IGNOU University Courses List 2022 – Online, Regular and Distance Courses

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Check out the list of courses provided by IGNOU through Online, Regular and Distance Education. IGNOU University Courses List 2022 of this year has been provided here. The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is a distance learning national university in India. Today we are providing a detailed list of IGNOU Distance Education Courses like Diploma courses, Graduate, Post Graduate, Doctoral Degree and other certificate courses available, Eligibility Criteria for IGNOU bachelors and masters programs in all over India.

IGNOU offers more than 226 programs of various undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma courses in various disciplines. It is currently engaged in offering education to approximately 4 million students in India and abroad.

IGNOU University Courses List – Diploma courses, Graduate, Post Graduate, and Doctoral degree

At Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) there is a course for everyone and this promise is supported with uncompromising quality and credibility. The following are some of the main courses available under the IGNOU Course Curriculum. The candidates can avail of these courses in the regular as well as distance modes for the students depending upon the course structure and teaching modes. The following is a detailed list of Courses offered by IGNOU 2021. 

IGNOU Logo - The Indira Gandhi National Open University

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is one of the famous universities in India for Distance learning and offering the following courses

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Master’s Degree
  • Diploma
  • Doctoral Degree
  • Phil Programmes
  • Certificate courses
  • PG and Advance Diploma
  • PG and Advance Certificate
  • Non-Credit Programmes
  • Online Programmes

IGNOU Eligibility Criteria

  • Bachelors Programs: Candidates must have passed 10+2 examination or equivalent from a recognized university.
  • Masters Programs: Candidates must have a Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized University.

For more information, you can visit the IGNOU Official Site


IGNOU University Courses List and Fees

Candidates can check out the different courses according to their educational level with its fee structure through the below provide tables:

Bachelor Degree Programmes by IGNOU

Program NameFee (INR)
Bachelor of Arts6000
Bachelor of Arts3500
Bachelor of Arts3300
Bachelor of Arts (Tourism Studies)7500
Bachelor of Arts (Tourism Studies)6800
Bachelor of Commerce6000
Bachelor of Commerce1600
Bachelor of Commerce With Major in Accountancy and Finance4800
Bachelor of Commerce With Major in Accountancy and Finance6000
Bachelor of Computer Applications30000
Bachelor of Education20000
Bachelor of Library and Information Science5000
Bachelor of Science (Hospitality and Hotel Administration)3000
Bachelor of Social Work3500
Bachelor of Social Work12000
Bachelor Preparatory Programme1000
Bba in Retailing27000
B.com with Major in Corporate Affairs and Administration6000
B.com with Major in Corporate Affairs and Administration4800
Bcom with Major in Financial and Cost Accounting4800
B.com With Major in Financial and Cost Accounting6000
B.sc Nursing (Post Basic)39600
B.sc Nursing (Post Basic)45000

Master’s Degree Programmes by IGNOU

Programme NameFee (INR)
Ma (distance Education)3700
Ma (distance Education)2000
Ma in Gender and Development Studies9000
Ma in Psychology11500
Ma in Psychology13000
Ma in Translation Studies9000
Ma in Translation Studies4000
Master of Arts (economics)12000
Master of Arts (economics)10900
Master of Arts (English)9000
Master of Arts (Hindi)9000
Master of Arts (Hindi)5000
Master of Arts (history)7300
Master of Arts (history)9000
Master of Arts (philosophy)9000
Master of Arts (political Science)9000
Master of Arts (public Administration)9000
Master of Arts (rural Development)9000
Master of Arts (sociology)7300
Master of Arts (sociology)9000
Master of Arts (tourism Management)9000
Master of Arts in Adult Education12000
Master of Arts in Extension & Development Studies9000
Master of Arts in Gandhi and Peace Studies9000
Master of Arts in Gandhi and Peace Studies5000
Master of Arts in Women’s and Gender Studies12000
Master of Arts(education)13500
Master of Arts(education)12000
Master of Business Administration31500
Master of Business Administration (banking & Finance)31500
Master of Commerce3600
Master of Commerce11000
Master of Commerce in Business Policy and Corporate Governance6000
Master of Commerce in Business Policy and Corporate Governance7000
Master of Commerce in Finance & Taxation7000
Master of Commerce in Finance & Taxation6000
Master of Commerce in Management Accounting & Financial Strategies7000
Master of Commerce in Management Accounting & Financial Strategies6000
Master of Computer Applications54000
Master of Computer Applications8000
Master of Education36000
Master of Education40000
Master of Library and Information Science9000
Master of Science (hospitality Administration)10000
Master of Science Degree in Dietetics and Food Service Management23900
Master of Science Degree in Dietetics and Food Service Management27000
Master of Science in Counselling and Family Therapy28000
Master of Social Work27000
Master of Social Work12100
Master of Social Work (counselling)15000
Masters in Anthropology12500
Masters in Anthropology14000
Msc (mathematics With Applications in Computer Science)22000

Diploma Programmes

Programme NameFee (INR)
Diploma in Aquaculture6500
Diploma in Bpo Finance & Accounting16000
Diploma in Creative Writing in English3000
Diploma in Critical Care Nursing5000
Diploma in Dairy Technology12000
Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education2000
Diploma in Elementary Education12000
Diploma in Fish Products Technology9000
Diploma in Hiv and Family Education3000
Diploma in Management7500
Diploma in Meat Technology12000
Diploma in Nursing Administration9000
Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education2000
Diploma in Panchayat Level Administration & Development3000
Diploma in Paralegal Practice7000
Diploma in Tourism Studies3500
Diploma in Urdu1100
Diploma in Urdu1500
Diploma in Value Added Products from Fruits and Vegetables12000
Diploma in Value-added Products from Cereals, Pulses and Oilseeds11000
Diploma in Watershed Management10000
Diploma in Women’s Empowerment and Development3000

Post Graduate Certificate Programmes

Programme NameFee (INR)
Post Graduate Certificate in Cyber Law7000
Post Graduate Certificate in Gandhi and Peace Studies2000
Post Graduate Certificate in Geoinformatics5000
Post Graduate Certificate in Information and Assistive Technology for Instructors of Visually Impaired5000
Post-graduate Certificate in Adult Education3000
Post-graduate Certificate in Agriculture Policy3000
Post-graduate Certificate in Bangla-Hindi Translation1500
Post-graduate Certificate in Extension and Development Studies2500
Post-graduate Certificate in Malayalam-Hindi Translation1500
Post-graduate Certificate in Patent Practice8000
Advanced Certificate in Information Security4500
Advanced Certificate in Power Distribution Management4500

Post Graduate Diploma Programmes

Programme NameFee (INR)
Post Graduate Diploma in Translation3000
Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Statistics6000
Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Family Theraphy13000
Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Family Therapy14000
Post Graduate Diploma in Criminal Justice9000
Post Graduate Diploma in Disaster Management5000
Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Management and Administration5500
Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Markets Practice7500
Post Graduate Diploma in Gandhi and Peace Studies3500
Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education2500
Post Graduate Diploma in Information Security9000
Post Graduate Diploma in International Business Operations9000
Post Graduate Diploma in Pre-primary Education8000
Post Graduate Diploma in Urban Planning and Development2800
Post Graduate Diploma in Women’s & Gender Studies6000
Post-graduate Diploma in Adult Education: Participatory Adult Learning, Documentation and Information Networking5500
Post-graduate Diploma in Analytical Chemistry8000
Post-graduate Diploma in Audio Programme Production8900
Post-graduate Diploma in Audio Programme Production10000
Post-graduate Diploma in Book Publishing7500
Post-graduate Diploma in Education Technology5500
Post-graduate Diploma in Environment and Sustainable Development5500
Post-graduate Diploma in Extension and Development Studies4500
Post-graduate Diploma in Folklore and Culture Studies2200
Post-graduate Diploma in Food Safety and Quality Management10800
Post-graduate Diploma in Food Safety and Quality Management12000
Post-graduate Diploma in Geriatric Medicine21000
Post-graduate Diploma in Hiv Medicine50000
Post-graduate Diploma in Hospital and Health Management11000
Post-graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights8500
Post-graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights7400
Post-graduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication3500
Post-graduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication2500
Post-graduate Diploma in Library Automation and Networking15000
Post-graduate Diploma in Maternal and Child Health23000
Post-graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sales Management7000
Post-graduate Diploma in Plantation Management5500
Post-graduate Diploma in Rural Development2000
Post-graduate Diploma in School Leadership and Management5000
Post-graduate Diploma in Social Work Among The Tribals7000
Post-graduate Diploma in Teaching and Research in Management (abeyance)15000
Post Graduate Diploma in Bioethics (kept in Abeyance)25000

Doctoral Programmes

Programme NameFee (INR)
Doctor of Philosophy in Geography7000
Doctor of Philosophy in Performing and Visual Arts with Specialization in Fine Arts, Theatre Arts and Music7000
Doctor of Philosophy Computer Science14000
Doctor of Philosophy in Food & Nutrition14000
Doctor of Philosophy in Rural Development14000
Doctor of Philosophy in Agriculture Extension14000
Doctor of Philosophy in Biochemistry14000
Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry7000
Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering14000
Doctor of Philosophy in Commerce7000
Doctor of Philosophy in Economics7000
Doctor of Philosophy in Education14000
Doctor of Philosophy in Education6600
Doctor of Philosophy in English6600
Doctor of Philosophy in Extension & Development Studies7000
Doctor of Philosophy in Gandhian Thought and Peace Studies (m.phil/phd in Gandhian Studies) Integrated14000
Doctor of Philosophy in Geology14000
Doctor of Philosophy in Hindi6600
Doctor of Philosophy in Hindi14000
Doctor of Philosophy in History7000
Doctor of Philosophy in History14000
Doctor of Philosophy in Inter-disciplinary and Trans-disciplinary Studies7000
Doctor of Philosophy in Journalism & Mass Communication13200
Doctor of Philosophy in Journalism & Mass Communication14000
Doctor of Philosophy in Law6600
Doctor of Philosophy in Law14000
Doctor of Philosophy in Library & Information Science14000
Doctor of Philosophy in Library & Information Science7000
Doctor of Philosophy in Life Sciences14000
Doctor of Philosophy in Management14000
Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics14000
Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering7000
Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing14000
Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing6600
Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing10000
Doctor of Philosophy in Physics14000
Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science7000
Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science14000
Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology14000
Doctor of Philosophy in Public Administration14000
Doctor of Philosophy in Public Administration6600
Doctor of Philosophy in Social Work14000
Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology7000
Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology14000
Doctor of Philosophy in Statistics7000
Doctor of Philosophy in Tourism and Hospitality14000
Doctor of Philosophy in Vocational Education6600
Doctor of Philosophy in Vocational Education14000
Ph D in Arabic5000
Ph D in Arabic14000
Ph D in Arabic14000
Ph D in French14000
Ph D in French14000
Ph.d in Dairy Science and Technology7000
Ph.d in Distance Education17000
Ph.d. in Translation Studies7000
Phd in Child Development14000
Phd in Gender and Development Studies14000
Phd in Women’s Studies14000
Post-Doctoral Certificate in Dialysis Medicine50000

Certificate Programmes

Programme NameFee (INR)
Certificate in Anti Human Trafficking1100
Certificate in Arabic Language1500
Certificate in Arabic Language1200
Certificate in Bee Keeping1100
Certificate in Business Skills2500
Certificate in Co-operation, Co-operative Law7000
Certificate in Communication and It Skills4500
Certificate in Community Radio5500
Certificate in Consumer Protection1500
Certificate in Disaster Management2000
Certificate in Elementary Teacher Education (for Tripura State)5000
Certificate in Energy Technology and Management2500
Certificate in Environmental Studies2000
Certificate in Food and Nutrition1100
Certificate in Guidance1000
Certificate in Guidance1100
Certificate in Health Care Waste Management3000
Certificate in Hiv and Family Education1500
Certificate in Home Based Health Care2000
Certificate in Human Rights2000
Certificate in Indigenous Art Practices50
Certificate in Indigenous Art Practices100
Certificate in Information Technology4000
Certificate in International Humanitarian Law2200
Certificate in Maternal and Child Health Nursing5500
Certificate in Newborn & Infant Nursing5500
Certificate in Ngo Management1500
Certificate in Nutrition and Childcare1500
Certificate in Organic Farming4000
Certificate in Performing Arts – Bharatnatyam13500
Certificate in Performing Arts – Hindustani Music13500
Certificate in Performing Arts – Karnatak Music13500
Certificate in Performing Arts -theatre Arts13500
Certificate in Persian Language1920
Certificate in Poultry Farming3000
Certificate in Russian Language2500
Certificate in Sericulture3500
Certificate in Socialwork and Criminal Justice System1500
Certificate in Spanish Language2400
Certificate in Teaching of English As A Second Language1700
Certificate in Teaching of English As A Second Language2000
Certificate in Tourism Studies1500
Certificate in Urdu Language1000
Certificate in Visual Arts – Applied Arts13500
Certificate in Visual Arts – Painting13500
Certificate in Water Harvesting and Management2000
Certificate of Competency in Power Distribution (technicians)3000
Certificate Programme in Functional English (basic Level)2500
Certificate Programme in Laboratory Techniques3500
Certificate Programme in Laboratory Techniques2100
Certificate Programme in Rural Development1500
Certificate Programme in Teaching of Primary School Mathematics1500
Certificate Programme in Value Education1500
Appreciation Course On Environment800
Appreciation Course On Environment1000
Awareness Programme On Dairy Farming1100
Awareness Programme On Value Added Products From Fruits and Vegetables1000
Certificate in Integrated Pest Management Technology in Potato Cultivation600
Certificate in Motor Cycle Service and Repair1100
Research and Teaching Assistant2000
Training Programme On Betel Vine For Farmers (two Weeks)600

M.Phil Programmes

Programme NameFee (INR)
M.phil in Distance Education10500
M.phil in Economics10500
Master of Philosophy in Commerce7000
Master of Philosophy in Gandhian Thought and Peace Studies10500
Master of Philosophy in Political Science10500
Master of Philosophy in Public Administration10500
Master of Philosophy in Social Work10500
Master of Philosophy in Sociology10500
Master of Philosophy in Theatre Arts
Master of Philosophy in Translation Studies7000

All these courses are offered by the IGNOU university through both regular and distance education mode. These courses include theory educations, practical works and various projects works according to the requirement of the course. The main objective of practical and projects works to provide knowledge to the students about realistic work areas by which they can know about the usage of their education in real work culture. and with the theory education, candidates know the complete facts of latest technologies and information about any particular area.

Find the courses offered in IGNOU Distance education, eligibility criteria for IGNOU Distance Bachelors and Masters programs. Here in this article, we have provided the distance education courses offered by IGNOU.


  1. Sir,

    My name is Bholendra Kumar. I am 41 yrs old. I am graduate with PCM. I want to do a Diploma in civil engineering by distance education.
    Plz tell me full details about it.

    Thank you, Sir.

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  3. Sir ignou se M A in Physical Education kar sakte hai ,ya distance Education se Master of Physical Education .kiya ja sakta hai,
    Mai BP Edkiya hoo,sath hi school me hoo, school me rahte huwe MP Ed kaise kare

  4. Hello sir mujhe Criminology MA Karna h uske liye kya kru sir or Kese addmisson le sakta hu m rampur uttar Pradesh ka rahne wala hun or sir main MA economic pass hun so plz help sir no

  5. Hi sir
    I completed ba English literature and iata course
    What should prefer next for my distand education as the continuesion of these
    Plz help me


  7. Maine b.a aur m.a complete kar liya hai kya main fir se koi degree le sakta hu jisme scholarship mile

  8. sir IGNOW PA B.Tech hota hai kya ,maine diploma in electrical engineering complete kya hai ,
    or fees kitna hoga

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    muje ignou se m.com or (e-commerse)ka course krna hai to iski prossieser bata sakte ho ,plz reply

    Plz help me

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    I got pgdca for 2014 in Allahabad Ewing Christian college.. Now m married &I have baby for 16month..now I want some diploma ya certificate courses..so mujhe kya krna chahiye jisse future me hm baby ko bi help kr PAYE us corse ke krne se?plz reply

  12. dear sir/mam i want get addmission for hotel management in there any course for hospitality and (HM) management

  13. Hi Team,

    I have completed B.com and M.com and looking forward to do LLB, do you have distance learning for LLB

  14. Actually my ambition is to law can i do on the 2nd puc basis or i have complete b.com n then do law plz tell am totally confused in 2nd puc i got 85 percentage

  15. Sir Bachelor of Library and Information Science ignou kanpur me hai kya agar hai to kese apply kre..

  16. Hi IGNOU,
    I have applied for “post graduation diploma course in journalism and mass communication. ” I would like to know about schedule of classes because it’s been so long time when I applied and the January month also been finished.so when the classes will start? And how will I get notified?

  17. I want to pursue M.A in phycology.
    Want more details of it.Also do you have a center in Hubli?
    How can I contact you.

  18. I want to do hospitality of science and hotel management without going to the classes pls inform me the rules and regulations for thi course. Thank you..

  19. Dear sir
    I want after 10+2 Drawing teacher course by ignou.it is impossible/not impossible please tel me

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    My self mr. Ikbal Singh. I m graduate and I passed b.a. in 2010 from kuk university. After that I do a diploma of panchkarm of 1 year from opjs university from rajasthan. And now I want do something in hospitality course. Please guide me about any diploma or course.

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