountancy Optional Paper 1  1 hrs. daily
Paper 7 – Commerce & Accountancy Optional Paper 2 1 hrs. daily

Step 4: Prepare UPSC Commerce & Accountancy Important Topics

Commerce & Accountancy Paper I Important Topics

  • Financial Accounting: Refer to J R Monga & D S Rawat. The focus area should be accounting standards. For the numerical, presentation is important, so give proper working notes along with them.
  • Cost Accounting: Refer to Maheshwari & Mittal. Focus on theory and numerical equally.
  • Taxation: Refer to Girish Ahuja. Here questions are of a graduation level only. The theory is important here also like exceptions to any rule/section, etc.
  • Auditing: Refer to Aruna Jha.
  • Financial Management: Refer to R P Rastogi. This portion may seem a bit tough. While you prepare to focus on the different models, concepts, terms, etc.
  • Financial Markets and Institutions: Refer to Bharati V Pathak. Also look up steps taken by RBI, IRDA, SEBI, etc.

Commerce & Accountancy Paper II Important Topics

Paper 2 is full of a theory which, in my view, anybody can do it with ease. Questions are straightforward unlike that of Public Administration, etc. you may come across a lot of objective questions and with a little practice, you can score marks to your satisfaction. The theory includes organization theory, organization behavior, human resource management, and industrial relations.

As you know the marks of the optional paper are crucial to deciding your ranking in the final list, you to have to perform exceptionally well in the paper of your choice. Since the rest of the papers are compulsory for all, its only the optional paper that can make or break your fortune. So don’t try to do selective reading and gamble, as there is only one optional paper now.

Final Step: Prepare UPSC Commerce & Accountancy Previous Question Papers & Practice papers

Download UPSC Mains Animal husbandry & veterinary science Question Papers. We’ve provided UPSC mains Animal husbandry & veterinary science Previous Question papers for download in PDF format.

Click Here: UPSC Mains Commerce & Accountancy Question Papers Download in pdf

Who should opt for Commerce & Accountancy?

Commerce & Accountancy is generally recommended for people who have had commerce in their graduation or higher levels. With the right preparation strategy and good answer writing practice, you should be able to get good marks in the two optional papers paper I and paper II. It finds a few takers every year though not as much as public administration or geography.

How much time does it take to prepare?

4-5 months, if you study Commerce & Accountancy 12-15 hours per week. This should be enough. Also, it depends on how much can you recall your graduation concepts.

Ideally, aspirants need 4-5 months to complete the optional subject solely. Here we are giving the best suitable strategies for Commerce & Accountancy optional for the UPSC IAS Mains Exam.

  • Aspirants should have an exhaustive knowledge about the syllabus of Commerce & Accountancy optional.
  • Candidates should know the basic concept of Commerce & Accountancy to tackle Paper-II.
  • Make short notes, flowchart and diagram will preparing. These short notes will help in revision time.
  • Aspirants should guarantee that they are emphasizing sustainability and economic dimensions also.
  • The essential part of UPSC IAS Exam preparation is solving the previous year’s UPSC Mains questions papers. For Commerce & Accountancy also aspirants should go through the Previous year question paper to extract an idea about exam patterns, trends, etc.

This article titled “How to Prepare UPSC Commerce & Accountancy Optional Subject 2024 – Study Strategy – Suggested by Toppers ” यूपीएससी वाणिज्य और लेखा  gives the detailed information about the tips for the preparation of the UPSC 2021 exam for all optional papers. Additional information like Reference books for UPSC Mains, IAS Previous question papers are also given above. Students should follow those tips and prepare well for the exam and download the links for more information about UPSC.

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